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The best reward any person could give her body is a healthy lifestyle. Everyone deserves to get enough sleep, nutrients and vitamins. However, the hectic schedules and busy days prevent us from achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It's a good thing that there are many alternatives and ways which can help us get the body and life we want. One of these is drinking pure and organic juices made from raw vegetables and fruits. It has been proven that juicing enables people to stay fit and feel great.

For a busy person like me, I have no time to make my own juice. To be honest, I barely have enough time to go to the grocery store or to the local market. This means that I could not prepare my own cold-pressed juice so I prefer ordering some from trusted distributors. In Davao city, one of the well-known juice seller is The Green Dare. I tried their Reboot Up Plan for my Wednesday and I must say, it made me feel better!

Reboot Up Package includes 5 bottles of juices which can be taken for one day:
- Citrus Morning
- Beet It
- Mean Greene
- Sweet Romaine
- Carrot Spice

The Greene Dare is the absolute best "fast food" which offers the much needed veggie and fruit servings in one quick, jam-packed and guaranteed fresh detoxifying drink. The Greene Dare creates cold-pressed juices that are produced as ordered. Customers can purchase per bottle or per package. There are four packages to choose from: Reboot Up, Light Detox, Detox Dare and Ultimate Cleanse.

Why Do I Trust The Greene Dare?

This shop creates juices that are perfect for detox. Their products are 100% pure and organic fruit-veggie extracts. Customers are guaranteed that their beverages has no coconut waters. (Trivia: Coconut waters have preservatives except when consumed directly from the fruit.) Detoxifying drinks by The Greene Dare removes and cleanses harmful toxins in our system, especially the liver and kidney. This in turns help us lose weight.

Check my story as I detox with The Greene Dare!

To those who are interested to try their products, you can follow them on Instagram at @thegreenedare. You can also like them on Facebook at For inquiries, you can Viber or SMS them directly at 0943-443-1658. When ordering, don't forget to mention that Algene of The Coffee Chic referred you. Happy Juicing!

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