Love and Frustration for Music

Did you know that I'm a frustrated musician? One of my dreams has always been to become a good singer. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I just could not become one. First of all, I failed to enroll in a musical institution in my early years. I think that was one of the major reasons why I have not developed any talent for singing and even for playing musical instruments. Second, I always hesitate in taking music lessons even at my current age. Let us just say, I'm not so confident when it comes to music.

Despite all these, I still love music. I still feel happy whenever I hear new songs by my favorite singers. I also get butterflies when I read new compositions by my friends who are into music. I feel relieved when I dine at restaurants who play instrumentals for their guests. Oh how I wish I could just turn back time and enroll into music lessons.

Is having a Piano Teacher California a good idea? How about asking a good friend to teach me the basics? Well, whatever happens, I will keep on loving music. If I can't sing, then maybe I can play the musical instruments instead. I will keep on trying until music will learn to love me in return.
It may take time but I'm willing to do it.

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