Sunnies by Charlie Now Open in Davao City

Sunnies by Charlie opened its first branch in Davao city at Chimes Specialty Store last March 13, 2014. One of the highlights during the opening day was the "Free Gift" given to the first 100 persons who visited their new store at the second floor of Chimes. Another important event on that day was the invite-only VIP party to celebrate the coming of an elegant, chic and sophisticated sunglasses brand in the city. The said event was followed by a meet and greet with Georgina Wilson for those who already made their purchases. 

Georgina Wilson was accompanied by Bea Soriano, Eric Dee Jr. and Martine Cajucom during the launching event. These persons are the people behind the concept and success of Sunnies by Charlie. They collaborated to come up with a sophisticated brand which specializes in creating beautiful sunglasses at completely affordable prices.  

Let me share to you some of the photos taken during the event:


Check the photos below to see how happy the people are as they shop at the newly-opened Sunnies by Charlie in Davao city. All of them are having fun as they choose chic pairs of sunglasses!

Founded in 2013, Sunnies is already a celebrated trend-savvy sunglass destination for Manila’s switched-on generation (and now in Davao!). Influenced by the hyper realness of millennial thrills and the sugar-laced nostalgia of 60s and 70s, Sunnies marches to the future—guerilla-style—to serve you the fresh in the flesh.

Why You Will Love Sunnies by Charlie

Sunnies draws inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s with a modern twist. The aesthetic is vintage-inspired with the mid-century color stories and the campaigns utilize guerrilla style photography shot mainly on film. Already celebrated as a trend savvy sunglass destination, 

Sunnies offers curated eyewear to suit the ever-changing tastes and moods of the contemporary market, all within an affordable price range.

This is the only decent photograph I have with my fellow Davao Bloggers:

What are you waiting for? Visit Sunnies by Charlie at Chimes Specialty Store now to get your very own eye candy. You deserve something great this summer. 

Store location details:

Level 2, Chimes Specialty Store
Governor Sales Street

Keep yourself updated with what's new at Sunnies by Charlie. Follow them on Instagram at @SunniesbyCharlie and on Twitter at @SunniesCharlie. You can also visit their website regularly: Have fun shopping!


  1. I checked out the designs of Sunnies and I liked several of them. What's good is that they are very affordable. The only problem is that I don't know which one to choose! :)

  2. Those Sunnies are perfect for the summer season and the prices are affordable too. The event looks like it was successful.

  3. This is great! Gives us more options and choices specially now that summer is fast approaching.

  4. They reached Davao already? This is great to know. For both Sunnies and Davao. So there will be more stylish and "artista" looking people in Davao with their shades on.

  5. Those shades are awesome - I have to check more of their collection out!

  6. I don't know if we have this in Manila but I will definitely look for this as their sunnies are so affordable.

  7. Sunnies have really classy and contemporary design. It's really a fashionable eyewear.

  8. Your photos are great and when I read the title I thought this is all about candies because of the photos and I have just confirmed it about shades and glasses later on.

  9. Perfect for summer. Yay! Is Sunnies available in Manila or at least in Alabang (I live in Laguna).

  10. Their men's sunglasses were so good that for sure, If I make a visit again next time, I would have hard time to choose! :D

  11. Oh great! I saw some of their designs and it is really hard to choose. I like that it is affordable also.

  12. A chic event to launch one of the coolest and hippest brand of sunnies in the country. I love their collection! :)

  13. The designs are great. We look forward to going there someday.

  14. The opening at your are was way better than the opening in our area. Nevertheless, I'm still happy I got a freebie! Hehe. You can read my post about it here: Sunnies in SM Dasma

    Louise |


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