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Whenever the postman would ring the doorbell, I know that something great is coming my way. The last time he went to our house, he delivered a package containing a brand new case for my iPad 2. The robust executive case was sent by The Snugg. It was not the first time they sent cases for my favorite gadget. If you can remember, I also wrote a review for this amazing item. Since then, I have been using their products to dress up my iPad especially that it is one of the things that I always bring with me wherever I go. 

Robust Executive Case in Green PU Leather

The Green iPad 2 case from Snugg comes in premium PU leather and manufactured using the best quality materials. The Snugg's selection of PU leather provides a strong, gash-resistant and easy to clean shield. This is the reason why I am comfortable and confident in using this case with my iPad. I know that my iPad is protected from the moment the case is fitted. With the Velcro tab, it adds a level of security keeping the gadget firmly in the cover.

This Snugg case doesn’t just offer protection, there are more features: 

  • Handy elasticated strap inside the cover which makes it easy for me to carry it anytime and anywhere.

  • A Stylus Pen loop is also included, ensuring that I never lose my stylus again!

  • The cover also folds back creating a solid, sturdy stand. This creates two angles to use my iPad 2 in multiple different ways. Upright for films, Skype and FaceTime, then flip it over and use the opposite angle for the game playing and email typing.
1st angle:

2nd angle:

  • My most favorite feature of all is it's iPad 2’s Sleep function. It is activated by the cover automatically, helping me to conserve my iPad 2's battery power. As you all know, I am always in a rush. Sometimes, I forget to put my iPad in a sleep mode. But with the sleep function of the Snugg case, I no longer need to worry. The moment I close the cover, it automatically sleeps. 

  • Another thing to love about this case is its Executive cover. It is perfect for a law student like me who carries different cards wherever I go. With this iPad case, I can easily bring with me my credit cards and privilege cards for my favorite coffee shop. This way, I can be confident that wherever I go, I have everything I need in one case.

  • Lifetime Guarantee for all Snugg customers. With one simple registration, all iPad users who purchase their covers from Snugg are entitled to a lifetime guarantee. 

With Robust Executive Case in Green PU Leather, it becomes very easy for me to keep my Ipad 2 in a great condition. The Snugg has a great collection of top quality iPad 2 covers to ensure every user that their gadget is protected against wear and tear damage or scratches. What’s more, an iPad 2 case from The Snugg is super stylish and affordable so you need not worry about spending a fortune.


  1. i love the color of the ipad case, aside from the other functions it has :)

  2. Those are really cool case and I like the stylus pen loop in that case.

  3. that is one great and sturdy ipad case, your device would surely be secure i love the brand they have high quality products indeed.

  4. That's a cool looking iPad case and very functional too

  5. This is nice Algene, though it won't fit with mine as it's a mini. love the color it's so you. Wonder if they have for review for minis, would love to try :) dropping by. Hugs, see you.

  6. Love the green color. It looks so fresh.

  7. now how neat is that! I love the color. That's the kind of case I like.

  8. Love the color green, very refreshing to the eyes. Snugg has good quality selection of covers for your gadgets.

  9. I like the sleep function as it can really conserve the battery and you can use it later when it's needed. I also like the executive cover but my worry is if I forget the iPad, all of the cards will be with them. But I guess it's just me. hehe! :D

    1. Hahahaha! Di ko naisip yun. I don't think din naman na iPad is easy to be left behind in coffee shops or restaurants. Unless, very careless ka talaga LOL

  10. I love bright and colorful stuffs! This one is it! Lovely choice of color, Algene!


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