What Writers Need to Know

Sunday, September 29

What Writers Need to Know

It is often said as a joke that everyone wants to write a novel, but that no one really does. If you are a writer, you are probably always telling people about the ideas that you have, but how often do those turn into finished products? The problem might be that you just are not sure where to begin. Here are a few tips that can help you out. 

1. Write some character sketches. 
These are sort of like scenes, but they are more for developing the character than anything else. They help you get to know the character so that you can write about them effectively, knowing what they would do and say in any situation, once you start. The sketches could be any length; even just a few paragraphs will do. 

Thursday, September 26

Printing your Own Barcodes

Barcodes are either linear or two dimensional representations of information that can be deciphered using a barcode reader. There are many places such as Shopify where you can get a reasonably priced printer to print your own barcodes. But why on earth would you want to print your own barcodes? The power that lies hidden behind the common barcode is complex. With a properly utilized barcode system, a company can manage to automate most of its processes, making for faster turnover time and a larger propensity to get work done. Let's examine the ways printing your own barcode can affect your company.

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The Data Entry Problem

In many businesses, there is a need for data entry to take place. This requires inputting data from previously collated information which is then further processed. Humans are notorious for encountering errors when dealing with sustained repetitive tasks. The only way you can completely remove any data entry error is to remove the process completely. By seamlessly introducing data into barcodes, you create a way of moving it from where it is to where it is most needed seamlessly. The result is a far more efficient system with less errors that require things being redone. Barcodes can provide the necessary push to drive the company into a more well-organized system capable of getting more done without problems arising. Eliminating the propensity for human error is the first step towards creating a more well-rounded industrial or commercial process.
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Saturday, September 21

Get The Best Value for Your Money at The Off Price Show

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply doesn't know where to shop." This is one of my favorite lines of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. If you watch the TV series, then you probably fell in love with her witty and charming personality. She knows exactly what to do to cheer herself up. She doesn't let anyone bring her down. Whenever things go out of hand, all she does is to shop big time. I believe that all women out there should think and act like her. Instead of allowing the negative vibes suck all the energy inside us, why don't we go on a retail therapy? Trust me, it will make us feel happier.

When it comes to shopping, we must know how to get the best value for our money. Just because we're stressed from work and tired from our daily activities doesn't mean that we can just splurge our money. We must also know how to shop big time without spending big bucks. Just recently, I went to The Off Price Show and gave myself the "treats" and "rewards" I certainly need. 


Friday, September 20

The Off Price Show 2013: Now Open in Davao City (3-Day Shopping Event)

It's finally here! The biggest shopping event of the year has opened its doors to all shoppingeras and fashionistas in the city. The Off Price Show Davao will be open from September 20-22, 2013 at the SMX Convention of SM Lanang Premier. 

As I said before, I believe in the power of retail therapy. So when I received the good news that I am invited to the VIP shopping with some of my blogger friends, I felt ultimately happy. I didn't care waking up early and cancelling all my to-do's for the day if it meant having an opportunity to get amazing items at discounted prices. Aside from the an-hour-early-shopping privilege, I also got some gift certificates!

Friday, September 13

The Right Kit Keeps You Running

We all need to look after ourselves, and exercise enough. It really is the best way to enjoy life. Everyone keeps fit in a different way, and as you know, I really like to run. It gets me out into the fresh air, and is great for socialising too. 

Over the years, it has helped to keep me sane as well as fit, so I am always looking for ways to run more. Without a doubt, what you wear while running is important. The more comfortable you are the more likely it is that you will enjoy your run, and stay out for longer. Being prepared, and wearing the right kit also means you are more likely to stick to your routine and be able to run even when the weather is not ideal. 
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Thursday, September 12

The Off Price Show is Coming to Davao This September

A big shopping event is coming to Davao city. If you believe that retail therapy is the best way to make you feel happier, then mark your calendar and get ready for The Off Price Show: Lifestyle Brands, Discount Shopping!

The Off-Price Show brings a whole new retail concept showcasing premium lifestyle brands at off-price discounts (50% – 80% off!). You don’t need to trek to high-end stores to get your brand favorite as global lifestyle brands converge in one show in this 3-day must-see shopping event.

Friday, September 6

Something Cute for iPhone 5 (A Review)

Collecting cases for my iPhone and iPad is one of my obsessions. Since I carry these things wherever I go, I want to make them look more personalized. I only shop for cases from trusted brands. For me, quality always comes first. It's perfectly okay for me to pay high prices for beautiful and lovely gadget accessories. One of the online shops that has been supplying me with cute cases is Mobile Fun. It is a UK-based company that specializes in selling and distributing items for gadget users.

Last week, I received another package from them containing two products. In this post, I will be featuring a cute baby pink iPhone 5 case.

This super cute Rabito Hot Pink Silicone 3D Case for iPhone 5 features a long bunny ears for reeling the wire of your headphone for convenience use and a cute rabbit furry tail works as a stand for your iPhone 5 that can be detached.

Incredibly cute bunny case. Do cases getting any cuter or more stylish then this case from Rabito? With long bunny ears and a fluffy tail the Rabito case couldn't be more fun except for the bright pink colour that will draw all your friends attention to your iPhone 5.

Compact, lightweight, trendy and comfortable feeling. Rabito have kept the design compact and lightweight so despite having long bunny ears protruding from your iPhone 5 it won't feel heavy or bulky. In fact it will give a satisfying grip and texture to your device.


Thursday, September 5

Apps for Coffee-Lovers

Every cup of coffee makes me feel more relaxed and happy. As I sip my favorite White Chocolate Mocha, my worries seem to go away. I start to think of happy thoughts instead of the things which are giving me stress. Whenever I enjoy an iced cold coffee drink, I feel like the world around me is slowing down, allowing me to think clearly and sort out different ideas. I become more productive and energized because of coffee. The caffeine empowers me to do what I needed to do as soon as possible. I have developed this certain kind of love-relationship with coffee which is why whenever I study or blog, I really prepare or order coffee beverages to motivate me.

Even if there are many benefits I can get from drinking coffee, I still regulate my intake because I know that too much caffeine is not good for me. I take coffee in moderation in order to keep myself happy and healthy at the same time. Let me share the top 4 apps that are perfect for coffee-lovers like me:
Are Legends Born or Made?

Are Legends Born or Made?

This is a sponsored post by Heineken. 

Are legends born or made? To find out, Heineken is undertaking its most daring experiment as part of its latest global campaign called "Voyage." The campaign is created to test what men are truly made of when taken out from their daily lives and dropped into the great "unknown".

Imagine the situation where you are a highly social character, out-going and confident. You get to be chosen to go on a legendary adventure – something you have never done before – a new experience that will test your resourcefulness. But then you find yourself in the freezing wilderness of Alaska – alone on a glacier, with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home – and the airport is hundreds of miles away.

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