Bride for Rent: A Feel-Good Movie for 2014

The promising love team of Kim Chiu and Xian Liam shows everyone (again) that they are the perfect match for each other with the overwhelming success of their latest movie "Bride for Rent." On its first day, January 15, 2014, the film earned 21 million pesos and the numbers are growing every day. Last year, the same tandem wowed everyone with their exceptional acting skills for the blockbuster hit "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?" Since then, people are talking about how they look good together, on and off cam. They are all-natural when it comes to portraying their roles in television. It seems like they don't need to exert extra effort to give life to their characters.

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The good news is that Bride for Rent is not about two women fighting over the same man, a man committing acts of infidelity against her wife or an ex-girlfriend who is trying hard to get back with her past love. Rather, the movie is more about the positive side of love which is shown in a very unique way. The film imparts to all its viewers the values of forgiveness, honesty, letting go and loving unconditionally. Bride for Rent is a light-drama movie which will bring joy to everyone who will watch it.

The film is about Rocco (Xian Lim) and Rocky (Kim Chiu) who was forced to be in a situation wherein they need to fake their marriage. For Rocco, he needed to do it to get his trust fund because one of the conditions for the release of such is that he should be married. On Rocky's part, she agreed with the set-up as it will enable her to help the family, she being the bread-winner. In the beginning, everything was fake but as they continue pretending to be husband and wife, they started to see the beauty in each other. Rocky was able to bring the best man out of Rocco who had trust and commitment issues. Just when Rocco proposed to marry Rocky (for real), he found out that Rocky was also doing a job for Lala (Rocco's grandmother.)  He felt betrayed by the only woman who made him capable of falling in love. That's the major twist of the story but everything that happened before and after it are worth-watching. So, I won't spoil more details about the movie. You have to see it yourself.

I swear, you will not regret it. The film is worth every penny. Bride for Rent will make you believe in the beauty of life. It will encourage you to learn the importance of forgiveness and letting go. At the same time, it will inspire you to move on from all the negative experiences you've had in the past. Just because someone hurt you before or broke his promise doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. You don't have to close your doors. Believe in giving chances! As for married couples, this movie is also for you. Bride for Rent will show you that indeed, marriage is sacred. There are many things that you can and you should do for love. Just love and be loved! 

Bride for Rent Movie Quotes

"Commitment lasts forever."

"Hinala ko nga talaga na allergic ka pa sa words na commitment and forever."
"It's just that hindi lang talaga ako naniniwala sa ganyan."

"It was bound to happen."

"I'm sorry pare. I just realized how horrible your past relationships were."

"We are in this business of make-believe."

"Don't give us on up baby ang peg natin dito."

"Ang gwapo niya talaga pero di siya nakatingin sa akin."

"I am a woman of dignity, pride and integrity."

"I don't want a civil wedding. Marriage is sacred and I want a priest to officiate the wedding."

"I know my grandson. He does not believe in marriage."

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"So sa madaling salita, mas kailangan mo ako."

"A happy wife means a happy life."

"Para kumonti ang problema natin, kailangan palagi akong masaya."

"Don't you dare fall in love with me."

"We have to hurry. Time is gold."

"I'm not a charity case. Wag mo akong tulungan."

"Sometimes the people you love the most... Those are the persons who would hurt you the most."

"That was the last time I heard him say please."

"My grandson is not a heartless monster. His heart was so just broken for such a long time. And my love won't mend it and I don't think it will ever heal."

"From what i just heard, you are now better than your dad."

"Kapag marunong kang magsorry, ikaw yung mas mabuting tao."

"Congratulations! You are now close to becoming a better person."

"People change. Malay mo mapaniwala na ako sa forever na yan."

"Kung ganun, simulan na ang paghahanap sa forever."

"There's a miracle going on."

"Meron kaming pangako na walang iwanan. Yung bang to love and to hold, in richness or poorer, xxx. Yun yata talaga ang secreto eh."

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"When I saw Pia, I knew right that second, that she was the girl I'm going to marry."

"Tonight is a very special night. I hope you'll be proud of me."

"I could swear, love is just a game that children play. No more than a game. Til I met you, I never knew what love was. Til I met you, this feeling seems to grow everyday."

"Rocky, I have fallen in love with you. I am in love with you. But if we want this relationship to work, let us start with honesty. So I want to be honest with you now. Rocky, I love you. Can you love me too and never ever leave? Please?"

"It doesn't give you the right to play with my feeling."

"Sa lahat ng pagpapanggap, maniwala ka, minahal kita."

"This is the first time I believed into something real, that something can last forever. Yun pala, the joke was on me. Napaniwala mo ako na meron pang pwede pang magmahal sa akin ng ganito."

"I'm so sorry for all the stupid decisions I made."

"I love you too. So much."

"What is the secret to a long-lasting relationship?"
"The secret? Your lolo and I chose to love each other every waking day until the last day of his life."

"We just chose to believe in forever. So you see what we've learned? Forever is giving one another unlimited chances to love another every day."

"Just believe in love. Love and be loved. Love and forgive."

"Katanggap-tanggap ka kasi kaya mong tanggapin ang isang tulad ko. No more lies. No more script."

"Will you be my wife, for real?"
"Kahit hindi mo pa tinatanong, yes na yes. I'm so excited na."

"I love you, Rocco."
"I love you too Rocky, forever and ever."

"Eto na, Mr. and Mrs. Married for Real."

If you have seen the movie, do let me know what you think about it by commenting below!


  1. hmmmm yesterday we viewed 47 Ronin instead of Bride for Rent, what can I do, I have a family dominated by boys but next weekend, I will pull the three gents to accompany watch this whether they like it or not hehehe :)

  2. i did not know if my first comment went earlier, if it did, feel free to delete one of them. i love always how you write your reviews Algene, makes me wish to see the movie at this time too :) the surprising twist in the story for sure will glue audience in their seats so they could follow the course of the story

  3. Oh i've miss watching filipino movies, it makes me feels like at home...i'll check this online.thanks for sharing.

  4. I do hope that this one is different from what I've seen because we have to admit, it's still the same formula all over again. They just differ in movie title, cast and dialogues but the formula; just the same and it's why I don't watch Filipino movies that much. I'm sorry. :)

  5. I like to read your reviews, dear! You make it so much detailed that I feel contented na to not bother watching the movie on screen! Lol. I still have to see those movies shown from the MMFF. I am waiting for online links (lol), or for the discs that my sister-in-law can send me.

  6. I wonder if this movie will be shown in NY. Its a feel good movie. I might want to see it.

  7. I had a lot of fun watching the movie with Mommy Van and Mommy Lovely. Next in Line, Starting Over Again..hahaha

  8. Quality Tagalog movies always make me wish i live in the Philippines. My all time favourite tanden is JL-Bea. I have not seen Xian-Kim chemistry, but based on your review I am keen to watch this movie. :)

  9. I have not seen a local flick (or even a foreign film) in such a long long time. The only ones I am able to watch are the ones they show on cable tv. I have a fear of large, enclosed spaces and crowds of people. The movie theater scares me so much. I would wait for a DVD copy to be released and watch this Bride for Rent. It does look interesting and funny.

  10. Bren and I wanted to watch the movie on its first week but didn't just have the time to do it. Reading this review makes me want to drag Bren to the movie house. Hahaha!

  11. I’ve watched the movie trailer. It makes me laugh (Romantic-comedy). ^_^

  12. I love watching love stories so I will be buying the DVD copy of this movie. I've watched Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson movies before on tv but haven't watched Kim and Xian movies yet.

  13. Hahahaha! Almost everything now is for rent, including brides? LOL!

  14. Bride for Rent? Hmmn, very interesting concept. Miss ko na ang Filipino Movies.

  15. Lovely review, I'll try to watch this at home.

  16. I watched Bride for Rent with my family on Monday. I was somewhat disappointed, and I'm thinking of posting my own review this weekend.

  17. It has been a while since I last watched a Pinoy film.

  18. Just watched Bride for Rent yesterday with my love. We really had fun. So much laugh and tears as well. Learned a lot of lesson about love. I almost cried. (Not really almost, I cried. Honestly.) Still can't move on with this movie. I so,

  19. I've watched it! and promise you'll love it. Were laughing the whole time, (well, most of the time). Their lines were so awesome ("yung mga banat!") and of course the quotable quotes. The characters. They were so great that I've decided to watch it again. I wish the DVD would be out soon so I can watch it over and over again. KimXi chemistry is so overflowing that you want them to marry each other in real life. I know that my comment sounds so exaggerated but I totally love it. It's a stress-reliever.


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