Are You A Jewelry-Lover?

Gemstones are a popular component of nearly all jewelry. From semi-precious stones and crystals to truly prodigious items like diamonds, everyone loves gems. They play an integral role in many different types of jewelry, including engagement and wedding rings. For engagement and wedding rings, and most gifts between spouses, diamonds are often considered the standard. Diamonds are nearly indestructible, very valuable and very beautiful, so they're often seen as the natural choice. However, diamonds are not the only suitable gem on the market. There are some relative-newcomers that are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Perhaps the most popular and most notable "new" gem on the block is moissanite. Moissanite is not entirely new. It was discovered in the first half of the 20th century, and was largely associated with meteorite impacts. However, it was eventually discovered that it could be mined for in small quantities, as well as synthesized with relative ease. It has some industrial use, but its primary value is in jewelry. Moissanite has all the fire of diamond, but because of how it is produced it doesn't carry some of the ethical connotations of diamond. This makes it preferable for many purchasers who view it as the ethical alternative.

Moissanite rings are taking center stage as a perfect option for engagement rings, and many consider moissanite earrings an ideal gift for a spouse. While it is not yet well-known, moissanite is only going to gather market share, making this little-known gemstone a notable item for buyers to keep their eye on.

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