Maybe This Time: Waiting For This Magic Moment

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you are still planning to watch the movie within the next few weeks. Thank you!

The lyrics of the song goes "And even time hasn't cooled the flame, it's burnin' even brighter than it did before. It got another chance, and if they take it... Maybe this time, it'll be lovin' they'll find. Maybe now they can be more than just friends. She's back in his life and it feels so right. Maybe this time, love won't end." We have experienced or know someone who have gone through the pain of losing the right love just because it was not yet the right time. Some people call it the right love at the wrong time. In this situation, two lovers are bound to take different paths away from each other. Not even their love can make them stay and no matter how hard they try to be together, they just can't. They have no choice but to patiently wait for the right time or at least hope that it will come soon.

This is the story of Steph (Tep-tep) and Anthony (Tonio) in the latest film "Maybe This Time" starring the country's pop star princess Sarah Geronimo and the young actor Coco Martin. The movie is about a Manila girl who visited a province for a community service and a simple lad who wants to become a seaman for his family's future. Just like all love stories, they fell in love with each other unexpectedly. They shared a special love which turned sour when Tonio had to make a choice between staying for Steph but not having enough means to support her or to board the ship and be the man who can give the kind of life Steph deserves.

Eventually, he left to pursue his dreams without even saying goodbye or giving explanations to Steph. After seven years, their paths crossed again. This time, Tonio is already in a relationship with another woman and worse, his girlfriend is Steph's boss. As qoted from Star Cinema's movie description: Will they overcome the pains of the past to give love a second chance? This is a story between two people who will be reminded about the importance of being true to one’s self in order for true love to happen."

"Maybe This Time" is not a heavy drama Filipino film. In fact, it falls in the romantic-comedy genre, thus making every viewer cry and laugh at the same time. This 2014 Star Cinema and Viva Films movie reminds everyone that it's good to fall in love and to believe in love again after experiencing major heartbreaks. It also highlights the importance of one's family - that in every downfall, our family will always be there to welcome us with open arms and help us heal the wounds. Lastly, the film tells us that sometimes it's good to give second chances in order for us to feel happier. Overall, the movie is great and I'd give it a 3.5/5 rating.

Maybe This Time Movie Quotes

"That summer suddenly felt different... That was the summer of you and me."

"Gusto kitang halikan pero hindi muna ngayon..."
"Anong hindi muna ngayon?"
"Kapag naging tayo na."

"I chose to walk away from you but fate had another plan."

"I thought I could escape you but you found me again. You saved me. You cared for me. And you made me feel alive."

"Slowly and surely, I was falling for you. Every moment we spent together felt a happy ever after."
"In new at that moment, I wanted to be part of your world and I wanted you in mine... And slowly, our worlds are becoming one."

"I wanted our summer to last forever but all seasons come to an end."

"Sometimes not having closure is the closure. Kung ano ka and kung ano ang meron sa buhay mo ngayon, yan ang sagot kung bakit hindi nangyari ang dapat mangyari."

"Diba mutual understanding?"
"Yang MU mo yata is a misunderstanding. Sorry. There was never an us."

"Okay lang. Sanay naman akong maghintay sa'yo. Akala ko nga hindi ka na darating. Gulat pa nga ako eh."

"Alam mo. Choice ko naman yung umasa. Pinili ko yun eh. Eventually, na-realize ko na sa self ko pala dapat akong magalit kasi mas pinili kong mag-pakatanga."

"Sabi nga nila pag-nagmamahal ka, masakit."

"Alam mo, kung hindi ka nasasaktan, ako ang nasasaktan para sayo."

"I just wish life was less complicated."
"May mga bagay na hindi dapat tinatapon kasi dapat hindi mo sya kalimutan... Kasi dapat hindi mo siya pakawalan. Hindi madali ang iiwan sya. Yun ang pinaka-mahirap na desisyon na ginawa mo pero nung mga panahon na yun, yun ang pinaka-tamang gawin."

"There was never an us. There will never be an us kaya  please 'wag mo na akong landiin."

"You were my first love. Pinag-tatawanan nila akong lahat kasi hindi naman naging tayo pero bakit nasasaktan ako. Lahat ng parte ng katawan ko, masakit... Malungkot."

"Patawarin mo ako kasi hanggang ngayon nasasaktan pa rin kita."

"Don't ever try to compete with me. You lying backstabbing boyfriend snatching slut."

"Bakit parang hindi ka masaya? Bakit parang gusto mong pumunta sa iba?"

"Eh di ba nga, may kasabihan na change is good as long as you change for the better. Tandaan mo. Iba angpaninindigan sa pagmamahal."
"You make it sound like change is an awful thing."

"Are you saying that it's over?"
"I'm sorry."

"Okay lang mapagod ka, masaktan ka. Okay lang rin kahit magkamali ka pa. Pero dapat patawarin mo rin ang sarili mo."

"Alam niya na kahit ako yung nalumpo, ikaw yung may pinakamalaking sugat. Hindi niya lang alam kung paano ka tulungan."

"Wow... Natupad mo rin yung pangarap mo noh."
"Oo pero kulang pa, kasi wala ka."

"Tep, liligawan kita ulit. Sisiguraduhin kong malalaman mong mahal kita. Alam kong pinaghintay kita pero andito na ako ngayon. Isa pang pagkakataon. Please."


  1. I actually like the movie and I wish they chose a different rich girlfriend because Ruffa was way too old for him

  2. I wasn't able to watch this movie, some says this movie is good, but the chemistry of Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo is flop, unlike John Lloyd Cruz as her love team here.

  3. I just skimmed on the story line just in case I would be watching it so not to spoil much but I think they make a good team and have similar fan base.

  4. What a Filipino could offer this time... I do like Filipino movie but it is no difference especially its plot compared to other Filipino movies as far as love story is concerned. If it is not copied from foreign or other Asian countries' style, it is modified. I know only few are of original.

  5. Nice movie review, but I prefer some other film concept. This suits for youngsters.


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