Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained While They’re Sick

With flu season in full swing, you’ve probably noticed a lot more people coughing or sneezing around you. Even if everyone in your family got a flu shot, chances are, someone will still get sick this winter. If your kids happen to get sick and need to stay home from school for a couple days to recuperate, you’ll probably want to find some ways to keep them entertained so you’ll still be free to go about your usual day routine. 


Catching up on missed classwork and homework is a given, but what about reading for fun? For some kids, this activity can take up several hours; for others, it might bore them back to sleep. If your kid falls into the first category, take them to the library or let them pick out a magazine at the local store. If you’re borrowing books for a younger child, be sure to remind them about proper hygiene beforehand so they don’t get germs on the library’s books while reading. 


If your kid isn’t exactly a bookworm, then make it a movie day! Renting movies is cheaper than ever thanks to Redbox and Amazon (averaging $1.20 and $3.99 per movie, respectively), or you can stream films from your Netflix account. Let your kid pick out a movie or two, build a small fort in the living room with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, and watch movies for a few hours while Mom gets things done on her to-do list. 


Crafts and other artsy projects can be a great way to help time pass while your kid is on the road to recovery. Whether they want to paint a masterpiece or build a birdhouse in preparation for spring, art is a great way to actively engage your child in a project, rather than letting them watch TV nonstop until they’re well enough to go to school. You’ll probably need to buy some art supplies before getting started, so check SumoCoupon or your local art store for discounts on everything from paint and pens to glue and glitter.  

Educational Games 

If you or your child owns a smart-device such as a phone or tablet, download some educational apps to not only keep them busy but also give their brains a workout while they’re away from school. Apps spanning nearly every school subject are available and many of them are free or offer free trial versions (perfect for short illnesses or kids who lose interest in games quickly). 

Homemade Treats 

Nothing feels better for a sore throat than something cold, and if you’re concerned about allowing your kid to have too much ice cream, then make homemade popsicles using tongue depressors and their favorite fruit juice. Shakes and smoothies are also very soothing for sore throats and smoothies with citrus are particularly useful for giving your child the vitamin C they need to get better faster.

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  1. when my children are sick,that they can't hardly be convinced to do anything else but sleep. That is why I would know if they are feeling much better if they are ready to watch movies on TV which they really enjoy.


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