Ordering Event Tickets Online? 6 Tips to Get Great Deals Before They're Gone

Broadway shows, sports games and concerts are all special events that require tickets to attend. Prior to the Internet, getting those tickets usually required being on the phone for an extended amount of time or standing in line for hours on end in front of a box office. Fortunately, because the majority of ticket sales have shifted online, those time-consuming activities are no longer necessary. Instead, it's possible to order your tickets while you're relaxing at home in front of your laptop, or even while you're on the go with your phone or tablet.
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While you're probably not going to find many people who would argue that the previous methods of purchasing tickets are easier than doing it online, the most common complaint people do have is that the Internet has increased ticket scalping. Even though ticket sellers have controls in place to prevent this type of activity, it's still possible for unscrupulous individuals to drive up prices. And in the case of really popular events, scooping up a good deal can require a bit of savviness.

Fortunately, once you know the best approach to take, you'll find that not only is ordering tickets online a convenient experience, but it's also the best way to come across an appealing price. So, now that you know why to make your orders online, here are the tips you need to get the most out of this process:

Service Charges are Part of the Experience
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Before we dive deeper into tips, it's worth touching on this subject. The reason is people often expect to come across certain prices, only to be disappointed when their final order is noticeably higher. Service charges are the cause of that disconnect. For example, if you see an ad about tickets that are going to cost $50 for an event, be aware that service fees can increase the final price by up to forty percent. Although that may seem unfair, the silver lining is there are sites like this one that allow you to compare prices from multiple sources.

Stay Updated About Events You're Interested In

One of the most common reasons people miss out on good deals or securing tickets at all is because they forget when an event is taking place. Since many big concerts and shows are announced long in advance, it's easy to forget about them over the course of a few months. In addition to putting reminders in your calendar, signing up for relevant email lists is also an easy way to be sure nothing slips by you.

Email Lists Can Provide an Extra Incentive

Not only can being on an email list ensure you don't miss an event you really want to attend, but they can also provide an opportunity to get tickets at a reduced price. While not every event has a pre-sale period, getting an extra email in your inbox every few weeks is worth having the potential for that opportunity.

Look at the Seating Chart in Advance
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If you're trying to get tickets right when the selling window opens, be sure to study the seating chart in advance. Doing a little bit of preparation will allow you to identify any specific areas of a venue that you know you want to avoid (even if the prices for those tickets seem really good).

Be Aware of the Different Prices for Delivery Methods

In many cases, the simplest way to reduce the cost of tickets is to opt for digital delivery. As long as you're going through a reputable seller, you won't need to have any concerns about this type of ticket.

Resellers Aren't Always a Bad or Excessively Expensive Option

In the digital age, there's a big difference between reputable online resellers and traditional scalpers standing in front of an event. If you take the time to find the right sources from the former group, you may be pleasantly surprised by what type of deal you can get even if an event is only right around the corner.
Since we covered a lot of information, if you're worried that you may forget some of the tips, feel free to bookmark this post. Then when the time comes for you to buy tickets for an event, you should have an easy time getting the ones you want at an appealing price.

Lydia Barry is a professional blogger. She focuses on providing consumers with information that helps them save time and money. When she's not writing, she really enjoys going to all kinds of live events with her husband.


  1. I was sad that I did not order the VIP tickets for Bruno Mars having a concert here in my city this summer. I should no wait for my friends :-( Now the tickets are sold out :-(

  2. I agree that it's a lot cheaper to book online. You'll get discounts and pre-selling tix are just awesome

  3. Thanks for the tips. I sure could use some because we watch similar stuff like twice a year and they really are pricey.


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