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The Kind of iPad Mini Case I Deserve

When it comes to choosing the cases for my iPad, there is only one brand that I trust - The Snugg. This shop has always been great in providing chic, functional and stylish cases for my gadgets. When I had my iPad 2, the cases I use were from them. Now that I have a new iPad mini, my executive case also came from the said online shop. For the past few months, my choice always include pastel colors for the cases but this time, I have to get the gray color.

Snugg iPad mini Retina Executive Case Cover and Flip Stand in Gray Leather

So, what does this case have to offer? The first thing you’ll notice is the Gray PU leather and the coordinated nubuck fibre lining. These two materials work together to enclose the tablet in a protective layer. With the leather and fibre lining, I am ensured that I can avoid scratches, knocks, scrapes and impact damage to my most-valued iPad mini.

The leather material of this product also enables me to clean the exterior surface easily. All I need to do is to use a damp cloth and wipe it! At the same time, the cover flap is Sleep/Wake compatible. Thus, there's no need to worry about draining my battery in cases when I forget to put it in a sleep mode. Since I'm always on the go (and in a hurry), this feature is something I certainly need. 

The functional cover flap allows me to easily flip the case backwards. This feature gives me two different viewing angles and a sturdy base. Reading my books and magazine subscriptions are now easier with my Snugg iPad mini case. Also, watching my favorite movies and TV series while staying in a coffee shop is faster and more convenient to do now.

There are two key features inside this case. The first is the elastic hand strap that gives me the freedom to carry my tablet while I'm using it. While standing in line to place my order in a coffee shop, I can still carry my iPad mini easily with this The Snugg case. The second feature is the row of pockets which are perfect for notes, cash or cards. Now, I don't have any excuse of forgetting important notes and appointments because aside from recording them in my calendars and reminders, I also place them at my iPad case cover.

Snugg iPad mini Retina Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand in Gray, just like all the other products from the site, qualifies for the Lifetime Guarantee offer. To Qualify for Lifetime warranty on Cases, the product has to be registered within 90 days of purchase on The Snugg's registration website. The Lifetime Warranty is valid ONLY for cases (leather, hemp, silicone etc), not clips, swivels or other accessories.

The Snugg did it again! I'm happy with my new case and yes, this is the kind of iPad mini case I truly deserve. If you are interested in purchasing cases and other accessories for your smartphones or tablets, you can visit This shop accepts payment via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and Paypal. Beware of counterfeits. Make sure to get your case only from The Snugg website. 


  1. This Snugg case looks durable and is made of high quality material. Yeah you definitely deserve one like that to keep your gadget safe.

  2. Nice of you for using the trademark, Snugg; it looks handy and affordable.

  3. can you tell me how much it costs and where can i get one? It looks really nice!!

  4. I like the folio style case for ipad mini as it keeps the ipad mini protected and also looks formal.

  5. What I like most with this ipad mini case is the durability and the pockets inside.

  6. Oh wow, just what we needed. I love this..wish we could have one.

  7. I love that the cover flap have several slots available.

  8. that's perfect indeed, i have their casing and I'm loving their product that quality is great and sturdy..

  9. This cover is very simple but it looks really stylish. I prefer more vivid colors because I think that black color makes the ipad too serious and dull.

  10. congrats! Sis that iPad mini case is so cute :-) It looks durable too :-) It will keep your gadget safe :-)

  11. I love Snugg's products, they are made of high quality materials!

  12. The product seems durable enough naman and looks fashionable


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