Harvesting the Best of the Best for Bright Leaf Awards 2014

The annual showcase of the best published agriculture stories, photos and broadcast reports, the 8th Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards, is now open for entries.

The prominent Bright Leaf Awards are given to the most outstanding and relevant agriculture stories in print, radio, and television. It honors the most compelling photos that capture the essence of Tobacco farming and the agriculture industry.

The project head of the Bright Leaf Awards, Didet Danguilan, is encouraging all professional Filipino journalists residing in the Philippines to join the competition as their way of sharing the successes of farmers through their stories—in whatever medium—to the public. She shares "Their stories need to be seen, heard and appreciated. The Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards is the best way to achieve that."

To know who are wondering what are the categories for the Bright Leaf Awards, you can check the list below:
Agriculture Story of the Year
Agriculture Photo of the Year
Tobacco Story of the Year
Tobacco Photo of the Year
Best Television Program or Segment
Best Radio Program or Segment
Best National News Story
Best Regional News Story
Best National Feature Story
Best Regional Feature Story and

The most special is The Oriental Leaf Award which is given to those who have won a Bright Leaf Award in any category for five consecutive years. The Oriental Leaf Awardees become part of an elite group of individuals that comprise the Bright Leaf Hall of Fame.

According to project head Ms. Danguilan, they want to highlight the stories that enlighten and inspire the Filipinos. She added, "This is even more important now because of the recent typhoons and earthquakes that have greatly impacted the agriculture industry. This is one way to provide some light in what was a very dark time for the Filipino farmer.” 

Another aim for this competition is to collect a larger crop of entries than any other year by actively reaching out to tri-media practitioners from more agricultural provinces to invite them to submit their articles and photos.

To those who are interested, participation in The Bright Leaf Awards is free of charge. The accepted entries will be published, aired and announced between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014. There is no limit to the number of stories in any of the categories that can be submitted by the contestants. However, no story can be entered into more than one category. The entries maybe presented in English or any of the regional dialects in the Philippines. An English translation is required for the entries that are not in English. 

To get the entry forms and learn more about this project, please visit Official contact numbers of the Bright Leaf secretariat are (02) 697-8110, (0915) 5508301 or (0918) 4130797. For emails, you can send them to


  1. It's about time we dedicate recognition to our agriculture side of things. I mean, it's the backbone of any successful and thriving urban living, including businesses and industries.

  2. To highlight the agriculture industry in Bright Leaf Awards is a good way to share and recognize success stories of farmers here in the country. I can't wait to see the entries. :)

  3. I didn't know there's this awarding system for agricultural stories. I saw their in website qualified are Filipino journalists. By journalist, does this mean "professional"?

  4. It's my first time to read about the Bright Leaf awards! Good Luck to all those who will join.

  5. This is a nice way to promote agriculture as people share their writing skills and stories on agriculture.

  6. This is a great awards project. It's high time our agricultural sector got the exposure that they deserve and need. For us to progress as a nation, we must lend support to farmers, who are the key to us becoming self-sufficient as far as food production and supply is concerned.

  7. wow this is very interesting I didn't even know that there were was an Agricultural Journalist that I suppose covers all the events writes articles of interest and stories which are relevant to farmers,

  8. This is really good to those who write fiction and non-fiction articles. A wide array of scope to be awarded for Filipino journalists. Great and informative article.

  9. This is the right time for the agriculture sector to shine! This awards is so perfect for them since it's one of the sectors that is important.. Good thing that they're holding an awards like this.

  10. Never heard this kind of award winning event until I bump to your post. I guess this event will surely encourage more writers in the filed of agriculture.

  11. This is the first time I have heard about this award, it seems interesting

  12. This is an eye opener to all, that we also need to give recognition to our Agriculture Industry. To the organizer of Bright Leaf Awards I salute you and congrats!

  13. This is the first time I've read that there are things like this that promotes our agricultural system by giving awards to them. Kudos to the group. I was fascinated and at the same time happy. :)

  14. This honorable competition will promote agriculture industry at its best. Our country is in dire need of new and effective ways to enrich our farmer's knowledge and skills. Agriculture stories will eventually serve as their motivational drive.

  15. It's my first time to hear about these awards. It's nice to know that there are still people paying attention and recoginition to our agricultural industry.


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