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Have you ever coveted someone's luxury designer item but it's no longer available for sale anywhere? Unfortunately for a lot of us, we cannot afford high end goods straight off the rack as much as we'd like to, and by the time we have saved enough, the piece would probably be sold out, or our sizes no longer available.

With such high demand for designer pieces, luxury reseller websites are popping up all over the Internet, offering pre-loved, vintage luxury goods at a more reasonable rate to those interested. There's been a change in the mind-set of fashion lovers everywhere; consignment shopping used to have a stigma to it but there is a younger generation of fashionistas who have maybe just started in the workforce without huge salaries that are more open-minded about recycling and reusing high-end items. Most women don't have the budgets to purchase $5,000 handbags, but they still have the desire to be fashionable and own luxury items, so the popularity of high end consignment stores is now growing exponentially.

Ambre Dahan is the wife of Joe's Jean's founder Joe Dahan, who founded the website Walk in my Closet that gives its members access to a unique and carefully curated selection of pieces from a global community. The site allows members to photograph their entire closet so there is an online, virtual inventory of their closet. This virtual closet can then include wish lists of items that are currently on sale in their Shop section, making it easy for members to plan their purchases and see if their desired item goes with the rest of their closet.

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a luxury item, the site offers a huge selection of quality goods that are hand-selected by an expert team, thus ensuring that there is a consistent array of desirable, high end items available online. As a trusted website used by style influencers and global fashion insiders, Walk in my Closet retains a 25% commission of an item's selling price for the services they offer in assisting with the sale of a product. Some of these services include retouching services for images so that items for sale are showcased in their best light, secure payments, processing and credit card fees, a dedicated customer care department as well as unmatched editorial from their international community of fashion insiders. For those who do not have much time to manage the sale of their items, the site offers a concierge service who will look after all the aspects of selling for you.

For those who aren't looking to buy or sell and item, but simply to organize their closets and better plan their clothes and accessories, has mood boards showcasing the latest trends, editor's lists, interviews and even packing lists to help you plan for a getaway or holiday. Each of these lists are carefully curated to inspire you, and it is easy to spend countless hours browsing on this site thanks to the many features and tools that are available.

This article was writte by Donald Morris, an employee of Walk in my Closet.

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