What Writers Need to Know

It is often said as a joke that everyone wants to write a novel, but that no one really does. If you are a writer, you are probably always telling people about the ideas that you have, but how often do those turn into finished products? The problem might be that you just are not sure where to begin. Here are a few tips that can help you out. 

1. Write some character sketches. 
These are sort of like scenes, but they are more for developing the character than anything else. They help you get to know the character so that you can write about them effectively, knowing what they would do and say in any situation, once you start. The sketches could be any length; even just a few paragraphs will do. 

2. Research your topic. 
So you want to write about a boy who wants to become an astronaut; how much do you really know about what it would take for him to do this? Research your topic to find out. This works for all topics, not just becoming an astronaut. It can help you get all of the details right, and it can also help you feel inspired to start writing. 

3. Write some of it by hand. 
Often, writing by hand is inspiring because it does not feel as sterile as writing on a computer. Ernest Hemingway famously liked to write in cafes and bars. Get some handcrafted leather journals from, go to your favorite coffee shop, and jot down some text. Even if you do your main work on the computer, this can help you start. 

4. Do not be intimidated by the whole project. 
Many people think about writing hundreds of pages and decide right there that they cannot do it. Do not think about your novel this way. Just think about writing the first scene. Move on to the first chapter. Take it in little pieces and you will be much more likely to finish the whole thing. 

5. Edit when you are finished. 
Editing takes a lot of time. If you do not have much motivation to finish, it can crush what little you do have. You will get bogged down. You are better off to write it all as fast as you can so that you actually complete the book, and then you can edit it at the end of the project.


  1. These are some great tips, wish I have read this when I was writing my thesis.

  2. haha, i know a lot of people (or friends/ acquaintances) who would tell me they want to write when they retire, so many have the thoughts to write, but hard to sit in and really write, these are great tips for those who plan to

  3. These are helpful tips Sis :-) I hope that it will help me develop my writing better :-)

  4. number would be the first most if ever i would write a book! of course we should get the right facts about the story of the book!

  5. Some people are gifted and already has a talent in writing that they can easily compose a story and I guess for me I still have to hone my writing ability by following these steps you've mentioned here. Thanks dear for sharing this :)

  6. This is exactly what I need to read to inspire me to write. I have been wishing for ages to write a novel ♥

  7. Very helpful tips. Editing your work is a MUST. Writer lang ang peg now!

  8. I am pretty sure I will never become a writer. I get lost for words (obviously, my vocabulary is limited, lol) and I am not very confident with my writing skills. But thanks for these tips though, who knows, I might be able to write one someday... probably a children's book!

  9. I wanted to write short stories before but whenever I am at the height of actually starting one, my thoughts wander to different places and I end up writing weird stuff, mostly non relevant ones. :) Thanks for these tips. Maybe it's time again to tap into that inner "dream" of writing.

  10. I admire those writers who are really able to pour out their emotions and ideas into writing. I wish I can do that too :)

  11. Ahhh. This is really helpful for me, especially that I'm trying to write a novel. :)

  12. i can relate. got some great ideas especially when i get to read and be inspired. yet, at most times, it doesn't translate to a blogpost :)
    wished there's this gadget that would take a picture of what's in our mind that very moment when you've got the ideas....

  13. Maiksi but very good tips and easy to follow.. ^_^ maraming salamat po sa pagshare! :)


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