2014 Bucket List

24 hours to go before 2014.

I know we are all excited for the coming year. We want to know what 2014 has in store for us. The question is, "Are we ready?" Are we prepared to welcome another new year in our lives? Do we have the courage to let go of the happy or gloomy days in 2013 and face the unknown days in 2014? Our answers to these questions may vary depending on the experiences we've had in the previous 364 days. Whatever our answers may be, one thing is for sure: that the year is about to end and we have no choice but to welcome 2014 with a blast! 

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One of the preparations I've made is creating my bucket list or check list for 2014. For the new year, I want to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I've always wanted to do. It's time to set aside all my excuses and start doing what I should have done a long time ago. The thoughts of "I have no time," "I am afraid," "I can't do it on my own," and "Will I ever make it?" will no longer be entertained. This time, I'm going to make things happen!

Algene's Bucket List for 2014

  1. Travel solo
  2. Go to the beach alone
  3. Complete the photo-a-day project for the whole year
  4. Create a new blog
  5. Send message in a bottle
  6. Lose weight (aka get old body back)
  7. Commit to reading The Secret Daily Teaching
  8. Smile to strangers
  9. Donate blood
  10. Get a brand new camera
  11. Read at least 10 books (law school books excluded)
  12. Sing karaoke 
  13. Enroll in a cooking or baking class
  14. Bake for my family and friends
  15. Cook for mom, dad and little brother
  16. Do a charity event
  17. Reconnect with old friends
  18. Don't go to coffee shops for one month
  19. Undergo a detox program
  20. Eat more fruits and vegetables 
  21. Attend a fun run event
  22. Participate in a festival
  23. Attend a concert
  24. Write a letter and keep it in my special box
  25. Learn a second language 
  26. Try water rafting
  27. Make someone's wish come true
  28. Invest time for DIY projects
  29. Enroll in a gym class again
  30. Join writing contests
  31. Go to the beach with friends
  32. Start writing my book (too ambitious)
  33. Pass my subjects in law school
  34. Walk my dog in a park
  35. Host a party for friends

2014 is going to be an unforgettable year! This is a promise to myself. I deserve a wonderful year, right How about you? What are the things that you want to do for 2014?


  1. definitely you deserve a wonderful 2014 :) well as for me, I opt to concentrate more on my blogs this year, creating more too ahaha

  2. you really have an excellent list there, good luck to you Algene! Wishing you really a wonderful year, may 2014 greet you with smiles and supports to make those list happen.

  3. Great list, I must say! Makes me think of creating one for myself, too. I need to to that Photo-A-Day meme myself. :)

    Happy New Year 2014! :)

  4. Aww..a lot of items on your bucket list! Try to complete that next year and good luck!

  5. That is a very looongggg list. Good luck and may you achieve/do all of them.

    For myself, I'm so ready to embrace 2014. 2013 was kind to us in spite of the challenges.

  6. wow that's a big and lots of things to do! well i guess 365 days is enough to do that. i want to learn more and master some cooking and baking too! go to a charity and fun run/marathon event and travel mo if ever hehe goodluck algene!

  7. hmm..i should start my bucket list this year too, must be fun to have some goals thinks for the idea.

  8. Those are fun bucket list for the year 2014 Sis :-) I wish that you can achieve all of them if not maybe half of them :-) I wish you all the luck :-)

  9. Wow ang dami, good luck. When you host a party, sali ako ha? hehehe..

  10. Long list hehehe :) Happy new year and best of luck this new year :)

  11. What a big bucket you have here. But I am sure na you will be disciplined enough to go for the fulfillment of each task in the list.

  12. I can relate in this list somehow! I have so much changing to do with myself and my sistem.

    I'm in for 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 25 and 29.

    Happy new year Ate Algene! :)

  13. That's a pretty long list. Hopefully, you can complete it.

  14. Cool bucket list. That no. 1 in your list Algene is very interesting. I can never imagine myself traveling solo, ever! IF and when I ever get to do that, ako na ang winner. Hahaha!

    Goodluck on this and please do let us know how far you've accomplished and ticked off from the list.


  15. i love your bucket list everything is really attainable.I also love the fact that your bucket list Targets different areas of your life.

  16. another I needed to do is invest time for DIYS hehe i have a long lists of them but never had time to finish one.

  17. Good luck on your personal goals for 2014 and it will be a good year if you get all these done.

  18. Bucket list for 2014??? Hmmmm.. The last time I make a bucket list 'twas 2012 and I only make 3 out of 10. But as I said setting goals is not bad, the problems arises when values that underlie and the process to achieve them are skewed.

  19. Wow! I like your bucket list - pero coffee addict ka talaga kasi you added na you won't be going to a coffee shop in one month haha I rarely go to one :P

  20. Wow! I actually saw myself doing a lot of things from your list too, especially the 'exercise' part. :) Anyhow, Happy 2014! Here's to fulfilling your bucket list!

  21. What a nice list you have here. . Hope by the end of 2014, may check na lahat ito.

  22. Love your list! I'm also planning to enroll myself to learn a second language. Thinking of Japanese class :D

  23. It seems there's a problem with your no. 2 and 31...hehehe. so choose which one...or both.


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