Photography Points Out the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

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Photography is an adventure, which makes you experience once again the moments that have already passed. Like life itself, it seems ordinary for many. That is why photographers have to learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. A Miami commercial photographer has to see in a “Peace Love World” hoodie, more than just a piece of textile, he has to observe how comfortable it is and how perfectly it fits the model and the person who will look at the picture of it. The advert made by the Miami commercial photographer has to convince the potential buyers that this red hoodie is what they need. There is no other way of creating such an advert without seeing through the mundane stuff we are all so used to, as it said in the beginning.  

First of all, photography is an art and even if its purposes go into businesses, there is no other way to make a good picture without being creative. Creativity is what makes us feel the photo, besides looking at it. It has to always be something that is powerful enough to capture a viewer’s attention. Even if it is the photo of the Sahara dessert, in its very solitary state, there should be something exciting portrayed. It has to be the color of the sand, the lights or the sky, that creates an emotion within the photograph. Even the image of the desert has to be full of life. 

When it comes to photographs with people and the events of their lives, this art becomes more than just picturing the reality. Photography, for humans is one of the greatest ways of keeping memories alive. It catches moments that were super fast in passing away in the past. Sometimes an image can keep alive people that are gone in some other world. Just like Marilyn Monroe, who is still alive through her photographs, music and movies. Photography is a great way of holding the youth of the people that are now old and the past happiness of those who are now sad. It is always exciting to live an adventure. If the adventure has passed but you have the pictures of it, you can look and relive it a little. Photography is an adventure of choosing to experience the specific past moments. It is like getting a chance to feel again anything you have ever felt and of course your decision focuses on your best experiences. 


  1. hehe! i'm not adept with the camera but i surely appreciate a good shot...

  2. Nice capture. Photography makes things more lively. Hope to learn professional photography sometime.


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