Official First Release of Eskriba

This photo was posted in my Instagram account (@heyimalgene) last June 2013. It was taken at the Finster Building of Ateneo during the launching of Eskriba. As you can see, Camille, Eskriba's EIC was holding the teaser issue of the first-ever school publication of Ateneo de Davao College of Law. Together with us is Eskriba's Associate Editor, Bruneson.

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After 7 months... I am proud to say that Eskriba finally released its first issue last Monday, January 13, 2014.

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 This time, we are holding the product of all our hard work and efforts!

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Despite the hectic schedule at school we still managed to come up with an issue especially prepared for Ateneo law students and professors. Some of the interesting articles included in the issue are "Health Risk Factors of Bad Study Habits," "Two Myths," "Time to Study: Where to Go?" (written by me) and "Spoil the Rod, Spoil the Child: Revisiting RA 8344." 


Editor-in-Chief : Camille Remoroza
Associate Editor: Bruneson Alabastro
Managing Editor: Eligio Garte
Circulations Manager: Resci Angeli Rizada
Feature and Literary Editor: Surallah ER Abeto
Arts and Graphics Editor: Algene Cutamora
Staff Writer: Jehan Harun
Arts and Graphics Staff: Maui Homez
Technical Adviser: Atty. Pilariza Racho- Baldovino, PhD

About Esriba:

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Ang eskriba ay isang dalubhasang manunulat na may 
natatanging talento at pagsasanay sa pagbasa at pagsulat. 
Ito ay tinatawag ding isang eksperto sa batas kung 
kaya’t itinuturing din itong guro ng batas. 
Ang eskriba ay maaari ding mangahulugan ng isang
 instrumentong panulat o pangguhit. 
Ito ay maaring simbolo ng dalubhasa at ekspertong pamamahayag.

Eskriba grounds its beliefs in the values of truth, freedom and justice, to wit:

1.) That freedom to information is an important precondition and by-product of a responsible local social milieu towards relevant legal education and development.

2.) That student publications shall be allowed to fully operate in line with upholding the rights and welfare of every student of the law as enshrined in the Vision, Mission and Goals of the Ateneo de Davao University, the Philippine Constitution and the Universal declaration of Human Rights of he United Nations;

3.) That the publication should feature important issues not only those within the Ateneo de Davao University College of Law but also those in the national aspects of the society and matters related to the local laws, public policy and that of the legal profession

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Our next issue will be released by the end of March 2014!


  1. Such a wonderful thing to know that you are there for first release of the school org.

  2. Nice to know that you're a pioneer of this Eskriba.

  3. congratulations to the people behind Eskriba, hurray! to the freedom to voice out issues and events happening not only in and around the Ateneo School but also of national concerns

  4. that is amazing, first issue published should be kept for remembrance. now you can read updates of the school through that school papers.

  5. I remember my college days, I was the perfect epitome of an epic fail EIC. LOL. Oh well, past is past. Good luck to you guys and your paper! ;) Keep yourselves focused and true.

  6. wish I can have a copy too :) congrats Algene on the first publishing of Eskriba

  7. This is exciting a new newspaper and congrats for being a part of it. I miss my time in being in the college publication.

  8. Kudos to the editorial team! I know it's a feat to publish a paper like this one.

  9. This is great to hear! At least the students will be more aware of the issues in our country through this newsletter and that everyone will become active :D Great job! Your hard work paid off! :D

  10. This will be a good avenue for you guys to voice out national issues.

  11. wow, congratulations on your first issue! You are one brilliant girl and I am a fan. :) Can you post the article you wrote there here? I would love love love to read :)

  12. Congratulations on the launching of Eskriba, and if you want poems and short stories to be published on your pages, just get it on my blog :) and please put my name thanks

  13. Wow! Congrats po Ate Algene. That is something to be proud about. :)

  14. Congratulations for being the arts and graphic editor of the first Eskriba.

  15. Congratulations! for the first release of eskriba.

  16. Congratulations!!! on the first release of your school publication Eskiiba and hope not the last. Sis, your hard work paid off, so proud of you and keep it up girl :-)

  17. Congrats and kudos to all who took part to make this idea happened. Iba na level mo dear Algene.

  18. Revisiting. Congrats again. Hayz, if only allowed noon sa university where I studied ang school/org paper. Martial Law kasi eh.

  19. Wow congratulations! I wanted to be part of the college newspaper when I was still studying.


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