Sophomores 2014: A Story of Champions

There were many great things that came my way for the first few weeks of 2014. One of my most favorite is the "victory" our year level earned in the recently concluded Conflicts of Law 2014. What made it so special was the fact that it was not an easy win for the sophomores. We worked hard to take hold of the title "Over-all Champion." The victory was never handed to us easily. We had to fight for it and in the process, we were able to form great bonds within each other. Thanks to the different challenges and experiences which brought us together as one.

The best feeling in this world was having a chance to work with my batch mates in achieving our goal. At first, it was just about the plus points that the teachers would be giving us in case we win. But as we prepare for the three-day event, Conflicts 2014, we realized that winning is not just about the plus points but most importantly it's about team work and doing things for one another.

Below is a video which will show you the stories of Sophomores 2014 as we fight for the championship. And yes, WE WON.

A Story of Champions

We brought the fun, the flair, the passion. We had our share of highs. We had our heartbreaks. But we didn''t give up. We rallied. We fought back. And we won. Tonight we to to your awesomeness, your unstoppable spirit and our stronger friendships. Mabuhay ka, Sophomore :)

This video may not mean anything to you but for every sophomore who exerted efforts for Conflicts 2014, who had sleepless nights and who fought for the victory of the batch, it means everything. I will never get tired of watching this video over and over again. Hopefully, someday, when all of us become lawyers, we will look back to this video and feel the spirit of togetherness once again. It was nice playing, fighting and cheering for the Sophies! 


  1. It's the united effort that makes wining and championship a lot more special.

  2. Congratulations on the nice video!! Its true what they say What comes easy, won't always last. What will last, won't always come easy.

  3. Winning is believing. Just like using the LAW OF ATTRACTION, you have to believe you can win and you deserve to win. Without BELIEVING you are just blocking the way of creative thinking. That when you are in a contest you have to be comfortable and easy, you may find yourself waging an inner battle if you fix your mind positively that you're dying to bring home the bacon.

  4. Congratulations!

    The winning feeling is always great. I watched the video and I laughed at 0:44. It's a pageant right? The contestants were fooling around while at their back, the other contestants were too stiff and serious. The vid was pure fun! :)

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  6. That's the feeling of being born to succeed, you and your group. Feel your moment with them and cherish the good things in life.


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