A Bridesmaid Like You Could Use These Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

It’s an honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid by one of your friends or relatives in their wedding. Such title is only given to those who are close to the bride and groom. Being a bridesmaid means more than just accompanying the bride to the ceremony for you are also required to help her in the wedding planning too. And if you and the other bridesmaid are planning to host a bridal shower for you bride, then you should read on further because we are going to talk about some inspiring ideas that you can do in your bridal shower party:

1. Have a creative theme for the party – If you want to have a memorable bridal shower party, then you should incorporate a unique theme to make the event more interesting to the bride and all the other guests. No matter what type of theme you are going to pick whether an 80’s themed bridal shower or a tea party theme, make sure that all the details will go along together. Like for instance, on the dresses for this occasion. Make sure that everybody who’s going to attend the party will be well informed about the dress code. If you’re going to have a semi-formal party, then this calls for cocktail dresses. You can check out bridesmaid dresses on and inform the other bridesmaids that they can buy their dresses from this store.

On the other hand, the decors, giveaways, as well as the program should also be properly coordinated with the theme so that all the guest can truly feel the mood of the moment. Moreover, don’t forget to match the party’s theme with the personality of the bride. This party is for her after all so it must represent everything about her.

2. Make it clean – Bridal showers often have this image of strippers and wild partying, so try to avoid doing that for a change. Instead of having these elements at your party, why not consider having a gift unwrapping race? It goes this way. Group the guests into teams and form a circle with the bride in the middle. Use a stopwatch and ask them to unwrap their gifts as fast as they can. After they have unwrapped all of their gifts, as them to present the gifts one by one to the bride and give a brief explanation as to why they chose to give this kind of gift to her. The team with the fastest time opening wins should be awarded with a prize.

3. Food and drinks – The refreshments of the party must also be properly coordinated with theme and it should be placed at an area where all the guests can easily get them. Try to give all the guests the option of creating all their dishes and drinks by placing all the ingredients and let them help themselves to their delight.

As a bridesmaid, planning for a bridal shower is never easy. But if you consider these points today, you can be assured of an awesome party that everyone will keep on talking about for a long time. There is also a great place on where you can get more bridal shower ideas

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