Loving the Kings of Summer: Why Live When You Can Rule

The nice thing about keeping great movies in your external hard drive and bringing it anywhere you go is that you can always turn your laptop on to see a random film. Just like what happened earlier as I tried so hard to study for a final exam which I will be taking in just two hours. I was reading a transcription of our past lectures when I felt that I needed to take a break so I opened my "Happiness :)" drive and searched for available movies. Then, I stumbled upon the "Kings of Summer," a 2013 movie. To be honest, I decided to watch it just because the title sounds interesting and it has the word "summer" on it. 

At first, I thought the movie was completely boring until I saw the three main characters enjoyed their lives in the woods after the declared "independence" from their parents. Three teenage friends decided to built a house in the middle of the woods leaving everything behind. As they spent their time away from everyone, they learned how to become "men" - something they've always wanted. Not everything in the woods was perfect but all their experiences molded them in becoming better persons. When they returned home due to different circumstances, they've completely changed. One summer, one escape, one secret place - all these changed their lives.

These are some of the things I would like to share from the movie:

1. Sometimes it's okay to run away.

There are days when things start to go out of hand, relationships fall apart and people grow away from each other. Sometimes, during these days, one simply needs to run away for a while. It's liberating to just leave everything behind and find yourself. Do the things that you want to do. Move out of your comfort zone and discover what life has to offer you. Just like the "Kings," in the movie, they lived in the woods to search for "independence" and guess what? They did not only experience how it feels to be independent. They also had many realizations about their lives and their parents. So at the end of summer, they were better individuals.

2. When you run away, make sure to come back.

Always remember that running away is not being coward. You have to leave not because you can't take "it" anymore but because you need to see things in a better perspective. Sometimes, the only way to understand the situation is to take a step back and look at it in a bigger picture. When you run away, do not forget that there are those who are looking for you and waiting for you to come back. Thus, you have to go back and by that time, you are already a changed person. You will realize that, indeed, running away is one of the best decisions you've ever made. And yes, this is what happened to the teens who lived in the woods but found their ways back home.

3. Love your parents.

I know this is common knowledge and I am also aware that there are those who dislike and despise their parents. This is just a simple reminder to everyone that mothers and fathers only want the best for their children. No parent, in his or her right mind, would want his or her child to suffer or to be unhappy. The Kings of Summer is great movie which shows that a parent's love is pure and unconditional. It sees no wrong and sets no standards. 

4. Do not betray your friends.

I don't think I need to elaborate on this. Take note: “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller


  1. ikaw na talaga idol ko sa blogging algene! :)) wagas!

  2. This is my favorite line "When you run away, make sure to come back.". It's so meaningful to me.

  3. Looks like this is a nice movie will check if I can download this.

  4. It looks like a nice movie on transformation and development of teenagers.

  5. Interesting! I have to find this this movie. 😊 I'm glad I learned of it through your blog.

  6. Thanks for sharing these views from the movie. Check on all four. Would love to see it too :)

  7. Haven't watched movies in a while. I'm stucked with Kseries. :)

  8. I can totally relate:) I am all those four things when I was young. Some things must be really learned the hard way.


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