Top Five Ads that Use Humour or Romance

What makes an advertisement stand out to you? Is it one that features a catchy jingle, or one that's romantic? Some of the best ads are those that feel like short films, but one of the most important elements in memorable ads is humour. Although defining what is "funny" can be difficult due to differences of consumer opinion, there are a few classic ads that definitely fit the bill. The following are five of the most memorable funny or romantic ads from the past decade that you may already know and love, or which may be complete new to you. Enjoy!  

One of the first ads to go viral, this one features a John West fisherman bravely fighting a bear in comical kung-fu style over a tuna. The tagline says "John West goes through the worst, to bring you the best." With a combination of beautiful nature, martial arts action, and humours, this ad has a little bit of everything and is still watched on Youtube even though it came out in 2000. 

Combining humour and romance in equal parts, this advertisement for Veet hair removal cream shows a young lady waiting to get her cast taken off. The handsome young doctor is smitten, even more so when he takes off the leg cast to reveal smooth legs underneath. However it's not all smooth sailing, as you'll see in the humorous twist at the end. 

3. Recreio Volkswagen Proposal Video 

Another advertisement that successfully combines humour with romance, in this video a boyfriend is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. Speaking directly into the camera, he asks for her hand in marriage before admitting that he's sold his car to pay for the TV spot. It's simple, sweet, and effective advertising for a budget-friendly car. You'll feel like you're watching a real proposal rather than an advert. 

4. Pat Cash Ad for Quicksales 

This advertisement for an auction site in Australia features Wimbledon star Pat Cash, for a clever play on words between his name and the idea of earning cash by selling your things online. Cash is shown helping out a family with a number of menial household tasks, from painting toenails to helping with the washing. He does it all with a dry expression which is part of what makes it so funny. 

Breakstone's sour cream finds true love with a potato in this funny yet sweet advertisement. The sour cream puts a cheesy love tune on the radio and holds up its hands in an imitation of Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything. The potato doesn't react, but you can imagine that one day it will break down and love the Breakstone's sour cream back. 

With humour, romance, or a combination of the two; these advertisements are guaranteed to make you smile. Spend 30 seconds watching one of these ads to brighten your day. 

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