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4th Back to School Gift Giving Project by a Strong Wheeled Advocate

It's that time of the year again for Back to School Gift Giving Project. 

This project is spearheaded by a good friend of mine and a fellow Davao Blogger officer, Naprey Almario. He blogs at Behind the Rolling Chair where he talks about his advocacy to a barrier-free environment for the persons with disabilities. Some of the successful charity events he had were Children's Day (for the benefit of Balay Pasilungan, Padre Pio's Home for Children and Providence Home of St. Joseph) and Dinner for A Cause (for the benefit of  the Providence Home of St. Joseph). Naprey is also one of the bloggers who helped in repacking the goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda under the Bloggers for Relief's Project Hygiene Kits. He is also known as the Strong-Wheeled ex-PBB housemate of Pinoy Big Brother House.

4th Back to School Gift Giving Project

An advocacy project helping school children who do not have necessary materials to foster their basic education. Distribution of school supplies will be on May 2014. For those who are interested to volunteer and send their donations, you can contact Naprey Almario at: 

These are the beneficiaries for this year's Back to School Gift Giving Project:
- 3 Orphanage
- 1 Section of an Elementary School
- Street Children
- B'laan from General Santos City
- Children with disabilities

To learn more about this project, you can refer to its official Facebook Page (see above for the link) or follow the hashtag #4thBackToSchoolGiftGiving and @napreyalmario on Twitter and Instagram. 

You can also refer to this video created by Glorypearl Dy of Switotwins Digital Storytelling Philippines, also a fellow Davao Blogger:

This video is one of the finalists of The Good Story Competition in Singapore. The said competition is a celebration of creative and compelling video storytelling of everyday people in Asia doing good to improve the lives of others. I am inviting everyone to vote for this video by simply following these steps:
2. Watch & like the video “Naprey the Strong Wheeled...”
3. Share it with hashtag #goodstoryasia
3. Come back tomorrow and do it again!

"This nomination is very timely since Back to School Gift Giving Project will have its 4th installment this May. There will be another distribution of school supplies to less fortunate school children in Davao city and Davao del Sur. If given the chance to win, the cash prize will really help this year's project." - Naprey the Strong-wheeled Back to Schooler


  1. Inspiring. I always wanted to join a cause, but I don't know where to start. :(

    1. Start it with ur friends and family :)

  2. Advocacy for kids is always nice. I am everything for education. The school supplies will really help and motivate them to study.

  3. Wow I hope Naprey will win the The Good Story Competition. Just voted for his entry. Let's continue supporting his cause guys. :)

    1. Thanks Sir. Voting was restarted due to former loopholes in the voting system. I hope you could vote again and share.

  4. This looks like such an amazing cause! Every kid deserves to be educated and I cannot agree more with how important it is! :)

  5. nice idea for back to school!! this reminds me to sort out all my old clothes to be donated soon. kudos to the organizer of this one. such a heart warming idea

  6. We're again close to going back to school. I think I need to prepare all my teaching stuff once more.

  7. This is a good way to reach out those who need education as this will give them a better shot at life.

  8. Naprey is really a very inspiring person and role model to everyone. I admire his advocacy and support his projects.

  9. Back to school is fast approaching and this project is just perfect and amazing! :)

  10. the world is lucky to still have kindhearted person like Mr. almario to administer this kind of cause. what kind of volunteering they need?

  11. This is nice! More blessings to the people behind this and I hope many will support the advocacy..

  12. I'm into advocacy too, especially if it will greatly help for education. Sharing this to my friends right now! :)

  13. Nice advocacy on promoting back to school via this project.This projects as such needs to be helped and promoted so two-thumbs up for this.! More power and just by posting this article already helps a lot.


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