Starting Over Again: A Heart Breaking Movie

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you are still planning to watch the movie within the next few weeks. Thank you!

Star Cinema did it again with their Valentine's Day offering, Starting Over Again. This movie is perfect for those who are in a relationship, those who are happily single, those who are searching for love and those who have experienced or currently experiencing heart-breaks. The movie is full of love, second chances, forgiveness, letting go and new beginnings.

The movie is about the love story of Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) and Marco (Piolo Pascual). They met in a university campus where Ginny was an Architecture student while Marco was a professor. Marco became Ginny's ultimate crush since the day she enrolled for the former's history class. Ginny kept on pursuing the love of her life until they began a one-of-a-kind love story. Everything was perfect between them. They have made plans about their future together until one day, Ginny decided to leave for Barcelona and never looked back. This left Marco hurt, betrayed and confused. What went wrong? After four years, on her birthday, she received a letter from Marco which was written on the day she left. The letter contained the words "I won't lose hope." When she went back to the Philippines, she held on to that letter and wished that they would rekindle the past. But she realized that things have changed. Marco has become the man she've always wanted him to be and this time, he is already with someone else. The major question to ask is, "Will they get back together?" Well, you should see the film to know the answer.

Starting All Over again is not your ordinary and typical Filipino film. It certainly goes beyond what is considered as "normal" in the Pinoy movie industry. You would probably wish a different kind of ending to the main characters' love story. At the same time, a part of you would thank the story maker for choosing an unexpected happy ending. You will fall in love with this film not because it has Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga on it but because it shows us something we deny to ourselves. It gives us a slap back to reality. It depicts a love story that is so true and perfect yet capable of ending in an unimaginable way.

This is another Star Cinema film that will not only bring tears to your eyes but also cause a major breakdown. Yes, I meant it when I said "breakdown." There is something in this movie which will definitely drive you crazy. It will make you ask questions such as "How can a love so true end that way?", "What if things were different?" and "What if they never had to part ways?".

Starting Over Again Movie Quotes

"I have a confession to make, the first time I saw you, hindi kita gusto. Parang may nagsasabi na isa kang malaking sakit sa ulo."

"Naniniwala ako na kung may gusto kang sabihin, dapat sabihin mo na."

"Happy Valentine's day sir! Next year, happy anniversary na yan ha."

"Sana balang araw ma-realize mo na I deserve this kind of love."

"But I also have to admit that even then, you have something special in you. You have that spirit."

"Sir please. You belong to me."

"If you insist, how can I resist?"

"Lalo mo akong pinahanga nung pinakita mo ang mundo mo. You are by far the bravest girl I've ever met."

"Sabi nga nila diba give love on Christmas day sir so give me love sir. Pero kung wala talaga, how do I unlove you?"

"Para sa akin, you don't need to look like Mama Mary for me to fall in love with you. I don't want to unlove you because I love you."

"More than three years and I thought we were good. Hindi ko lang alam kung bakit, kung pano, kung pano nag-simula. Ano ang nangyari sa ating dalawa?"

"I have decided to let you be and give you the space you need."

"I will do everything it takes to bring you back. I will never lose hope that we will have our second chance."

"Yun yung operative word. Tapos na yun. The end."

"Sanay naman akong iniiwan."

"There was a time pala na sabi niya na muntik na niya tayong balikan pero natatakot daw siya na hindi na natin siya tanggapin."

"I never thought life could be this exciting."

"I've always love how food preserves a memory."

"Bakit nga ba? Kasi ang tanga tanga mo. Apat na taon, wala ka man lang ginawa. Hindi mo man lang tinawagan. Hindi mo man lang sinulatan. Ma-pride ka kasi. Ang yabang mo!"

"Ang bagal mo kasi. Naunahan ka na. May iba na. May iba na."

"Kailangan na kitang idelete sa buhay ko."

"I won't ever lose hope."

"But that's it diba? She's just your ex."

"What you don't know won't hurt you."

"Ayoko matulad sa mga magulang ko na hindi nagkabalikan dahil lang sa pride."

"It's complicated. It's a recipe for disaster."

"No worries my friend. From now on, PSP. Past is past."

"It's the Marco I've always wanted you to be."

"Kung talagang mahal mo ako, dapat sinundan mo ako."
"Kung talagang mahal mo ako, dapat hindi mo ako iniwan."
"And I regret that everyday."
"Are you flirting with me?"
"Do you want me to?"
"No matter what happens, no matter how long, I won't lose hope."
"Do we still have a second chance? Naniniwala ka rin ba na our love story deserves a better ending?"
"Remember it's your dream."

"I deserve an explanation. I need an acceptable reason."
"Dahil trinabaho ko yun. Dahil pinagpuyatan ko yan. I invested my time."

"Kailangan mong malaman kung bakit isang umaga, nagbago ang lahat. Bakit wala na siya. Bakit mag-isa ka nalang. Kailangan mo ng dahilan diba?"

"Anong karapatan mong hingin ang isang bagay na pinagdamot mong ibigay? I deserved an explanation. I deserved an acceptable reason."

"I almost died and everyday, I wish I'm dead."

"I was beginning to see my father in you. Talunan, mababa ang pangarap. Paano ko sasabihin sa'yo na unti-unti ng nawawala ang tiwala ko sa'yo."

"Kaibigan kita and I refuse to watch you kill yourself."

"Dahil nung iniwan mo si Marco, binigyan mo siya ng karapatan na mag-mahal ng iba."

"I'm sure Ginny will give me my space."

"Bakit ganun? Ang tanga-tanga natin."

"Uma-umaga sinasampal ko ang sarili ko. Sabi ko 'Ginny, edukada ka naman. May master's degree ka nga sa Barcelona eh. Hindi ka pinag-aral ng magulang ko para magpakatanga sa isang lalaki.'"

"Yang hope na yan. Lason yan. Parang drugs na nakaka-adik."
"Kung wala kasi nun, ang sakit. Sobrang sakit."

"Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad?"

"Marco, there are three words I've been wanting to say to you for five years. I am sorry. I'm sorry dahil hindi ko kinaya na sabihin sa'yo ang totoo. Im sorry dahil iniwan kita. I'm sorry na nasaktan kita. I'm sorry kasi natakot ako. Im sorry for giving up on us."
"Sorry din kasi hindi ko nakita ang mga takot mo. Tsaka mga pangangailangan mo."
"Marco, what if ready na ko sa buhay na gusto mo? Ready na ako Marco. Ready na ako for you."

"I loved him first."
"And you let go of your chance."

"I saw it his eyes. I felt it when he touched me."

"Ours began in a most unexciting way, as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him Ginny and in love, there is no fear."

"I was willing to wait... Kaya lang napagod ako. Napagod ang puso ko na maghintay, magtanong, magalit."

"Para maging buo tayo ulit."

"I can never unlove you, I just love you in a different way now."
"Sabihin mo sa akin, how do I unlove you?"

"Your timing is just perfect."

Starting Over Again Full Trailer

P.S. I will be writing another post about this movie next week! It will be about my thoughts and feelings after watching the film.


  1. Watched the movie last night! Yeap, not that typical romantic movie- iba ang kalibre ng mga stars at director :)

  2. ay si papa Piolo hehe, i have not seen this movie yet, for sure i will, kilig moment ahaha

  3. ako din, naniwala ak na kung may gusto kang sabihin, eh, di, sabihin mo na :) sounds like a very good movie

  4. okay, i want to watch this movie, i need a camrip or whatever, i watched the movie trailer very nice indeed.

  5. This movie looks interesting and like most of us, I am sucker for love stories so I hope I get to see this.

  6. ahhhh! cant wait to watch this, the trailer makes me more anxious to see this very soon! The team song is one of my favorite love song.

  7. Looks like Starting Over Again is a very promising story that a lot of us can relate. The trailer is so intriguing, I just wish I can watch it anytime soon.

    Nalula ko sa dami ng movie quotes mo Gene! Hands down ako sa dedication mo to really give your readers a good movie review and a sneak peek at that. Keep it up!

  8. u should prolly start watching and making up a lists of filipino movies to watch in the future. i 've been missing out so bad with philippines that even what is happening in the movie or tv i am not that updated haha

  9. I've seen trailers of this movie and I think it is going to be shown here in the US. Not sure though if it will be shown in New York. More often than not Pinoy movies are shown in New Jersey.

  10. I would love to watch this movie but I'll wait for the DVD. Love story movie is my favorite to watch and it's more exciting because Toni and Piolo are excellent performers.

  11. hehehehe I viewed the movie this morning with the hesitant hubby hahaha...sigh, I am a Piolo Pascual fanatic and was just thinking of writing about him hahaha so imagine my heart skipping a beat when I came to your page :)

    P.S. do you happen to know someone who could arrange for me to meet papa P in person? hahaha

  12. I really like Toni's acting ability, she is so natural. I would like to see this movie.

  13. I'm not into movies and I don't know who the actors/actresses nowadays in the Philippines so I am not so sure how I'm going to relate or be able to identity who is who.

    I've seen the trailer though and I am quite intrigued in some of the lines and scenes. I'd ask my hubby to watch and relay the story to me. :) Short cut :)

  14. Ano yung answer ni Piolo sa "how do I unlove you"?

  15. I haven't seen the movie yet but when my mom told me just now that it had a different ending, it made me interested. Hmmmm..

  16. Sounds make believe all of the above in real life, maybe, or just a plot of the story of a writer.

  17. watched it already i liked it despite the fact that sya nanligaw dun sa guy which was her teacher pa. I may be old school but I still would want to pursued.I also like it that there was no villain in the movie. My favorite quote was My Love for you is bigger than your mistakes.

  18. I really really want to watch this movie because of Toni Gonzaga. Lalo na ngayon at marami akong nababasang unconventional daw ang plot ng movie.

  19. There are many quotable quotes in the movie and I'm sure as far as the humor goes, there's always heartache behind each one. Many people can relate to this for sure.

  20. Yes! this movie is really heart breaking especially if you've already experienced the scenes from the movie in real life. :)

  21. we got the same review. indeed it was. and i can truly relate.

  22. sanay nmn akong palaging iniiwan is where I can relate in the quotes above. i've heard this quotes many times and most with girls trying to get a boys hurt melt hehe

  23. I have heard good things about this movie, I have yet to see it though.

  24. It has been a mighty long time since I've been to the movies! I have yet to watch one for 2014. Now my interest is piqued with this movie. Very interesting!

  25. I think it's a good thing this did not have a typical ending. It's a lot better that way.

  26. There are so many people talking about this film. But mas sanay nalang siguro ako manood ng Pinoy movies na hindi lovestory. :)

  27. I will take your word of this unorthodox Filipino movie, I hope this will not disappoint us.

  28. I think the setting in this movie too familiar or commonly happening in day-to-day life's situations.

  29. Labs, let's watch it together again! :)

  30. Trailer pa lang exciting na! A must watch movie indeed!

  31. Hindi ako fan ni Piolo at Toni (John lloyd bea forever) pero sa review mo na yan. Mapanood nga :) thanx

  32. Fun but such a mediocre film.

  33. I am so curious about this movie. Hope I can watch it soon.

  34. watched it yesterday, at yung mahabang pila at nakakahilong dami ng tao? it's all worth it. regardless of the fact na isa lng ito sa dalawang natatanging filipino movie na nagustuhan ko. everrr :) indeed a different kind of story everyone must watch :>

    heartbreaking and yet heartwarming, loved it! sobra. <3

  35. does anyone know the laptop model used in the movie by toni?

  36. I've read so many reviews about this movie and i like the idea that you took time to list all quotable quotes. And THESE! "I can never unlove you, I just love you in a different way now." "Sabihin mo sa akin, how do I unlove you?" ...tagos to the bone marrow!

  37. I love this movie. Ang dami kong iyak. Ganda! <3

  38. HAHAHAHA ALGENE LOOK-UP LOOK-UP GAHUTERA KAAYO KA!!! Well, that makes your blog worth reading kay gihaguan nimog take down notes sa sinehan sa mga quotes (HAHA still can't get over na naga take down notes ka inside the cinema). HAHA

    On a serious note, watched this flick last Monday sa Plaridel kay tag 125 lang man gud sine didto, out of curiosity lang. Well not bad, the movie wasn't that bad after all. Hahaha! Nalingaw ko sa ending. Yun lang!

  39. Wow, how did you remember all those lines! Thanks for that. Just reading through it brought me back to the light, fun memory of watching the movie. =>

  40. at market market the ticket was 200.pero sulit panunuod ko kasama kasintahan reality i hate watching romantic movie but sa lahat ng pelikulang pinoy romantic movie dito ako nag abang di paman pinapalabas sa tv ang far ito na ata pinakamagaNDANG pelikula sa history ng pinoy movies..galing pa ng mga lines na ginamit..habang nanunuod ka talagang mapapuzzle ka if ano ba talaga ang nangyari bat sila naghiwalay at ano magiging ending..


  41. I loved this movie kasi it's very realistic and people do have regrets but over time they realize that there's someone better for them in the end. People break up for a reason :)

  42. hi... i super love the movie... thank you for posting the quotes... :)


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