Revenge Season 3 Finale: Was It Just A Dream?

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The people who will have an interest in reading this post are those who are caught up (and can't move on) from the season finale of Revenge. Viewers and fans, like me, have many questions about the deaths of certain characters, the unexpected turn out of events and the appearances of old faces. The number one question is "What happens next?" 

We all know who died. The question is, "What will happen on the next season?"
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The last three minutes of the season 3 finale brought so much thrill and suspense for everyone. Jack Porter was arrested for the abduction of Charlotte, Daniel Grayson is about to be framed for a girl's death, Condrad Grayson was stabbed by David Clarke (Yes. How did it happen? So DC was alive the whole time? Is he really a bad guy? Where did he go and what did he do?), Victoria was locked up in a mental institution and Emily Thorne (aka the real Amanda Clarke) was ready for another plan. (But what plan? Now that Aiden Matis is dead, what will happen to next?)

We all have many questions in mind and we have no choice but to wait for the premier of Season 4 this year. There is still no announcement from the ABC network for the airing of S04E01. I have a wild guess that it's going to be aired any Sunday of September 2014. Looks like we all need to mark our calendar for the all-new season! I must say, Revenge was able to redeem itself after it's dragging plot (especially during Season 2.

@revengeabcofficial: Emily's path of #Revenge isn't over yet!
She will return for Season 4!
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Kudos to all the men behind the success of this TV show! We look forward to more exciting and interesting Emily Thorne stories. Check the story below on the different reactions and comments of Revenge viewers after seeing Season 3 Episode 22.

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  1. One good series that I've missed. Is there another season coming?

  2. Revenge has already a large following but I still have to start following this series.

  3. This is something that I never got to watch..Judging from what the feeedback online. I hear its a great show.

  4. I used to watch this regularly until work overrun me. Time to follow this again.

  5. oh my .. im lost..haven't watched this series yet . but based on the rave reviews i think i need to find a copy of this . I hope it suits my taste .

  6. I was shocked as hell when I watched the finale. It was so surreal! So many crazy shits have happened. Can't wait for season 4. This is one of my favorites.


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