Simply Polished: Because You Deserve A "Me" Time

Do you feel like you are running out of time every single day? Are you always rushing to get things done? Why don't you try to relax for a while, visit the nearest salon and pamper yourself? When you do this, all your stress and worries will be taken away. Trust me, you deserve some "me" time. How did I know about these? Well, that's what I do whenever things are starting to get out of hand or when I'm having bad and stressful days.

The last salon I visited was Simply Polished, owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Tetet Lim. It's a new nail care salon located in the heart of Davao city. When she invited me to check the new place and try their services, I immediately said yes. It's a good opportunity for me to explore another "perfect-for-pampering-and-de-stressing" salon. It was a Monday afternoon when I decided to get my nails done, just in time for the first day of my second semester in law school. 

Let me share my wonderful and satisfying experience at Simply Polished Nail Care Salon...

Salons are operating not only to make women feel more confident but also to allow ladies to experience comfort as they prettify themselves. The good news is Simply Polished knows exactly what to do and how to do the right things. They start with providing comfortable sofas for their customers. The place is also cozy, giving guests a chance to have a better salon experience. I also love the combination of the earth and light colors. 

Another thing to love about this new nail salon is that the owner and its employees value cleanliness. They have the right towels for those who would love to get a foot spa or foot massage. There are also towels available for customers wearing dresses or skirts. The said materials will help the customers cover their legs as they avail of the pedicure services. Aside from the towels, this place also provides clean shorts for the guests, both men and women, who wants to get a pedi but are wearing pants.

Simply Polished Nail Care Salon takes pride in being the only salon in Davao city that is authorized to use Dazzle Dry products. This place uses exclusive Dazzle Dry nail polish, acetone and other mani-pedi essentials. These are some of their nail polish colors:

What makes Dazzle Dry the best? The quick dry nail system - a full line of nail polish colors, a topcoat and a base coat for natural nails that deliver chic, beautiful nails in minutes. The Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System revolutionizes nail care by slicing the time it takes for a normal manicure to dry by more than half. This complete system includes a full line of nail polish colors to suit every mood and deliver beautiful nails easily to even those with the on-the-go lifestyle.

This salon also uses the famous Dazzle Dry lemongrass nail polish remover. The nice thing about this product is strips off nail polish without drying nails and cuticles. Thus, helping users to maintain their healthy nails. The smell of lemongrass will also make you love this item even more.

Sample nail art of Simply Polished:

There are many reasons to visit Simply Polished.

1. Location

The complete location of this new salon is G/F Natures Garden Dormitory, Palma Gil St. Barrio Obrero, Davao city. Since it is just in the downtown area, you can come there anytime of the day without experiencing any hassle. Some of the landmark places near Simply Polished are McDonalds Bajada branch, The Site, Victoria Plaza, University of the Philippines, Stella Maris and Sacred Heart. Of course, you'll love the free parking spaces!

2. Exclusive Dazzle Dry Products

They use non-toxic nail polish which have no toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene and camphor. This is the very reason why Simply Polished can be a perfect place for pregnant women and children (preferably 5 years old and above.)

3. Quick Dry

As mentioned above, Dazzle Dry has become famous because of its quick dry nail system. In only 5 minutes, the nail polish will already dry. For everyone who only have a limited time for pampering activities, then Simply Polished is absolutely a must-visit. Get your nails done in just few minutes.

4. High Quality, Affordable Price

Need I say more? Check the list of the services offered and their corresponding prices below.

Simply Polished Nail Care Salon

Manicure (Php100)
Pedicure (Php 120)
Nail Art (price may vary)

Foot Scrub for 30 minutes (Php 150)
Dead Sea Salt
Foot Scrub with Whitening for 1 hour (Php 250)

Packages (Including Manicure and Pedicure)
Choco Lover (Php 350)
Sea-Salt Blast (P450)

Optional Add-Ons:
Vegan Nail Polish (Php 30)
Organic Nail Polish Remover (Php 30)

If you are planning to visit Simply Polished, I recommend that you request for these nail polish colors:

Grape Lollipop (color: bright neon purple)
Blueberry Snocone (color: bright neon blue)

Macaroon Colors:
Strawberry Macaroon
Petit 4
Frozen Lemonade

Pixie Green with Envy
Enchant Me
Such a Nymph-o

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday (1-8PM)
Official Facebook page:


  1. Love those lacquers! A "me" time is important. I pamper myself every month, sort of a reward for working hard. :)

  2. Total makeover and pampering for a busy lady like you sis.

  3. Wow, those are nice colors and really unique nail designs that ladies would love to have.

  4. When you say high quality, does this mean that your nails are not chipping off and the color sticks even if you brush it off with water, shampoo, etc.?

  5. the is one great way to give yourself some break time after all those exhausting day... as for me i guess only a body massage can give me those feeling of being relaxed.

  6. Lovely products for ladies alright...and this is my second time to comment..

  7. everyone deserves a "ME" time...:) I would love to pamper myself to a salon or spa, but it's too expensive here...waaaa!

  8. I am so very much fond of nail colors sometimes when I have a service for manicure or pedicure I would fall asleep and mind you I will get lots of rest and it helps me get rid away my being stress during the day. Anyway where is this located.

  9. sis, bongacious ka if you have all of those nail design. Kahit everyday magpalit ka ng color.

  10. I havent tried getting my nails done through some kind of nail art. I just mostly do it myself but yeah, it feels good that someone will do things for you and and all you gotta do is to sit back. :)

  11. they are really affordable!! do they have a branch here in Quezon city..?? :)

  12. A great quality 'me' time activity, pampering yourself having manicure/pedicure in class spa or salon.

  13. Wow! The prices are very affordable compared to other nail salon. I also like the color collection and nail art designs. ^_^

  14. The prices are reasonable and the place looks cozy. I have yet to go to a nail salon and get some pampering. I'll try this soon! :D

  15. The prices are reasonable and the place looks cozy. I have yet to go to a nail salon and get some pampering. I'll try this soon! :D

  16. Wow! Those are a kikay's kit! :D What a treat sis! I am envious! Lol.

  17. That's what I love about our country, anywhere you'll find a very cozy place to pamper you in a very affordable cost. Here, I need to wait for great deals for such service. By the way, I agree with the those colors are so beautiful.

  18. I think I need a ME time too! Gotta stress debrief myself because of the earthquake and typhoon! Thanks for the idea of getting my nails done as stress relievers! ^_^

  19. Omg those nail polish colors make me go "wow " like a kid lost in a toy store! ♥♥♥


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