Feelings for the First Day of October 2013

Today, I woke up with a happy heart.

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I know that it's the first day of October and I just can't contain my excitement for all the things that this month has for me. I am smiling as I compose this blog post and think of the activities I will be doing, the events I'll be attending, the new responsibilities that I'll be taking and the wonderful changes I will be making for the new month.

I feel blessed. Things are exactly happening the way I want them to be. I am glad that I know how to be contented with what I have in my life and that more blessings are coming my way. I am happy and it's all that matters. So, why am I excited for the new month?

Bar Operations 2013

If you remember, I went to Manila last October 2012 for the Ateneo de Davao Centralized Bar Operations. For this year, I will be coming back to the metro on October 19, 2013 to help in the bar operations of Ateneo de Davao College of Law - Supreme Student Council. I spent some of the first hours of my October working on the IDs and posters for the upcoming activity. I will be the Blue Tips Distribution Head for the third week of bar ops.

Why did I volunteer for the bar operations when my daily schedule is heavy? Simple. I want to be part of the team who will render help and assistance to the bar takers. I find happiness in helping Ateneo graduates who will soon become great lawyers that we will be proud of. It may take so much of my study time but I know it's an event worth spending my time with. 

Mindanao Blog Awards Nominations

Blogging is an integral part of my life. No matter how crazy my schedule could get, I still make it to a point that I am able to update my blogs regularly. It's one of my ways of de-stressing! I can say that I'm a passionate blogger because I don't just blog for money, reviews or opportunities. I write because it makes me happy. I blog because I want to inspire people and I like to share every bits of my life.

The awards night for Mindanao Blog Awards (MBA 2013) is set to happen this month at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao city. The day and time is TBA. The good news is two of my blogs are nominated. First, The Coffee Chic ( is one of the five nominees for the Best Personal Blog category. Second, my food blog Chic Foodies ( is also nominated as one of the five nominees for the Best Food Blog category.

To those who voted for me, thank you so much! You have no idea how much you made me feel happy knowing that some people out there are able to see the passion and efforts I put into my blogs. To my co-nominees, good luck to all of us! To all the bloggers out there, keep writing. Let us not stop making things happen.

Time to Get Fit

I can't barely remember the last time I visited a gym for some work out activities. I used to go at Holiday Gym & Spa to gain some happy hormones for my system. However, due to different priorities, I was not able to keep up with it. After how many months of being lazy, I finally decided to get back on track so I enrolled for a month at the said gym. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to renew my membership since we also have a mini-gym at home. Only one thing is for sure - I'm super ready to face the new challenges of getting my old healthy and fit self back.

This time, I'm determined to do these things. I will be better than I am for the past few months. I will be more disciplined starting today. October is about eating healthy and exercising.

Can I do this? Yes, because I want to.

End of the First Sem

When it comes to law school, there is no such thing as "semestral break" because even if the office says classes are over, there are still some exams that students need to study for during the no-class-days. In law school, there is such a thing as "pseudo-break." Is it something to be happy about? Yes! At least we won't be coming to school for the evening classes and dreadful recitations. We may not have the vacation days all by ourselves but the most important thing of all is that we won't be going to school except during exams.

Yes, I'm looking forward for the short pseudo-semestral break. It is what I need!

This is the story of my excited and happy disposition for October. 

Let's make things happen. Shall we?


  1. so happy for you Algene, keep the good things going, and so glad at your age, you have found contentment, it really brings un-measurable joy and happiness.

  2. I know you can do it, kaw pa! Hope you enjoy your sem-break!

  3. First day of the month seems like always a great way to start it right and good luck to your goals for the month and your recent achievements.

  4. There has been so many events in your life that is truly worth appreciating. I'm glad to know that you've put in time to do extracurricular stuff and more. I suddenly remembered how I devoted so many hours in the organizations that I joined back in College, despite having a heavy workload then. Anyway, kudos to you Algene. And the best of luck with your endeavors. :)

  5. With enough determination and prayers, you can achieve the things you want. ;) October welcomed us with a sad news (my lola passed away) but I'm still positive that this month would be better than the last. ;)

  6. Seems a very busy month ahead for you Algene. Hope, October will be a good month din for me. Ay it will be pala, since I'll celebrating my birthday. ha..ha..ha..

  7. A hypothetical question Sis, What if things didn't work out the way you like it to be, do you have a plan B?

  8. Congratulations Ms. Algene... With more responsibilities come greater knowledge and wisdom. God bless all your eandeavors! :)

  9. Good on you, Algene! You never fail to amaze me with your energy! I wish I was as active as you when I was your age.

    Hahaha! Keep up the good vibes and I wish you goodluck in all your endeavors.


  10. You appear to have a very busy schedule ahead but enjoying what you're doing actually lessens the difficulty, doesn't it?

  11. It looks like you've got a very busy days of October. Although you gotta take it easy and make sure that whatever you do, make sure to have a little fun! :)

  12. wow!! such a busy month for you indeed, hope everything will go smooth and not just for this month but for the rest of the year.

  13. Hmmm, looks like October is a busy month for you Algene, good things coming along and Im happy for you :)

  14. Sounds a very busy but productive month for you Algene. God bless you on all your activities and plans.

  15. I am praying and hoping for a good OCTOBER as well attorney. Lets claim this month our month!

  16. busy and fruitful month indeed... keep it up and just have focus all things will turn out good

  17. with focus and loving what you are doing no matter how plenty your things to do it will be done on time.. good luck for the busy days

  18. Wow, you've got a full-packed October but it looks like you'll be having fun. Keep the good vibes coming.

  19. You're so productive in life Algene. Sana ako din katulad mo LOL!


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