Thoughts on Packaging

Packaging can be used as a form of brand identity, but this is unfortunately becoming a lost art. It was once a much easier proposition to get custom packing materials to use for shipments and deliveries, but now it's a more difficult proposition. All the same, it remains very possible if you know where to look. Contintental Packaging and similar companies still do offer invaluable resources that can be used to set your business apart. How can something so subtle as packaging really make your business shine? The twist is, as ever, in the little details.

Advertising is mostly about impressions. While marketing and sales are very powerful, what makes advertisement effective is the repeated impression of a brand name, such that it is associated with a product or class thereof. The idea is that when one thinks of the product in question, they think of the provider that sells it and has done the most advertising. Most are surprised to learn that this is actually sound psychological science, but it's the truth. It is also what custom packaging leverages to be an effective tool.

Take tape, for instance. It's entirely possible to get custom-printed packaging tape that has your company's logo and motto on it. If this is deployed on packages you send out, that means you're going to be placing your logo or more on the property of whoever you've done business with. They'll be glad to receive the package, and immediately reminded of where it came from. Until they get rid of the packaging, which could be quite awhile, they'll have a direct reminder that your business exists, just as though you'd placed a business card on their desk. It's unobtrusive, and most people won't think twice about it, but it adds to the impressions your company can put forward as a source of advertising on a regular basis. This is useful for building lasting relationships with customers, as you will be more likely to be their last supplier for any given resource if you are the first person they think of to acquire it.

This is just one of the ways that customized packaging can give your business an edge. It is far from the only advantage that it can offer. Creative packaging can go a long way to set your business apart and make you more notable, and that's what effective marketing is all about.

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