Can Hypnosis Help Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction can manifest itself in many ways, but the results are always disastrous. Ruined finances, torn apart families, and debilitating depression are just some of the problems associated with gambling addiction. To overcome this addiction, the addicts are often advised to see a therapist, join groups, and possibly even start medication. One of the most controversial treatments is hypnosis; however, hypnosis should not be ruled out entirely. To understand whether hypnosis is helpful or not, it is important to understand both the addiction and treatment.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is akin to any other addiction. While most people can buy a lottery ticket every now and then and not worry, an addict will buy them compulsively. An addict will continue to gamble even when facing piles of debt, and they will gamble no matter the consequences. An addict will be compelled to gamble even if it is causing problems in their marriage, profession, or any other area of life.

What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

According to allpro one of the primary symptoms of gambling addiction is the compulsive need to gamble even when there are clear and drastic consequences. Whether the game is expensive or cheap to play, the addict will be unable to walk away from the situation. The addict may be unable to concentrate at work or enjoy time with their family due to the thought of gambling in the near future.

What causes gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is often caused by numerous factors. The addiction can stem from the enjoyment of winning for the first time and using this feeling to avoid problems in reality. If someone is in debt, they may become addicted to gambling while hoping for an easy way out of their situation. Someone can become addicted to gambling even if their life is entirely perfect beforehand. The cause for addiction essentially comes down to personal chemistry and situations, and this is why hypnosis may be able to help.

How can hypnosis help to treat gambling addiction?

If conducted by a professional, hypnosis can help an addict to overcome flaws in their character. A trained hypnotist will get the patient into a relaxed state, and from there, they will guide the patient through a series of mantras, visualizations, and moments of inspired clarity. While it is true that hypnosis only works for those who are willing to work with it, it can be a powerful force for change and improvement.
Gambling addicts need to understand the consequences for their actions, but this is often difficult when they are in the midst of a gambling binge. A hypnotist will provide a relaxing atmosphere that encourages introspection, and the addict can then have time to truly feel the power of their actions. It is never enough for people to tell them that they have a problem and should stop, but one moment of introspective clarity is often enough to provide the means for change.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that nearly always ends in tragedy. While a hypnotist is certainly a great option for any addict, it should not be the only means of treatment. It is best to start out with multiple forms of treatment including hypnotism, therapy, and group counseling. This will allow the patient to find the method that works best for them, and they will then be comfortable enough to continue down the road to recovery.

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