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Weekends in December

The year is about to end and it's amazing how I managed to book my weekends in December for parties, events and dates with the special persons in my life who made my 2013 memorable. I spent the second and third weekends of the month going out of town for my org's Christmas party, attending a fund raising event organized by Davao Bloggers Society, having lunch with my best friend (whom I haven't seen in a long time), bonding with Wigmore 2012, relaxing on a private resort with my law school buddies and partying with my favorite bloggers. Those were some of my 2013 moments worth-remembering.

Below is a compilation of my Instagram photos taken on those special and unforgettable days:

December 14, 2013 - Lakas Atenista Christmas Party

Right after I took my last exam for the first semester, I went to Eden Nature Park and Resort for the Christmas party of my organization in school. It was a night filled with fun and excitement. My original plan was to only stay until midnight since I needed to prepare for my event  set on the following day. However, I ended up spending the night at Eden with my witty org mates. It felt good sitting with the persons I consider as second family in law school while drinking and talking about anything under the sun. My Saturday with Lakas Atenista was perfect.

Two hours of sleep was all I got and I actually didn't care. I knew I had a party to attend to on Sunday but I still chose to stay until lunch time at Eden. I wanted to take advantage of that wonderful day to get in touch with nature and make more happy memories with LA. Just like how Saturday went, Sunday was also beyond perfection.

December 15, 2013 - Davao Bloggers Society Christmas Party

Whenever I attend parties, I make it to a point that I get a good sleep the night before so I don't look haggard during the event. The DBS Dinner for A Cause for the Yolanda Survivors was an exception. I think I should get an award for being a superwoman on that day. I arrived at Davao city around 2PM, went to SM to buy makeup items at 3PM, arrived at my place around 4PM and talked with my makeup artist friend (who does not want to be named) until 5PM. Since he is a talented person, he was able to do my hair and makeup in an hour. So, I was able to attend the Davao Bloggers Society's fund raising event on time with a not-so-haggard face. 

Say hello to the Davao Blogger of the Year awardee. 2012 was my year and for 2013, it is Naprey's.

After-party: We were supposed to have a coffee date at Starbucks Abreeza but the place was too crowded. We drove to Zen for quick drinks and found that it is closed during Sundays. The final destination was Cafe Demitasse which is one of the coffee shops we visit every after event. 

December 21, 2013 - Good Times with Old Friends

The nice thing about having a real friend is that you will always have that deep connection even if you don't see each other everyday or go on dates like you used to do. That is the beauty of having a best friend! For the third weekend of December, my pretty bff and her boyfriend went to Davao for a quick visit. I really cancelled all my early plans on Saturday for a lunch date with them at Bulgogi Brothers. 

My Saturday night was also booked for a get-together house party with Wigmore 2012, my first year classmates in law school. We spent the night reminiscing our unforgettable experiences in Ateneo. Many things have changed but our relationship with each other remained the same. 

That night, we didn't only have our usual drinking and videoke sessions but also real talks about our dreams of being successful lawyers someday. 

December 22, 2013 - Samal Escapade with Law School Friends x Christmas Party with Positive Peeps

The Wigmore Christmas party ended at 2:30AM and I went to bed at 3:00AM. That means I had only three hours of sleep for that Saturday because I woke up at around 6AM to get ready for my beach outing with some of my loves in law school. 

Samal Island. Summer in December. Noontime drinking games.

The year-ender event with these people was also beyond perfection. I had so much fun. Oh, memories!

My superwoman powers was unleashed again as I prepare for the Christmas party with my PP or FW friends. I arrived at Davao city at around 5PM and reached my place in just thirty minutes. Then, I allowed myself to rest for my 7PM party. 

Quoted from my Instagram account: Another "Walang Tulugan" night with the best blogger friends ♥ To PP/FW loves, thank you for making my 2013 memorable :) Excited for 2014 with you! More events, opps, coffee dates, tours, projects, parties, blog workshops... I love you all! Bahala wala pay tulog since last night, basta lang maka-Christmas party with you :*

I must say, I had the best weekends in December.


  1. Wow, you have a very busy month. I used to be like that but during the holidays I just want to stay at home and be with my family because I only get to see them twice a year. Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Christmas season brings joy to each and everyone of us. You enjoyed so well with your friends, that's real meaning of love.

  3. Such a busy month for you but never the less very fulfilling mainly because of the people you spent it with. Merry Christmas!

  4. A joyous way to celebrate Christmas with friends...and family too. Merry Christmas!

  5. wow..what a joyous memories you'll have there, the love and company with your family and friends is what we should give time to have.

  6. Carpe diem, eh? That's great!

    I do prefer to spend my time at home, just bonding with my loved. :D

  7. such indeed a busy motnh for you sis! your decemeber sounds very festive already lots of friends and fun days to enjoy and keep the memories!!

  8. Superwoman indeed! We always made to a point to have a rest day interval between the events. Merry Christmas!

  9. you had such a fun filled December weekends, what a joy indeed to keep those memories of time well spent with our friends.

  10. Atenista Rocks! Sarap ng lechon hehehe.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. December's always a busy time but it looks like you really had fun this month.

  12. Parties galore! Indeed, Christmas is the happiest time of the year. And what can be better than spending time with people that means a lot to you.

  13. It looks like a very meaningful event. Merry Christmas! ^_^

  14. It looks like your December weekends are jam packed with activities and parties. Cheers to a new year!

  15. Whew, what a busy month for you! The photos show how much fun you had! I love those happy smiles! I wish there'd be blogger organizations on my side of the country too!

  16. Parang hindi ka naman busy Sis Algene. Merry Christmas...

  17. Wow! What a fun weekends you had Ate Algene! :) You are surrounded with great people! Merry Christmas! ♥

  18. Just wondering? How tired na kaya my friend Algene?

  19. wow...super hectic! but I'm sure you enjoyed everything of it.

  20. Pretty hectic sked for you, Algene! Well done for being able to keep up!

  21. You got talent in time management dear friend Algene. It's nice to see your bonding moment.

  22. you got a full sked weekends for december. no stress at all since you enjoy it.


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