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LooLoo for Everyone: The Must-Have iPhone App

With the development of new technology these days, we are able to accomplish a couple of tasks easily and do the things we want conveniently. Most of our smartphones have a built-in calendar feature where we can schedule our activities for a certain day, week or month and view our notifications for those events as they happen (via notifications bar).This way, we have the ability to manage our time efficiently. 

This is how my school calendar looks like for the whole month of October:

Also, there are a lot of applications that improve the way we do things – in my case,  I’m very fond of downloading different applications for my iPhone that are related to law school and blogging. Whenever I have a vacant time, I make it to a point that I visit the Apple Store to check the new apps added by talented developers. These developers are known in their field because most of their products made it to top 100. At the same time, the comments and feedbacks on their released games and apps are positive.

There are many great apps available in the market these days. Some of those are iStudiez Pro, Study Smart, Law Juan, Brain Wave and Good Reader. These apps are perfect for law students like me. Aside from these, I also enjoy browsing interesting reads at BuzzFeed or amazing photos at Pinterest. 

One of the applications I have discovered recently at the AppStore is looloo. What made me interested about it is the fact that the developer is from the Philippines. To know more about this new application, please read my feature below:

The Looloo app

A recent app I downloaded from the Apple store is Looloo. As described by its developer, it is an ideal app for foodies, spa junkies, and nightlife lovers - anyone who loves going out. I have to say that this app is perfect for me! Most of the time, I spend hours thinking of where to bring my friends and family members during the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are the only time of the week when I can go out freely. Those are the days when I don't feel guilty at all for not working or not studying so I have to make the most out of it. Thanks to Looloo, I can easily check the places available nearby which in turns enables me to save more time in making my choices.

I explored the app earlier and found these amazing restaurants and coffee shops in Davao city: 

1. Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle

People who are into healthy living call this place "heaven." The menu of this restaurant is composed of healthy dishes that will certainly make every guest happy. They serve weekly special meals so diners can expect a variety of healthy dishes at affordable prices. The ambiance of Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle is also relaxing with its green and white theme.

Location: Circumferential Road, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Facebook page:

2. Green Coffee

This was one of my favorite destinations when I was in my first year in law school. Most of my nights were spent at this coffee shop. What I love about Green Coffee is its homey ambiance.This place is referred to as the most-visited coffee shop by Law and Medical Students. They have regular offers and promotions for their loyal customers. These deals are posted in their Facebook pages.

Location: Prime Square Phase II, F. Torres St., Davao City

3. Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp.

Lachi's is one of the successful homegrown restaurants in the city. They are known for their delectable Filipino dishes and irresistible desserts. One of my favorite sweet treats from this place is their Durian Cheesecake.What's nice about Lachi's is they keep on improving their menu so their visitors can always find something "new" from them.

Location: Ruby St., Marfori Heights, Davao City

The places featured in these posts are just some of the MANY restaurants available in Davao. My new Loolooappgives me a chance to check not only the restaurants nearby but also the spas and bars. This means, lesser time of finding out where to dine or hang out and more time to spend with the people close to me.

These are some of the people I met through blogging
which became my regular coffee and dinner dates!

Since Looloo uses GPS a.k.a. location services to track your favourite restaurants, you need a dependable mobile internet to be always-on-the-go especially when using looloo for impromptu food/restaurant choices. Good thing, I’m using Globe PowerSurf 499 which gives you 1GB of mobile internet for youto control and to maximize depending on how you’ll spend your megabytes or MBs to the things you love. Text-based online activities like email replies, tweets, etc. consume less MBs than those browsing activities with photos/videos like maps, webpages and more. But don’t you worry! With 1GB, you have sufficient megabytes to enjoy! 
Download up to 113 apps a month (1 app download = 9MB) 
Check-in to your favourite restaurants up to 205 times using your Looloo app (5 Check-ins = 1 MB) 

So how about it fellow Davaoenos? Do you agree with my list? Hit me up with your comments below. Better yet, why don’t you download the looloo app in your smartphones and let’s share reviews about our fave restos and cafes here in Davao? With your reviews, we can help each other in identifying the best restos Davao can offer. Plus, we can help the friendly tourists that visit us. What a way to boost tourism! Register to PowerSurf 499 and get downloading and reviewing now! To register to PowerSurf 499, text POWERSURF499 to 8888 or dial *143# for FREE. Please remember that your1GB data allocation will be valid for 30 days. 


  1. Omg! I think this app would suit my lifestyle perfectly! thank you this article dear ♥. :)

  2. Another good app you've found Algene. I'll tell my son to do check this app. foodie lover din yun.

  3. You have failed to mention that this is similar to directory finder of best places in a country. Am I right in my guess?

  4. I have similar app like this. It truly helps you especially in food spotting while we are on vacation.

  5. Looloo can really save you time in picking the right place to eat.

  6. I hope we have that kind of application in my area too. ^_^ That’s cool! I like food tripping.

  7. Is this like foursquare and foodspotting in one? looks neat! If I ever upgrade my phone I will download this, thanks for the heads up!

  8. I will truly try this app now, to see the different.

  9. this is prolly so good for me too! i love going out and i would love to explore more here in malaysia!

  10. This is quite a helpful iPhone app especially for food lovers.

  11. Thumbs Up daw, sabi ng bunso ko. He had picked one app na.

  12. SOunds like a nice app. I love going out on weekends too and having an idea where to go would be great.

  13. it never fails to give us smile when these technologies actually work. i remember deleting apps that are of no good really, it is so cool that you can actually rely on this application. cheers to its better updates then! <3

  14. Sadly, I don't have an iPhone so I won't be able to enjoy this one.

  15. I'm a long time looloo user and the app concept is tailored fit to Pinoys, foodies and loves checking out restaurants and new food craze. Ideal for Restaurant Marketing.

  16. I do not have the iphone :-( This app looks cool to download if you have that cool mobile. I am sure this app is very helpful not only for taking pictures but setting us reminders for special dates and appointments :-)

  17. Looks like an interesting app to install in my hubby's iPhone. I hope they have that in Android as well.

  18. I will check this out. It looks fun!

  19. this indeed is a cool application... i look for it in the app store, hope its free... LOL. Yahweh bless.

  20. I'm not this too techy person but, I love your info about great food places in Davao. Hope to try some of those when we get back home to Philippines.

  21. I have never heard of this app before; I have never been a fan of apps anyway, LOL! I better maximize the use of my phone by looking into some useful and interesting apps. Thanks for sharing this, Algene.


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