Spending Cold Summer Days at the City of Pines

Summer is the perfect season to rest, to have fun and to enjoy special moments without thinking of all school or work-related stuff. During this season, we are free (or at least have a license) to do whatever we want. We can go to the beach, go out of town, visit new places, experience new adventures or do any other fun activities. For our family, we have decided to spend summer 2014 and my mom's birthday celebration at the City of Pines. The days we spent at Baguio were truly amazing and meaningful. It felt good to go on vacation with the people I love at such a beautiful city.

Right after my dad arrived from Papua New Guinea, we directly headed to Baguio city. We had to take the bus in order to reach the place since my mom does not want to ride the van. We reached the city at around 5PM so we checked in at our hotel first and took our dinner. We toured around Baguio the next day and the first place we visited was the Kennon Road View. 

From Kennon Road View, we went to the famous Lion's Head. As what other people say, you cannot go to Baguio without visiting this landmark along Kennon Road. There were many tourists when we visited the Lion's Head so we were only able to take photos at its side. Here is it:

Another attraction that I fell in love with at Baguio was the historic Bell House at Camp John Hay. This place showcases the american heritage. It let us walked through the past with its exceptional paintings, antique furniture and other unique artifacts.

This is one of my favorite places inside the Bell House:

Did you know that I've always wanted to celebrate the Panagbenga Festival at Baguio? It's just that I never had a chance to attend one. Up to this very moment, I still had no experience with this annual flower festival. So for now, I'll just have this:

The Lost Cemetery is also one of the places I really like at Camp John Hay. This is the perfect place where all the negative thoughts and emotions are buried. Take for example "Why Dident I" who lived wondering why and who died for no reason. There are also "U Woodnunt Likit", "Doanna Set A Precedent", "Kanthou Nuthin Right" and many more bad thoughts buried at the Cemetery of Negativism.

We also visited the Philippine Military Academy on our first day. Before we were able to enter the place, we had to leave our ID on the guard house. I must say, the whole compound is too big. These are some of my favorite shots at the PMA compound:

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto was the last place we visited during our first tour day at the city of pines. The long walk all the way to the top was worth it. I did not only say my intentions to Mama Mary but also all the blessings that I am forever grateful of in my life. The number one thing that I was thankful of was the safe trip and happy travel I had with my mom, dad and little brother.

Of course, a visit at Baguio city is also incomplete without dropping by the Botanical Garden. This is the right place to go for those who want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor environment. Upon reaching the place, you can see Igorots wearing their traditional attire who pose with tourists for a certain fee.

This is also taken inside the Botanical Garden.

Aside from all the places mentioned above, we also had a chance to visit Minesview Park, Burnham Park, The Mansion, The Easter Weaving Room and Good Shepherd Convert. Of all the tourist spots we've been through, my most favorite was the Bell House. 

How about you? What's your favorite place at the city of pines? 


  1. How's the traffic though? I'd love to go there right now because it's so hot in Manila!

  2. It's nice that you had a great time in my hometown in Baguio.

  3. I want to also visit PMA in Baguio as I've heard a lot of good things about it.

  4. So jelly! I can see that you really had fun! :)

  5. From South to North, wow! traveler ka na Algene. Ang cute ng last photo mo. You can be an adopted daughter ng Baguio.

  6. It has been a long time since I've been to Baguio. Maybe it is about time for me to go back haha

  7. It was nice to see you and your family had fun in Baguio. I live in Manila but heck.. its been ages since Ive been there. hahahah

  8. You really enjoyed this family bonding with your father especially.

  9. It has been a long time since I have been to Baguio so I will definitely visit the places you mentioned when I come back =)

  10. Looking at your photos, seems you had enjoyed your family outing.
    Never been to Baguio and it's a bit shameful as I wander almost all the state in Malaysia.

  11. I haven't been to Baguio in years but it's always heartwarming to see family photos. Glad you enjoyed your family trip.

    I love going to the market early in the morning to see what I can buy in terms of pasalubong.

    - Karen

  12. Baguio is indeed the perfect place to spend vacation in. Wish I could go there right now, the heat is driving me nuts! :)

  13. such a lovely place! i really wanted to go here in baguio! hopefully very soon!

  14. This is really the perfect time to have some nice vacation at Baguio City, How I wish I can take my family there for a few days someday.

  15. It's been a long time since I last visited Baguio, which was by the way a yearly tradition of my friend and I. It's just sad that when she decided to leave for London, it had to stop. Miss her already.


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