#WonderfulMindaNOW: Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafes in Davao

In my previous post entitled "#LifeIsHere: Exploring the Beauty of Davao in 10 Days", I expressed my plan of going around the different places in our city to search for the best spots that truly make Mindanao a wonderful place to live in. The 10-day adventure I mentioned in the said blog entry was part of the #WonderfulMindaNOW project spearheaded by Globe. This project aims to spark the youth's pride for Mindanao and ignite their desire to "live in the now".

I'm going to share to you my list of the Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafes in Davao City (in no particular order).

Red Corner Burger Cafe

"Smokin Joe Frazier of Red Corner Burger Cafe. ❤️ 1/2 pound 100% beef charboiled juice patty served with fresh lettuce and tomato on an oatmeal bun... Topped with cheese sauce, caramelized onions, sautéed mushroom, country fried bacon and drizzled with smokey barbeque sauce."

Jelly Citea 

"Let Jelly Citea's creamy specials bring you to different places around the world. Choose from Paris, New York, Manila, Macau, Bangkok, Taipei and Tokyo. ❤️ You can visit their branches at Juan Luna St. and Matina Town Square."

Mini Air Dog Cafe

"Treat your furry bestfriend at Davao's first dog-friendly cafe.. And get a chance to meet the owners' adorable pets! Thank you to Sir Rommel Gigato for giving me a quick tour at your 3-month old Mini Air Dog Cafe. I'll bring my baby Lindsay next time."

Yellow Hauz

"Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee at the comfort of your second home... Visit Yellow Hauz at V. Mapa St. for homemade coffee and pastries."

Bhadjia Grilled Pizza

"New in Davao: Bahjia Grilled Pizza located at Bonifacio St. :) Everyone loves their Great White Pizza but my personal fave is Pepperoni flavor. Another must-try order from them is Bhajia (a popular African snack) with Kachumbari sauce."

Dulce Vida by Tiny Kitchen

"Must-order pasta dish from Dulce Vida: Chicken Lasagna. 🍴Layered pasta with sauteed ground chicken in Dulce sauce and bèchamel. ❤️ Plus 4 of their best-selling desserts. :) Yey! 4 more Davao places to go for  #wonderfulmindanow :)"

Ella Eting's Native Chicken and Seafood Restaurant

"Filipino dishes at Ella Eting's Restaurant ;) This is one of the home-grown restos in Davao city! They take pride in serving the best native chicken in town."

Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen

"Everyone loves Balik Bukid because their advocacy is for natural farming and sustainable living.. 🌾🌿 Visit their restaurant and shop at Ecoland. Or drive all the way to Brgy. Wangan, Calinan for Farm, Bed and Breakfast."

Chippens Buffet Restaurant

"I've chosen Chippens Buffet Restaurant as my 9th place for #wonderfulmindanow :) When in Davao, one must not forget to visit this restaurant." 

Kalakoa Pizza and Coffee Hut

"Aloha from Kalakoa Pizza and Coffee Hut :) Let this new cafe bring you to Hawaii... Kalakoa is your island in the middle of Davao's bustling city. Visit them at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall and order for the best-selling Cookies & Cream smoothie."

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  1. I say I would surely going to consider this restaurants to visit if we have a chance to go to davao

  2. Davao is really a haven for food lovers. Great restaurants. Basta, if ever magawi ako dyan, i'll try to visit at least 5 of these food houses.

  3. WOW!!! Now I seriously need to visit Davao and try all the delicious food there!!!

  4. Nagutom tuloy ako, makapagluto na nga after my commenting lol. Yum!

  5. Awww! Look at all the famous food from the popular restaurants :-) It makes me drool like crazy. I've never been to Davao but I hope someday :-)

  6. what an awesome experience! I would love to try the native chicken resto...kakagutom!

  7. I think, your choices of restaurants are great and really awesome.

  8. The grilled pizza caught my interest. It looks like Mindanao is a promising place for gastronomic adventure seekers. Those cake slices from Dulce Vida really made me drool! Yummy! (Kahit bawal)

  9. sop my pet dogs has a place to cool down. Ayos ang Mini Air Dog Cafe sa kanila. Who knows ma-meet na ng Blue Marle ko ang 'soulmate' nya. ha, ha,ha...

  10. I haven't been to Davao for quite some time now. I'll take a note of this list on my next visit there.

  11. Davao is really the "it" place these days! I love the gastronomical treats that await every visitors. I can't help but stare at the pictures of the Mini Air Dog cafe you posted. We love Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma (the white friend of Rilakkuma) so much and saw so many of them on the pic. Not to mention, the cutie furry pal looks like my Millie when she's on her summer shave look. :) I might visit Dulce Vida too. Who says no to sumptuous cakes? Not me! :)

  12. 8 out of ten! yey! Must go to balik bukid and kalakoa soon! :))


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