Christmas Wish List 2013

My first blog post for the first day of the new month is going to be different. Instead of sharing how fun and meaningful my November was, I will be talking about my Christmas Wish List. According to Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, when people talk about what they want and believe that they can have it, they will definitely get it in the end. So, here's my list... (Ehem.) Friends, family members and loved ones, please read. 

New Books

I may not have enough time for pleasure reading these days but I would love to receive great books written by outstanding authors. I promise that they will not only stay stale in my book shelves. I will soon find the right time to have an exclusive date with my unread books. Just in case you don't know, there are days when I suddenly feel like running away from my typical everyday-world and allow books to bring me to different places.

Top two titles I can't wait to have:
1. Love and Misadventures by Lang Leav
2. The Hero by Rhonda Byrne

My all-time favorite writer is Paulo Coehlo and it has been my dream to get all his books. I've read most of his works but I own only at least 4 hard copies of his novels. It will certainly make me happy to receive this:

The copies for the works of John Green will also paint a smile on my face.

Beautifully Designed Pens

One of my latest obsessions is collecting pens! Any color, design or brand will certainly make me feel glee. 

MacBook Pro

Image source:

Need I say more? Yes, a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display please.

Shake and Go Smoothie Maker

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For people like me who values time very well, this is a must-have item. The blender I am currently using won't allow me to conveniently prepare a glass of smoothie. There are so many steps to follow unlike the shake and go smoothie maker which is a two-in-one device. It can serve as a blender and at a same time, a glass for drinking.

iPhone 5 Cases

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Okay, I love dressing up my phone. Getting some new designs before the year ends is something I look forward to. (Assuming!)

Washi Tapes

Image source:

I want this for one simple reason - I'm feeling artistic! Seeing how people use washi tapes in their crafts and projects is overwhelming. I can't wait to post my outputs and DIYs at Pinterest. Yes, I'm going to practice the art of decorating and designing with the washi tapes.

Instax Camera

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You all know that I'm not a photographer but I love taking pictures. If you check my social networking sites, the first thing you probably notice is that I post random photos. Now, I would like to own an instax mini instant camera so I can immediately keep my hard copy of captured moments.

I will be adding new items on this list soon! For now, I believe it's time for me to get some sleep. Ciao! 


  1. You loved these stuff so much and very honest...I'll pray for you that more blessings will come to you to buy these things. Your wishlist will come true!

  2. Will you buy all these or expect some people to give them to you as gift? I think you can easily afford them all. :P

  3. You have a cool list. It seems you love reading and artistic. Maybe you can add more like those items. But it's your list, you are the master of it.

  4. I hope you get your Christmas wish specially the macbook pro and the books.

  5. i like your wish list there's something for everyone. from those that have a lot of money and for those that are on a budget

  6. Up to now I don't have my Christmas Wish list yet, but my two girls already have a wish list so I guess my Christmas wish list is that I could buy all of their wishes. :) And how I wish I could afford to give them their wonderful wish lists.

  7. Pretty list!

    I wish I could grant one of those! ;)

    That made me think of creating mine too.. :)

  8. Woooow! What beautiful iPhone cases and Washi tapes! Now I'm feeling like a kid again! Hihihi! ♥♥♥


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