Thursday, March 27

Hot Summer Looks for Women from Tip to Toe 2014

We can’t just focus on the clothes girls as the hair maketh the look! Below are selections of prized styles that flatter every outfit and can be tweaked, adjusted with small additions or accessories in your own collection.

Hair and what’s hip on the runway

This summer we are catapulting into the creative hairstyles with feathered headdresses, ponytails with a dash of spray paint and a range of gold-flecked updos. Back on the runway for something more everyday, we can pick out the fairy-tale-like disordered locks and plaits, ending with some charming ruffled chignons. Opt for an interactive viewpoint through Motilo.

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Wednesday, March 26

Exciting Surprise for WeChat Users: Get An Exclusive Offer from Lazada PH

WeChat is happy to announce its exclusive surprise for all its valued users. This surprise has something to do with the celebration of Lazada's 2nd Anniversary today, March 26, 2014. Upon learning of this great offer, I felt excited because two of my favorite brands are partnering to bring something grand to everyone. For the longest time already, WeChat has kept me connected with my friends, families and loved ones all over the world. Communication with the special persons in my life was made easy with the WeChat app in my smartphone. At the same time, Lazada has always been my favorite online store in the Philippines. I have made many transactions with them and so far, I never encountered any problem with the said online shop. I was also happy when Lazada introduced its smartphone app two months ago.

What is this exclusive surprise?

Lazada Philippines wishes to thank its customers for supporting their platform offering a wide array of products—from consumer electronics and fashion pieces to home and living must-owns. Straight from their Mobiles & Tablets category, Lazada Philippines is set to roll out discounted Android tablets for 1,000 users who are following their Official Account on WeChat.

Be Fit and Feel Great with The Greene Dare

The best reward any person could give her body is a healthy lifestyle. Everyone deserves to get enough sleep, nutrients and vitamins. However, the hectic schedules and busy days prevent us from achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It's a good thing that there are many alternatives and ways which can help us get the body and life we want. One of these is drinking pure and organic juices made from raw vegetables and fruits. It has been proven that juicing enables people to stay fit and feel great.

For a busy person like me, I have no time to make my own juice. To be honest, I barely have enough time to go to the grocery store or to the local market. This means that I could not prepare my own cold-pressed juice so I prefer ordering some from trusted distributors. In Davao city, one of the well-known juice seller is The Green Dare. I tried their Reboot Up Plan for my Wednesday and I must say, it made me feel better!

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Sunday, March 23

Sunnies by Charlie Now Open in Davao City

Sunnies by Charlie opened its first branch in Davao city at Chimes Specialty Store last March 13, 2014. One of the highlights during the opening day was the "Free Gift" given to the first 100 persons who visited their new store at the second floor of Chimes. Another important event on that day was the invite-only VIP party to celebrate the coming of an elegant, chic and sophisticated sunglasses brand in the city. The said event was followed by a meet and greet with Georgina Wilson for those who already made their purchases. 


Saturday, March 22

How to Be Healthy with Your Smartphone Apps

An article from Women's Health magazine (January issue) mentioned that getting fit or achieving a healthy body is one of the top resolutions that most people want to achieve for the new year. The same article also provided that 1/3 of those who promised to start a healthier lifestyle lose their interest or motivation after the first month of the year. This only shows that people need to be reminded of their resolutions to keep them on track.

“Health isn’t about being “perfect” with food or exercise or herbs. 
Health is about balancing those things with your desires. 
It’s about nourishing your spirit as well as your body.”
― Golda Poretsky

If you are one of those people who wanted a "healthy you" for 2014, I highly recommend that you download apps in your smartphone that will help you achieve your goal. These apps will enable you to live a healthier and happier life. Check the list below:
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Thursday, March 20

Falling In Love Over and Over Again with NESCAFE Cappuccino

The best news I received this week is the coming back of NESCAFÉ Cappuccino in the market. As the name of my blog suggests, I love drinking coffee and one of my favorite drinks is cappuccino. I love this Italian specialty coffee beverage which has a hint of sweetness to go with a strong espresso taste because it has coffee foam similar to café style coffees. This means that with my NESCAFÉ Cappuccino, I can enjoy my favorite drink at a completely affordable price and prepare it at the convenience of my own home. I do not need to drive all the way to a coffee shop before I can let myself enjoy the inviting aroma and mouth-coating coffee goodness a cup of cappuccino offers. At the same time, I can easily enhance the flavor of my easy-to-prepare coffee by adding chocolate sprinkles on top.

Sunday, March 16

Glowing Happily at Liberalia 2014

I know I should be studying on Araw ng Davao Saturday night but... I can't afford to miss Liberalia 2014: The Neon Glow Party. My blogger friends convinced me to ditch my books for one night and treat myself to a party I truly deserve. And yes, I made a good decision by partying wet and wild at Liberalia with the best crowd, beautiful neon colors and great electronic music. Liberalia 2014 was organized by Manic Nightnings Production, the same team behind the successful party of 2013 - the Carte Blanche: Electric Music Festival.


Thanks to WeChat Cloud Storage: Say Bye to Losing Important Data

There were many instances in the past when I experienced losing important data and information saved from my smartphone. During those times, I became more frustrated because I could no longer access the lost data no matter what I do. This is the reason why I always make sure that I have a back up for all the files I don't want to lose. I am also impressed with applications and programs that offer instant back up for users like me.

When I learned about WeChat's Cloud Storage, I felt happy because this means I will never lose any important data again especially with my favorite WeChat app. This new feature of WeChat works like a digital notepad for very user. The reliable Chat History Backup feature saves conversation histories and restores them to any device for up to seven (7) days.


Friday, March 14

Plains & Prints Spring Summer 2014 Collections.

Plains & Prints recently released its much-awaited Spring Summer 2014 Collection in collaboration with the country’s famous designer, no less than Rhett Eala. This season’s designs take inspiration from various tropical elements and artistic moods that embody the fun loving yet smart and sophisticated look of the brand.

The charming Filipina-Australian actress, model, TV host, recording artist, fashion icon and recent brand endorser, Anne Curtis, expresses her love for the collections, “I will always be the fun-loving, girly, girl that I am. But I’d like my audience to know that I’ve grown up and become more mature, too. That’s why this year, I’ve decided to dress more responsibly”, she states. Undoubtedly, Anne’s personality and lifestyle reflect what the work-wear brand stands for—fresh and fashionable.

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Thursday, March 6

WeChat 5.2: Taking Up the Ante for Social Scenes with 6 New Features

The first two months of the new year are filled with great music festivals, food fairs, new clubs, sporting events, pop-up markets and bazaars. These social scenes are being enjoyed by everyone all over the Philippines. With March just starting, we can expect more exciting and great events to come. Thanks to WeChat’s 5.2 upgrade for Android and iOS, we can now have a better version of this app to match our energy for all the upcoming affairs. The upgrade has new features that will help us make things happen easily and conveniently, thus helping us to be always on the go. 

Allow me to share some of the new things I love for the latest update:

1. Menu Bar

The WeChat 5.2 gives smartphone users a clearer interface allowing us to have a better experience with getting connected to different people. The amazing features are now compartmentalized into three sections namely Chats, Discover, and Contacts. “Chats” allows us to continue current conversations while “Contacts” allow us to start new exchanges with our friends. Navigation is now easier. “Discover” allows us to enjoy the other fun features available. With just one tap, we can already see our Moments feeds and options including Scan QR Code, Shake, People Nearby, Drift Bottle, Games, and Sticker Shop.
Read More Books in 2014

Wednesday, March 5

Read More Books in 2014

Let me start by asking how far have you gotten in accomplishing the resolutions you made for the New Year 2014? At what stage are you in completing the promises you made to yourself last January 1st? Remember, a few weeks ago, you might have said something to yourself along the like that 2014 is going to be a productive and better year not only for you but for all the people surrounding you? Maybe you promised to be more patient or understanding in 2014, to make things happen or to finally follow your dreams? It may also be simple such spending time with your friends more often than you did in the previous years or read a certain number of books before the year ends. Whatever it is that you promised to accomplish this year, always remember that you can do it!
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