Make a Child's Life a Little Better

Developing countries are confronted with many issues that countries such as the United States do not have to deal with. Although there are children who go hungry in the developed world and crime is still an issue, children in the developed world can count on decent health care, good food and clean water to drink.

Infant Mortality Rates Are Much Too High 

The infant mortality rates in the developing world are significantly higher than those in the developed world. In countries where access to prenatal care is common, there is less than a 1 in 1,000 chance that a baby will be stillborn or face other issues that would significantly decrease its life expectancy. 

Children Are Forced to Work

Children are forced to work or tend fields to help their families survive. While the cost of feeding and clothing a child are high compared to an adult, most families need the extra help around the house or in the fields. Instead of getting a good education, these children are sometimes unable to read or write their own name. When it comes to beating poverty, education is one of the most important tools an impoverished person has to improve their financial status. 

Sex Trafficking and Enlistment in the Army Could Occur

In countries that are mired in war, children may be used as soldiers or decoys on the battlefield. Young girls may be shipped overseas by their parents under the guise that they will lead a better life. Instead, they are forced to work the streets for pimps who don't care about their health or safety. 

Disease Is Rampant

Children who manage to avoid the other perils of living in a developing country may succomb to disease. Without clean water or adequate sanitation services, a child could be a mere drink away from being infected by a contagious disease. With few doctors able to treat even simple medical issues, it is hard to overcome an illness once it strikes.

Those who want to help the children in developing nations succeed to can donate to UNICEF charity or other similar charities. Charities such as these collect donations and coordinates with local governments to put the money to good use. While it may not be able to eradicate the issues that children face, it could go a long way toward making a child's life a little better. 

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