Let’s Ask Diego with Anything Under the Sun

Friday, April 25

Let’s Ask Diego with Anything Under the Sun

There are many reasons to be proud of being a Filipino. One of the characteristics which make Filipinos exceptional is our positive outlook in life despite the adversities that we encounter. In the past few years, we have witnessed how different typhoons devastated some places in the Philippines. Many of our fellowmen lost their homes, properties, families and their lives. However, after everything they've been through, we can still see them smile as they face their problems. Another reason to take pride of being a Filipino is our ability to be generous to other people. Filipinos are always known to their helping hands to those who are in need. And the most special trait that I love about Filipinos is our close family ties. We always share a deep love and connection with our families. In fact, our families have always been (and will always be) our top priority.

PLDT, the number one home broadband, knows how each and everyone of us value our family. So they are bringing the chance to enjoy “Limitless sharing with the strong reliable family-sized connection."

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Thursday, April 24

4th Back to School Gift Giving Project by a Strong Wheeled Advocate

It's that time of the year again for Back to School Gift Giving Project. 

This project is spearheaded by a good friend of mine and a fellow Davao Blogger officer, Naprey Almario. He blogs at Behind the Rolling Chair where he talks about his advocacy to a barrier-free environment for the persons with disabilities. Some of the successful charity events he had were Children's Day (for the benefit of Balay Pasilungan, Padre Pio's Home for Children and Providence Home of St. Joseph) and Dinner for A Cause (for the benefit of  the Providence Home of St. Joseph). Naprey is also one of the bloggers who helped in repacking the goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda under the Bloggers for Relief's Project Hygiene Kits. He is also known as the Strong-Wheeled ex-PBB housemate of Pinoy Big Brother House.

Tuesday, April 22

Loving the Kings of Summer: Why Live When You Can Rule

The nice thing about keeping great movies in your external hard drive and bringing it anywhere you go is that you can always turn your laptop on to see a random film. Just like what happened earlier as I tried so hard to study for a final exam which I will be taking in just two hours. I was reading a transcription of our past lectures when I felt that I needed to take a break so I opened my "Happiness :)" drive and searched for available movies. Then, I stumbled upon the "Kings of Summer," a 2013 movie. To be honest, I decided to watch it just because the title sounds interesting and it has the word "summer" on it. 


Friday, April 18

Budget Travel In Style: Is It Really Possible?

Having the freedom to travel in the way we do now is one of modern life's true blessings. So much can be learned and gained from travel - whether you feel the need to 'find yourself' on a remote island, or whether you want to spend a summer partying with new found friends in a metropolitan city. Getting halfway across the world has never been easier thanks to the intricate network of planes that service our skies - and it's a well-known fact that air travel is the safest form of travel there is, too. 

In fact, it is quite hard to imagine a world where we couldn't just hop on a plane and be in an entirely new destination in a matter of hours. This revolution, paired with the fact that the travel sector as a whole is ever expanding, means that more and more of us are getting the opportunity to experience every part of our world.
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Thursday, April 17

#DBSParty2014: I Will Always Love My Davao Bloggers Family

Blogging has brought many good things and people in my life. When I started blogging, all I ever wanted was to share about random stuff - topics which really interest no one but me. Even if I had no readers back then or no friend from the blogging community, I was happy. And I became happier when I met awesome people in the blogosphere. To be honest, I was not expecting that great relationships and deep friendships can be formed via the online community. I became the happiest when I discovered Davao Bloggers Society (DBS), the official blogging organization in our city. 

At first, I was hesitant to join DBS knowing that I had little knowledge or expertise when it comes to blogging. All I do is write whatever comes into my mind. I know nothing about SEO or even tweaking my own blog layout. But DBS accepted me with open arms. The people on it taught me many things (not only about blogs but also about being positive all the time) and showed me that there is more to blogging. I can clearly remember that my first DBS event was in 2011 - the Davao Bloggers: Black and White Christmas Ball. Ever since that night, I became more active in blogging and started attending more events.

Well... time flies so fast. Now, I am already one of the officers (2014-2016) of the community. Eight other officers have been elected in the recently concluded elections of the official DBS members. I must say, I have grown with my DBS family and I couldn't be happier. All the workshops, seminars and events I've attended made me a responsible blogger and a better person.

The first major event that the new set of officers organized was the Davao Bloggers Society: Acquiantance Party 2014 (#DBSParty2014). 

I'm really glad because it turned out great. So in behalf of the officers, I would like to thank all the DBS members, friends and sponsors who came at Bucket Shrimps Seafood Restaurant for the Acquaintance Party 2014. All the support we received from the generous sponsors and the presence of the bloggers, both renewing and new members, were overwhelming. 

Monday, April 14

5 Ways New Online Shops Can Build Consumer Trust

The online industry is on the move. According to CNN, around 2017, 10% of the sales that the United States is going to make, will be made online. So if it’s a growing trend, what happened to the 90%? Why wouldn’t online sales go up to 20%? Or even 15%? The mobile industry is booming. There are no signs that the sales of smart phones and tablets are going down anytime soon. Even people who already own a smartphone or a tablet dispose their gadgets to buy a better one or to get the latest model. This ensures the growth potential of ecommerce. Sometime soon, everything is going to be made online. 

So, going back to the question, what is keeping the 90% from buying online? The problem is people still find it hard to trust online stores. There is always an issue of security.

It is not easy to trust online stores.
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Saturday, April 12

Acer IT Doctors Got All The Answers to Your Tech Questions

When it comes to buying new gadgets and other devices, one of the things that we do is to research about the product we want to purchase by asking our friends and using the Internet. This is one of our ways to make sure that we will be getting the best value for our money. There are also instances when we encounter problems with our hand-held devices, computers and laptops but we have no idea where to go or what to do. Again, we ask some of our friends to solve our "tech" problems. But most of the times, we don't really get great answers from the people we ask either because they don't know much about the specification of the products or they really are not that "techie." 

Luckily, global IT brand Acer understands how important it is for people to have quick solutions to their everyday tech snags and struggles as it introduces the “Acer IT Doctors.” It is  a dedicated team of IT specialists who are willing and able to serve the public for any of their IT concerns or questions. Admittedly, majority of Filipinos are not really tech savvy, much more IT experts, and would definitely need proper guidance or valuable technical assistance when it comes to matters concerning IT. This explains why the formation of the Acer IT Doctors is quite timely.

Wednesday, April 9

The Kind of iPad Mini Case I Deserve

When it comes to choosing the cases for my iPad, there is only one brand that I trust - The Snugg. This shop has always been great in providing chic, functional and stylish cases for my gadgets. When I had my iPad 2, the cases I use were from them. Now that I have a new iPad mini, my executive case also came from the said online shop. For the past few months, my choice always include pastel colors for the cases but this time, I have to get the gray color.

Tuesday, April 8

The Happiness That Comes From Flowers

Pinterest is one of my favorite apps in my phone. Whenever I'm looking for new inspiration, I just open the application and start checking the different pins of the people I follow. If I'm in need of a specific idea or craft, I simply type in the search bar what I wanted to see, hit the search button and voila, everything is right in front of me. There are also times when I feel bored so I launch Pinterest app and just browse until I start feeling good again. 

Allow me to share two of my most-loved pins from my Pinterest account. The first one is the DIY Paper Flower Backdrop Tutorials. 

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Friday, April 4

The Success of WeChat and Lazada's Partnership

Lazada has always been one of my favorite online shops in the Philippines. I completely trust this brand when it comes to providing the items I want at affordable prices. WeChat, the country's leading social mobile app, has been keeping me connected with the people I love across the globe. In fact, it is one of the most-opened or used application in my phone. WeChat makes it easy for me to get updates from my friends even if we are miles away. Lazada and WeChat never failed to make me feel happy. And this time, they made me happier by announcing another WeChat-Lazada partnership.


Thursday, April 3

London: Europe’s Original Fashion Destination

London is the original home of retail therapy. From legendary Savile Row to the bustling crowds of Oxford Street, London is and always has been a fashion mecca.

For the perfect weekend getaway, you can choose from one of the hundreds of incredible London hotels, make reservations at the city's chicest eateries and plan to spend your days sourcing stylish and sophisticated duds from around the city.

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Wednesday, April 2

How to Beat Stress and Live a Happy Life

Let’s face it. You don’t always wake up at the right side of your bed every morning. There are days when no matter how hard you try to make things work, it just won’t. Don’t worry because you are not the only one. Some people out there also experience unpleasant situations in their everyday lives which give them so much stress. In fact, some of them suffer from stress not only for a day but for the whole week. 

The good news is, you can do something about it. To take your stress away, I recommend that you check the list below.

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