The Magical Feeling of Giving Back Wholeheartedly: Children's Day 2014 Story

“Kindness is a magical spell—performed by enlightened beings—meant to enchant hearts and lift weary souls that they might fly.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

It's never too late to share my happy and magical feelings during the Children's Day 2014 celebrated last month. Due to my crazy-hectic-no-break-overwhelming schedule for the past few weeks, I was not able to blog about this annual activity hosted and arranged by one of my fellow Davao Bloggers Society officers - Naprey Almario. In some of my posts in this site, I made mention that Naprey is the "The Man Behind the Rolling Chair." He writes about his advocacy for the PWD sector in the community. At the same time, he also constantly organizes charity events for different orphanages in Davao city. (Read: 4th Back to School Gift Giving Project by a Strong Wheeled Advocate)

Last July 27, 2014, he celebrated his birthday with the children from the Providence Home of Saint Joseph, Padre Pio's Home for the Children and Balay Pasilungan. 

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These are some of the treats during Naprey's celebration with the lovely kids of the three orphanages: Cupcakes by Sweet Advocate, Original Glazed Doughnuts by Krispy Kreme and Candy Buffet by PREP Davao.

Meet Naprey Almario of In 2013, he received "Best Advocacy Blog" award during the Mindanao Blog Awards 2013. He describes himself as "An advocate, an inspirational speaker, an entrepreneur, a traveler and a blogger." Naprey focuses his advocacy in helping the PWD sector enjoy a barrier-free environment. 

Look at all their smiles! Genuine Happiness. Priceless.

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, 
but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”

Thank you to all these sponsors for supporting Children's Day 2014!

  • NCCC Mall Davao for the venue
  • Smart Communications, Inc. for the school bags 
  • Jollibee for the Jollitown mascots 
  • Krispy Kreme Philippines (Official) for the doughnuts 
  • Sweet Advocate for cake & cupcakes 
  • SWA Ultimate for the food & loot bags 
  • Sir James Infiesto for the Magic 
  • Cosplayers, Gamers, Animators (CGA) 
  • Bottoms Up for the drinks 
  • PREP (PR, Events & Promotions) for the sweet station 
  • Athena Miel's Balloons, Bubbles and Party Needs for the balloons 
  • Davao Bloggers Society 
  • Volunteers of Behind The Rolling Chair .

Indeed, it was a fun and memorable day! I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Naprey for always inviting me to be part of his charity events. Whenever I spend a day with him and the kids, I am reminded of how magical it feels to give back without asking anything in return. The best feeling in this world is not having the things we want but rather knowing how to share every little thing that we have. 

May you also continue supporting Naprey and his cause. You can visit his blog at For more updates, you can follow him at: 

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