Is It Time, Gossip Girl?

Let me just say that I'm not good at saying goodbye. It's the last thing I want to say to everyone and to anything I love. I guess I have no choice but to learn the art of letting go and finally saying the sad words "goodbye." This time, I'm afraid to utter those words to my most favorite TV series of all time. 

I was in college when I first started watching Gossip Girl. The series was my best friend at nights. It kept me company when I chose to stay at the dorm while my friends party in the top bars in the city. It was my stress-reliever when things at school became worst from worse. Seeing Serena van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and other characters was my happiness back then. Around late 2009, I stopped watching Gossip Girl when some things in my life demanded more time from me.

It's 2013 and I just realized how much I missed GG. So, I asked my close friend in lawschool to download the Seasons 3-6 of Gossip Girl. Luckily, he did not hesitate and gave me the copies after one week. That's the story of how I reunited with my favorite characters of Chuck and Blair. My days became even better as I watch the episodes. Two days ago, I finished watching all the episodes of Season 5. Now, my dilemma is whether or not I'm ready to watch the retrospective and 10 episodes of Season 6. It's the last Season of Gossip Girl. It means that when I'm down to S06EP10, I will need to say goodbye to my forever-love TV series.  

As what I said above, maybe I just need to master the art of letting go and saying goodbye. Well, I can always watch the episodes over and over again. I'm sure Gossip Girl will give me a good ending so after publishing this post, I will turn my iPad on, visit my VLC Player App and enjoy the series. Am I ready? Maybe yes, maybe no. Only one thing is for sure: I can't get enough of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Quotes

But if we hold on to the past too tight, the future may never come.

You can't turn your back on who you really are.

After a certain point, a person is beyond redemption.

We take the risk because the pay off can be so great.

But sometimes, despite what we may want, the door has just so many locks.

If you want peace, always be prepared for war.

All good things are worth waiting for. Aren't they?

They say that universe has a great sense of humor that sometimes having your dreams come true can feel like a nightmare because getting what you want always comes with strings attached.

Every happy ending is just a new beginning.

They say we only run from the things that truly scares us.

What's the point of having a kingdom if you have to reign alone?

As with any journey, who you travel with is more important than your destination.

Who knows, maybe fairytale comes true after all.

Just because the shoes fit doesn't mean you want to wear it.

The great loves are the crazy ones.

But I need to let you go. You need to let go.

Let's not give up yet. I promise, things will get better.

What if I lose everything?

But try to hide from the fear you risk it swallowing you whole.

The artist must stand alone to appreciate the crowd.

You have a chance of having love in your life, not ending alone hanging in the closet... Don't give uo.

It's not what you say that determines who you are, it's what you fo.

Sometimes all it takes to cross the line is a little push.

The rewards make it worth the sacrifice.

Maybe there is something I need to do before I can move on.

They say every road comes to an end but sometimes the end feels like a beginning even if you think you've come a long way. You can suddenly find yourself right back where you started because every journey is full of twists and turns.

Because there's no going back now.

Looks like this one is going to be the ride of our lives.

Told you I'm going to do the right thing.

I've always loved you but now, I respect you too.

Your love kept me alive.

You still love her, huh.
I can't imagine the day I won't.

What's the right choice?

What do you really want?
To be happy.

Love does not just disappear.

You can't choose the people you love.
But you can choose how to love them.

You don't give up in people you love.

I've been thinking what kind of girl I want to be from now on. I'd like to be a girl who does what she says she is going to do.

She already thinks I'm a villain... So might as well become one.

Don't enter into false lives because you are scared of the real one.

On the contrary, I've never felt invigorated.

A secret is something we can never bury.

I hope so. I'm ready whatever it is.

But some things never change.

Oh sweet legal freedom!

Every now and then, you get lucky and the universe delivers the perfect solution.

Sometimes we fight for something only to discover that when we get it, our goals have changed.

The law of physics dictates that what goes up must come down.

When we've hit our rock bottoms, we wish that someday somehow our fortune would change.

Luck is  funny thing.

I lost my true self but I wanna be found.

Be with us, not against us.

When one door closes, another door always opens. But the question is who's waiting behind it?

The most important thing in a relationship is trust.

Sometimes looking for answers leads to more questions and sometimes you're better off not knowing.

Sometimes showing them that you care means you're letting them go.

You know image is everything.

Everyone has their not-so-perfect secrets.

Question is... Is there room for two?

The more things change... The more they stay the same.


  1. I don't really watch Gossip Girl but some of my friends do, but the actresses there are really pretty hehehe

  2. Not familiar with the story but I keep on seeing this during my TV series marathon yet don't have the inclination because it sees to be girly. lol

  3. I have always been hooked on Gossip Girl especially when it launched its first episode in 2007. And you know what, whenever i cant find the words to write on a blogpost, if other writers tend to sleep it off, i watch GG! haha

  4. "But if we hold on to the past too tight, the future may never come."
    This is my favorite quote (relate much)

  5. I don't watch Gossip Girl and I really don't have any idea on its plot and characters but I like the quotes and I often see pictures of snapshots of the series on Instagram.

  6. Gossip Girl can really be interesting from the numerous time they had differences but at the end of the day, they would all team up to help each other.

  7. What an amazing set of quotes. I must take note of those.

  8. Sad post. Even the quotes are sad-making. Hence, I love this one: "Every now and then, you get lucky and the universe delivers the perfect solution."

  9. OH my effin God. some of the quotes, i still remembah! i also stopped watching it when i started working. lol. now im on the 5th episode and i also feel you, it's hard to let gooooo. T_T

  10. I'm not really a fond of Gossip Girls, probably because me and my college friends used to watch Koreanovelas. But it is never too late to watch it. :) One of my highschool buddy is a GG addict so once in a while she'll tell me what happened and all. And based on her reactions while story telling, I think it is good. I might even enjoy watching it.

  11. It must have been quite a long time ago since I felt this attached to a show but I understand the feeling.

  12. Mt previous colleagues were so crazy about this tv series, until one day I was hooked up as well.

  13. My high school daughter also loves this show and I guess she has the same feeling with you towards the ending of the series.

  14. I started watching Gossip Girl when we already have cable in our house and its too late because I don't understand the story at all, need to begin Episode 1 Season 1. And now I am watching it online at just to refresh everything.

  15. I was quite shocked after I finished reading your post on feeling depressed of letting go GG. I thought it was a personal love affair. Since, of course, it was strongly attached GG to you, you found it difficult to have it gone.

  16. I've heard about this series a couple of times already but never had the chance to watch it. I'll ask a friend to download some for me, this gets me curious about Gossip Girl. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I watch Gossip Girl whenever I have excess time. It's really fun to watch! ♥

  18. Will someone give me a TV set (kahit Ukay-ukay galing). Seems maganda ang series na ito. One commenter said kasi, 'the girls are really pretty'. You know me naman Algene when it comes to girls. LOL

  19. I watched the first 2 season but eventually got bored when the storyline seems to be going the usual route of couples exchanging partners and the likes ....

  20. I haven't watched yet this Gossip Girl. Saying goodbye to something that you've been so attached to is actually hard. Hmmmm...I'll try to search this series online and see what I could find.

  21. I missed GG too! Haven't read the book but I really love the series.


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