Friday, February 28

Harvesting the Best of the Best for Bright Leaf Awards 2014

The annual showcase of the best published agriculture stories, photos and broadcast reports, the 8th Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards, is now open for entries.

The prominent Bright Leaf Awards are given to the most outstanding and relevant agriculture stories in print, radio, and television. It honors the most compelling photos that capture the essence of Tobacco farming and the agriculture industry.
Tmart Fitness Exercise Equipment (Review with Giveaway)

Thursday, February 27

Tmart Fitness Exercise Equipment (Review with Giveaway)

If there is one thing that can immediately take my stress away (aside from drinking coffee or reading a good book), it is definitely shopping online. I feel happy everytime I browse for available products in different online shops. I also feel lucky when I score great deals online just by subscribing to the newsletters of my favorite e-stores. Whenever they have new offers and promotions, I am one of the first few persons who can know about them. Aside from this, it feels good to just sit in my favorite coffee shop or in our living room and at the same time, shop for great items. I do not need to go to malls and actual stores which are pretty tiring and time-consuming.

In the previous years, online shopping has become "my thing." I have mastered choosing legitimate sites from the illegitimate ones. I also know the best time to place my orders online (and that is during US holidays when most shops offer great discounts.) I always get the best value of my money when I shop online because I take advantage of "free shipping worldwide offers." I must say, I have mastered, in a way, the art of online shopping.

Ordering Event Tickets Online? 6 Tips to Get Great Deals Before They're Gone

Broadway shows, sports games and concerts are all special events that require tickets to attend. Prior to the Internet, getting those tickets usually required being on the phone for an extended amount of time or standing in line for hours on end in front of a box office. Fortunately, because the majority of ticket sales have shifted online, those time-consuming activities are no longer necessary. Instead, it's possible to order your tickets while you're relaxing at home in front of your laptop, or even while you're on the go with your phone or tablet.
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Tuesday, February 25

Sophomores 2014: A Story of Champions

There were many great things that came my way for the first few weeks of 2014. One of my most favorite is the "victory" our year level earned in the recently concluded Conflicts of Law 2014. What made it so special was the fact that it was not an easy win for the sophomores. We worked hard to take hold of the title "Over-all Champion." The victory was never handed to us easily. We had to fight for it and in the process, we were able to form great bonds within each other. Thanks to the different challenges and experiences which brought us together as one.

The best feeling in this world was having a chance to work with my batch mates in achieving our goal. At first, it was just about the plus points that the teachers would be giving us in case we win. But as we prepare for the three-day event, Conflicts 2014, we realized that winning is not just about the plus points but most importantly it's about team work and doing things for one another.
3 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Finances

Saturday, February 22

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Finances

Most financial advisors recommend conducting periodic review, evaluating every aspect of your financial life.  Although more frequent monitoring is beneficial, a comprehensive annual assessment represents a minimum standard worth striving-for.  

In addition to increasing your understanding about your personal cash flow, an effective annual financial review should highlight actionable steps you can take to improve various aspects of your finances. Whether reducing your month-to-month spending obligations or reinforcing your long-term financial security, staying atop money matters gives you peace of mind and reinforces your financial health.
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Saturday, February 15

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Abreeza Ayala Mall with Two Sweet Events

Abreeza, an Ayala mall, promises every Davaoeño a different kind of Valentine's celebration by holding Wine & Cheese Affair and Museum of Love. These Valentine's offerings are happening at the ground floor of SSI Hallway. On February 13, 2014, different bloggers and members of the traditional media gathered at Abreeza Mall for the ribbon cutting of these two amazing events. I was there to be one of the first persons to check and enjoy Abreeza's activities for the month of love.

Museum of Love

This event is envisioned to house prized objects of legacy passed from one generation to another. This Valentine's treat, carried out in partnership with socio-civic organization Hijos de Davao, aims to inspire mall-goers to remember and revel in love and its many forms.

Friday, February 14

Starting Over Again: A Heart Breaking Movie

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you are still planning to watch the movie within the next few weeks. Thank you!

Star Cinema did it again with their Valentine's Day offering, Starting Over Again. This movie is perfect for those who are in a relationship, those who are happily single, those who are searching for love and those who have experienced or currently experiencing heart-breaks. The movie is full of love, second chances, forgiveness, letting go and new beginnings.

The movie is about the love story of Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) and Marco (Piolo Pascual). They met in a university campus where Ginny was an Architecture student while Marco was a professor. Marco became Ginny's ultimate crush since the day she enrolled for the former's history class. Ginny kept on pursuing the love of her life until they began a one-of-a-kind love story. Everything was perfect between them. They have made plans about their future together until one day, Ginny decided to leave for Barcelona and never looked back. This left Marco hurt, betrayed and confused. What went wrong? After four years, on her birthday, she received a letter from Marco which was written on the day she left. The letter contained the words "I won't lose hope." When she went back to the Philippines, she held on to that letter and wished that they would rekindle the past. But she realized that things have changed. Marco has become the man she've always wanted him to be and this time, he is already with someone else. The major question to ask is, "Will they get back together?" Well, you should see the film to know the answer.

Wednesday, February 12

iPad Case to Love from Snugg

Whenever the postman would ring the doorbell, I know that something great is coming my way. The last time he went to our house, he delivered a package containing a brand new case for my iPad 2. The robust executive case was sent by The Snugg. It was not the first time they sent cases for my favorite gadget. If you can remember, I also wrote a review for this amazing item. Since then, I have been using their products to dress up my iPad especially that it is one of the things that I always bring with me wherever I go. 

Memorable Chinese New Year 2014

Saturday, February 1

Memorable Chinese New Year 2014

I'm not a Chinese but I must say, celebrating Chinese New Year has always been something I look forward to every year. Since it's not a traditional holiday for me, my celebration is quite modest. There are no fireworks, no lanterns and feasts. What I usually do is see my friends and spend the wonderful day with them. One of my beliefs is that doing such will help me attract better things in my new year. So, my January 30, 2014 was of no difference. Allow me to share how I celebrated CNY this year by sharing to you the story below.
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