My Love From Another Star: Not Your Ordinary "Kilig" Love Story

Have you experienced getting sleepless nights just to finish watching a newly found TV series? It happens that your friend gave you a copy of a Korean television series, you started watching it, got hooked on the characters' stories and before you knew it, you can't stop watching every episode... So in less than three days, you've seen the entire series. That's the story of my life for the past 72 hours. To be honest, I was not expecting that My Love From Another Star would catch my attention. Just when I least expected it, I fell in love with the characters of Cheong Song Yi and Doo Min Joon.

If you are a constant visitor of my blog, you are well aware that I'm not a big fan of korean tv series. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't like them but because I find it weird reading the subtitle while hearing the actors speak their native language. Yes, it sure does require some effort to watch this kind of series. One blink and I might miss an important line from the characters. I believe that My Love From Another Star is the exception.

This series is about an alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon Dynasty (ancient time in Korea). Do Min Joon was not able to go back to his planet so he had to live on Earth and wait for "the comet" to come back after 400 years. During the modern era, when he only had three months left on the planet, he met a famous celebrity in the name of Cheong Song Yi. They are the complete opposite of one other. Do Min Joon is a silent, decent and reserved man while Cheong Song Yi is a loud, arrogant and confident woman. 

Do Min Joon has a principle in life that in order to live happily, he must not give nor take anything. For the past 400 years of his life, he had no relationship with other human except Mr. Jang who has been his friend for thirty years. Everything was bound to change when Cheong Song Yi moved right next door to the place where he lived. Cliche as it may sound, his life was never the same again. Though they have different views about life and different personalities, they still fell in love with one another. Do Min Joon's super powers (stopping time, teleporting, moving things, etc.) saved and protected Cheong Song Yi. It could have been perfect... but Do Min Joon needs to leave Earth in a few weeks time. To cut the story short, he eventually went home to his planet but he did everything to come back for Cheong Song Yi. It took him three years to go back to the Earth and when he did, Cheong Song Yi was still there waiting for him. It was probably the most beautiful love story I have seen on television.

Indeed, My Love From Another Star is not your ordinary "kilig" love story. It does not showcase a "poor girl meets rich boy" story nor a "bad boy meets good girl" plot. Rather, it presents an interesting love story of a person from Earth and a man from another star. Aside from this, the tv series also shows the importance of loving one's family and being their for each another. It also tells us the value of keeping our feet on the ground all the time. I highly recommend this korean tv series to all those reading this blog post. You have to see it. Let Cheong Song Yi and Do Min Joon paint a smile on your face. Let their story make you happy.

My Love From Another Star Quotes

"Whether I want to or not... If it's meant to happen, it's going to happen. The people on Earth call it 'fate.'"

"Isn't it lonely to live on an island?"

"I'm not alone. We're together."

"How could a story have a happy ending without love?"

"A girl changes things, right?"

"It's just strange that everything fits."

"I can't afford to be in love right now."

"Another chance will come if i want. If it doesn't, then that's just too bad."

"Do you think she came back to me after circling the abyss?"

"I should say my farewells ahead of time because when the time really comes... I won't have time to say goodbye."

"I had no hope about my future before I met you. I only had resignations and resentment. But after I met you, I looked forward to my future for the first time. For the first time, I desperately wanted to live. Thank you. I'm grateful."

"I will not forget you even after death."

"There are moments I want to stop forever. Like the moments the person I love dies from pain."

"Can't you call that our love? Just call it love and come to me."

"Open your heart. Someone will come to you. But you have to open your heart first."

"A fast beating heart and falling in love must be distinguished."

"Is there a way for you to stay? If you have to leave after the feelings deepen, it will be hard for you. And the person left behind will also be heartbroken."

"You're hanging on a cliff right now. One mistake and you're going to fall."
"So I want you to stay with me."

"Don't listen to sad songs. It's hard to control your feelings when you listen to them."

"I realized that happy dreams only make me less happy when I wake up,"

"And now, I also understand that fear accompanies love."

"When are you going to go back? Tell me. I'm good at waiting. One year? Ten years? Are you not coming back?"

"Cant you just stay here with me?"

"Why do i feel like we're wasting time?"

"If it's hard to bear when it's lost, then I should never have it in the first place."


  1. Hello Algene! I'm glad you liked MLFAS! <3

  2. can't relate really..
    though its a spoiler, its good that you gave a detailed background.
    The plot is really interesting.
    Its not surprising that most Pinoys like Korean Telenovelas..
    Its a short narative, and its often set in a sprawling city..
    We love our characters to wear tux, dinner jackets and fab dresses always..
    Makes us imagine how impecabble we can be if we relate.

  3. I've been hearing so many good things about this show, and the guy is especially famous with all my female friends. Haha! I might try it out sometime while I'm still on my K-Pop kick. :D

  4. It's my first time to read about My Love From Another Star. I wonder where I could get a copy?

    1. You can watch it on hulu, drama fever or vikii

  5. I'm not a big fan of Korean Series too but from the series I've followed they really have great story lines. This one looks really interesting and feel good.

  6. My mom and dad are hooked in this korean tv series. Hehe

  7. I've been like you before that I suddenly fell in love with a particular tv series and watched the whole thing. When I was much much younger I liked a lot of japanese anime tv series and had to focus on the sub titles or else I wouldn't understand anything!

  8. I was never really a fan of Koreanovelas, but your enthusiasm for this show definitely shows :)

  9. I can totally relate. There was a time that my daughter gave a full copy of Endless Love. Gosh I and my wife thought we could finish watching overnight. Whah, di tuloy kami nakapag-church. But I agree with most telenovela adiks, maganganda ang Made in Korea.

  10. Wow! Based on your review, I think I am now more encouraged to watch this koreanovela. My dad has also slept late every night in a week trying to watch as many episodes as he could. :)

  11. This must be quite a story for it to have such an effect on you. I got curious tuloy.

  12. I think my sister is also watching this online after nights of trying to finish The Heirs. :)

  13. I LOVE MLFAS! Malas nga lang 'cause I'm working on night shift, and I am already at work during its air time. Grrr! I'm just relying on Youtube just to watch all the episodes, kaso some of the videos are incomplete and sobrang malabo. Anyway, hooray to all MLFAS fans! :D

    Ayin ♥


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