The Happiness That Comes From Flowers

Pinterest is one of my favorite apps in my phone. Whenever I'm looking for new inspiration, I just open the application and start checking the different pins of the people I follow. If I'm in need of a specific idea or craft, I simply type in the search bar what I wanted to see, hit the search button and voila, everything is right in front of me. There are also times when I feel bored so I launch Pinterest app and just browse until I start feeling good again. 

Allow me to share two of my most-loved pins from my Pinterest account. The first one is the DIY Paper Flower Backdrop Tutorials. 

Paper Flower backdrops are perfect for birthday and tea parties. What makes them extra-special is that they are undeniably impressive but are inexpensive. This means that anyone can throw great events without spending big bucks. If you are interested to learn on how you can make some, check this link for 10 ways to complete a DIY Paper Flower Backdrops.

The second one is 40 Beautiful and Easy DIY Flower Beds to Brighten Your Outdoors.

It's time to add some colors in your yards, decks and balconies! With these flower bed diy ideas, you can now brighten up your place. No matter where you live or how much yard space you have, you can always add a bit of color with beautiful flower beds. The 40 projects included in this post may require some time and effort but it'll be worth it! 

There may be days when you get busy with many things going on in your life. Hence, you can't find the right time to make diy projects. But don't worry because you can now always ask for the help of your friends or family members. At the same time, you can also go to the nearest mall to orfer floral bouqets. If you are too busy, you can also opt for online shopping. Just recently, I discovered  Fresh Flowers ( and I must say, the site is great. 

These are some of their amazing items:

Bright Flower Posy With Black Ribbon And Hessian Trim

Splendid Garden Splendid Garden Pink and White Arrangement in Upright Presentation Box

Unique Spray Rose Floral Cupcake With Candle In Presentation Box

Do you also love flowers?

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