Top Gifts for the New Homeowner

If you have friends or family that are moving into a new home then you’ll want to get them the best gift possible to help them settle in to the new environment and make feel a little bit more like their own. Here are some of the best and most unusual gifts to let them know that you should be at the top of their guest list for their housewarming party.

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Loads of alcohol

A bottle of bubbly, beer or other booze that they’re known for enjoying has always been a classic gift for nearly any occasion. What’s less common, however, is a personalised bottle to go with the drink. Options range from standard wines to champagne and even whiskey. You can personalise pretty much any part of these things. The label can often have a special message added, or it can be packed in an engraved box with your best wishes on the front. Some bottles can even be ordered with a newspaper cutting from the date of bottling (depending on the bottle, obviously). If they’re the sort to turn the nose at novelty bottles, then perhaps you could even consider specially made glasses to go with the drink, which will not only make them happier, but also make for a longer lasting gift.

Door mats (no rude messages)

This gift will not only please the recipient but it will also be one of the first things other people see when entering your friends’ house, meaning you can claim ownership of somewhere in a way that only dogs could do previously. The mats can have any message up to 12 characters on each of three lines.

The only condition of these is that they won’t print offensive messages, no matter how many bribes you give them. Yes, it’s disappointing, but they’re more likely to keep it by their door if it says something nice.

Personalised calendar

There’s nothing like getting involved in your friends’ relationship like making sure their family planning involves you. Not in a sexy way, Just get them a personalised calender so that every time they’re reminded of the dentist, your birthday party, or the need to buy some more garlic, they’ll thikn of you while they do it.

Slate DIY cheese board

Like the old saying goes, ‘a house aint a home without a load of cheese.’ That might not exist, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

These cheese boards can come with any message you can think of at the top, with some added cheese measurements to make sure they’re getting their minimum daily dairy intake.

I think we can put all jokes aside at this point and agree that the cheese board is the winner amongst these gifts and should only be overlooked if the potential recipient of your gift is already an artisan cheesemaker/eater whose knowledge knows no bounds.

David is based in the UK and loves writing about home improvement and decoration.

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