Exciting Baby Showers

Monday, June 30

Exciting Baby Showers

Summer is the perfect season for parties, get-togethers and events. It is the time of the year when organizing events is easy considering the fact that Mr. Sun is always around. There will be no problems about the weather condition. Thus, outdoor parties are made possible. Aside from this, it's also easy to invite people during summer. The reason behind this is because they have more extra time allotted to engage in leisure activities  Their minds are conditioned to enjoy quality time with their friends, family members and new acquaintances.
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Tuesday, June 24

#WonderfulMindaNOW: Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafes in Davao

In my previous post entitled "#LifeIsHere: Exploring the Beauty of Davao in 10 Days", I expressed my plan of going around the different places in our city to search for the best spots that truly make Mindanao a wonderful place to live in. The 10-day adventure I mentioned in the said blog entry was part of the #WonderfulMindaNOW project spearheaded by Globe. This project aims to spark the youth's pride for Mindanao and ignite their desire to "live in the now".

I'm going to share to you my list of the Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafes in Davao City (in no particular order).

Red Corner Burger Cafe

"Smokin Joe Frazier of Red Corner Burger Cafe. ❤️ 1/2 pound 100% beef charboiled juice patty served with fresh lettuce and tomato on an oatmeal bun... Topped with cheese sauce, caramelized onions, sautéed mushroom, country fried bacon and drizzled with smokey barbeque sauce."

Friday, June 13

#LifeIsHere: Exploring the Beauty of Davao in 10 Days

It's my time to take a break from my blog for 10 days or more. I will be going around Davao city to discover cool spots and amazing places worth-sharing to everyone. The Coffee Chic won't be my journal for this adventure. Instead, I will be posting all new updates on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page accounts.

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The Story of My Never-To-Be-Forgotten Summer

Sunday, June 8

The Story of My Never-To-Be-Forgotten Summer

I guess today is the right time to say that summer 2014 was the best summer season of my life. Yes, there is no exaggeration on this statement. Now that class will officially start on Tuesday, I can't help but feel mixed emotions about "school starting" and "summer ending." First of all, I am completely happy knowing that I was able to enroll again in Ateneo Law School for academic year 2014-2015. This means that I have taken another step towards my goal of becoming a lawyer. At the same time, this also means that my sweet summer has come to an end. Gone are the days when I can easily say "yes" to out of town trips, drinking nights, partying days and beach dates without thinking about cases to read, provisions to memorize and law to understand. So here I am, left with no choice but to say "Goodbye Summer!" and shout "Hello New Semester."

Friday, June 6

The Fault in Our Stars Movie Quotes

One of the best feelings in the world is falling in love with the right person especially when you least expect it. It feels great to meet someone who shares the same interests with you, who makes you feel happy when your world has turned upside down and who gives you more reasons to be grateful for every single day in your life. The worst feeling of all is knowing that the time you share with the one you love is only a borrowed time. One day, you wake up and realize that your love story is only short-lived. Sooner or later, the one you love has to leave not by choice but by fate. You may feel that time is a slut for screwing you, your lover and your beautiful love story. Nevertheless, you still feel happy and thankful that you have spent forever with him within the numbered days. 

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