The Earthquake that Destroyed the Heritage Churches

We were all devastated when we learned that the some of the oldest Churches in the Philippines were destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu and Bohol. These churches in the Visayas region were part of our rich history. For the past few years, many of us had the chance to visit these churches and admire its magnificence. Just last summer, my parents and I went to the beautiful island of Bohol. Baclayon Church (The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception) was one of my most favorite places there and seeing its photos after the catastrophe made me feel bad. The Loboc (Church of San Pedro), Loay and Dauis (Church of Our Lady of Assumption) churches were also reported as heavily damaged. 

Image source: @jedcortes Twitter

Can they be restored? I don't know. As of the moment, there are still no reports about it. What I know is that a big part of our rich national history is greatly affected by what happened in the Visayas region. The above-mentioned churches were built in the early 1600s to 1800s. 

"Earthquake in Visayas destroyed churches instead of homes. Why? Because God was busy protecting our homes while he forgot to protect his." This is the post I saw in Facebook that took all my heavy emotions away. There are many ways of interpreting the status update but for me, it was perfectly written. It's good to see people keep their faith in the One True God despite the adversities that they have experienced in Bohol and Cebu. 

You know what makes me proud as a Filipino? We still believe in God even if we are in the worst situations in our lives. Even when we feel neglected and abandoned, we still have that part of us which believes and hopes that someday, with the guidance of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we will get through it.

Be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Visayas. You can help in so many ways.

Operation Walang Iwanan
Gawad Kalinga

For cash donations:
Account name: Gawad Kalinga Philippine
Peso Current Account #: 3101 0977 56
Bank: BPI EDSA Greenhills
Visit for more information

US$ Savings Account #: 3104 0162 34
Bank: BPI EDSA Greenhills
(Swift code: BOPIPHMM)

UP Cebu Donation Drive (#TabangBohol)

Look for Merl Escobia
Contact number: 09339436922

Oplan Bangon Bohol

For cash donations:
Account name: Association of Young Boholano Professionals in Metro Manila, Inc. 
Savings Account #: 120-129009-0
Bank: Chinabank

Drop-off Places
  • SERGS Office of Admiral Margarito Sanchez in Seabees, Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig city, Gate 3
  • Kakay Pamaran or Ondyk Uy Metropolitan Community Church Quezon city 
  • 2/f Aurora Building Aurora Boulevard cor. Driod Street Quezon city

  • Hanz Coquilla Shop , 216 Sepulveda Street Cebu city (0917 4315873)
  • Destination Specialists in Banilad Town Centre (2nd Floor)

  • Xenia Dance Studio, (in front of FTC tower) Mt. Apo st., Davao city (09237342582)

University of Cebu
Drop-off: Banilad Campus

Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc.

For cash donations:
Peso Beneficiary Account #: 0757138018
Dollar Account #: 0757138026
Bank: Citibank

Peso Beneficiary Account #: 00-5310-41016-4
Dollar Account #: 10-5310-46264-4
Bank: BDO - Makati Ave - Ayala Branch

Peso Beneficiary Account #: 1443-0533-32
Dollar Account #: 1444-0214085
Bank: BPI - Ayala Avenue SGV Branch

Don't forget to email the copy of your deposit slip at


  1. I've been to these churches last 2008 and seeing the ruins made me feel so sad! I may never see its grandeur in the future but restoring these churches would made me happy!

    I remember how Baclayon Church looked like and it felt like I'm being warped in the 19th Century! :D

  2. That is devastating but there's nothing really we can do. I was thinking, could this be a message of God for us? To go back to our faith?

  3. It made me so sad to see the destruction of Bohol especially the Churches. I've been there and Bohol will always be my favorite place to visit. Let's just keep on praying.

  4. I have never even been to these historical places and now they're gone. It is so heartbreaking to see the damages brought by the quake. It tells us how important it is to have a strong foundation and how temporal things are in this world. I hope and pray that the Cebuanos and Bol-anons will get back to their feet once again, with all of our help and support.

  5. I was still planning to go to Bohol and see those old churches and other landmarks that I've read and see on TVs, Now, those plans were off on the list since there's nothing i could see there now.. Very sad and tragic day for the victims of this calamity :(

  6. kinilabutan ako, this is really devastating. been sending prayers to heaven for everyone. you are right, Filipinos have strong faith in God. may we all keep the faith and continue to pray for each other and help those in need.

    please let me know if there's a way for me to send paypal donation. thanks.

  7. My friends were affected in earthquake in Cebu and Bohol. Thanks to see and hear that a lot of people are helping in anyways to support our kababayan.

  8. It’s really saddening. We really don’t have control of calamities. We just have to continue praying and helping other people.

  9. These churches were made up of coral rocks and was built 400 years ago. And a 7.2 magnitude earthquake can surely attain a huge damage. But even if our churches have fallen, our faith is even stronger after this incident.

  10. This is really sad Algene, been only to two of the churches, and just sad they're gone. thanks for this info, we're also doing donation drive at school :)

  11. It is so sad to see these beautiful churches destroyed in seconds. I hope that it will be re-built soon.

  12. I always planned to visit those places, because they have good historical churches that i wished to visit with my family, unfortunately that wish would never happened of me seeing the old churches, just heartbreaking :(

  13. The damage had been done. Sad that those heritage churches suffered the brunt of Earthquake. But there is something we can do naman. Gather resources to restore them or make those ruins a tourist attraction.

  14. This news really broke my heart! :( I have planned to visit these historical churches in Bohol next year and now, they are in such shape! :(

  15. Ecclesiastes 9:11 "time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all..." - it was not a God-induced happening as others say...heartbreaking :( I am keeping my silence as I weep for those who were affected... sayang din, haven't seen them pa...waaah!

  16. Have faith my friend! They will be restored or rebuilt! ^_^

  17. This is heart breaking, I'm so sorry.

  18. Very heart breaking makes you think how lucky we are

  19. Seconded, condolences and they will be rebuilt and rediscovered. :)


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