Four Activities To Do in Madrid

The city of Madrid, located in the center of Spain, is known for its culture. There are many art museums and parks in this historic city, which is known for its tapas appetizers and ancient squares.

Taste the food.

Spain is a country where each region has its own food culture. Visitors will be able to explore Madrid's food culture by enjoying a tapas tour, a tour around several of the city's tapas bars. In the centric La Latina district there are many tapas bars that serve many types of tapas, from simple aceitunas olives to traditional patatas bravas, large potato slices served with alioli and spicy sauce.

Enjoy some shopping.

Fuencarral street is located near the centric Gran Vía street, which is filled with cafés, restaurants and shops, including HM, Sephora and Zara. Fuencarral and the nearby Hortaleza streets are filled with bars, diners, restaurants and local designer stores. Visitors will be able to enjoy many traditional and international foods. There is a market on Fuencarral street that has many stores where visitors will be able to find products designed by local designers.

In the chic Serrano area visitors will be able to stay in a boutique hotel and explore the nearby wide avenues lined with terraces and shops. This area is located near the Plaza de Colón, where visitors will find the Columbus statue. The nearby Goya and Velazquez streets is where visitors will find the stores of famous brands and designers.

Walk around the city center.

The city center is the Puerta de Sol, where the city's symbol, the statue of a bear climbing up a madroño tree, is located. A short walk away from this square is the large Plaza Mayor square, known for its terraces. The Royal Palace, the Palacio de Oriente, is locate in this area, and visitors will be able to enjoy a guided tour around forty of the palace's more than two thousand rooms. After touring the throne hall and the ballrooms decorated with paintings by Velazquez visitors will be able to enjoy a stroll in the Sabatini gardens.

The Plaza de España square is just a short walk away. This square is known for the fountain of Cervantes, which is decorated with a statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. This plaza leads to the Gran Vía street, a large avenue filled with bars, cafés, concert halls and shops.

Farther up north heading towards the Cibeles square is the ancient post office building, which is now part of the Town Hall. This white Gothic building is another one of the city's landmarks. Visitors will be able to climb up one of the central towers, where there is an observation deck with views towards the city center and the Cibeles fountain, where the Real Madrid football players celebrate their victories.

Another place known for its views towards the city center is the Circulo de Bellas Artes. This cultural center has many galleries dedicated to the fine arts and on the top floor there is a cafeteria with large windows from where several of the city's main avenues can be seen.

Visit the museums.

In this area, near the central Atocha train station, visitors will find the city's three main art museums, the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum and the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum. These museums have several permanent collections and temporary exhibits, and during the afternoons there is no charge for the permanent collections. After a tour around the masterpieces of Goya, Miró and Velazquez visitors will be able to visit the nearby Retiro Park.

This centric park used to be the royal gardens. There are many paths decorated with statues and several squares with fountains. In the middle of the park there is a pond and near the pond stands the Crystal Palace, a large iron and glass structure that is used as an art gallery.


  1. What a wonderful post on my home city. Thanks!

  2. I would love to walk around the city and discover interesting things that I can't find in our own county. The visit to museums would be interesting too, after the shopping of course! :)

  3. maybe because of spain's huge influence here in our country, spain's in my travel wish-list (must travel before i die ^_^)

    1. great tips here! this is exactly what we always do whenever we travel and visit other countries too! making a lists of place to go to is good!

  4. Museum would be my first pick to do if I visit Madrid..

  5. Indeed, those are the exact four things I would do when I am at a new place for a holiday! And there are some more in the list, too! :D

  6. You will not be a stranger in Madrid, kasi sabi ng mga pinsan ko. As if you are in Manila raw. Not only will I visit the Museum but also churches and other edifices where Roman architecture is at its finest.

  7. I always wants to explore Spain and learn more about their beautiful country, taste some local foods and explore the beautiful city of Madrid as well. Thank you so very much for these tips, greatly appreciated :-)

  8. Oh I'd love to do all those, especially tasting food, hehe!

  9. I've seen Madrid from the pictures hubby took when he went around there last summer! I would love to see the city myself. Will put your list in mind ;)

  10. Can't wait to set my foot on Madrid. I've been dreaming to get there. Hopefully next year.


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