Getting Together the Back to School Essentials

It’s that time of year again, where parks, activity farms and local family attractions are full to the brim of school children and their parents, trying to keep them occupied during their time away from school. While it’s an ideal time for parents to enjoy some quality time with their kids, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the six weeks break flies by. Before you know it, it’ll be the weekend before your kids are back at school and if you like a stress-free life, making sure you’re prepared and organised for it is imperative.

There’s nothing worse than rushing around at the last minute to gather all the back to school essentials together. While George at ASDA always has a steady stream of quality uniform items ready to fly off their shelves, thinking ahead and buying things in advance will save you the hassle of the last minute rush. If you’re not sure what to get, grab a list from the school reception so that you have something to work from and gradually pick up the bits and pieces you need so that your child is ready and raring to go on the first day of term.

The required uniform varies between schools but the essentials are typically similar. Polo shirts are a common item for girls and boys, with plenty of options available at George to cater for most school uniform colours. Alternatively, white shirts and blouses are also available.
Jumpers, cardigans and school blazers from George at ASDA will add warmth to the school uniform while also ensuring that your child looks smart. Blazers are a popular piece for high school students, but make sure you check with the school before you buy one because they’re not always compulsory.
An array of trousers, skirts and pinafore dresses are also available to ensure your brood are kitted out and looking dapper.
Don’t forget the socks, tights, underwear, and school coat to complete the uniform requirements and invest in a new pair of school shoes that are polished and ready to go. A PE kit will also be required, so check what items are needed for it.
A school bag will be essential for your children to carry all the necessary equipment to school. While primary school age kids are likely to have the use of a book bag, a school bag will be able to hold things that wouldn’t fit in the book bag – water bottle, lunch box and pencil case, for example.
If you’re opting for packed lunches, a lunchbox will be needed too. One that is easily washed and a good size to store all the lunchtime goodies would be ideal.
A separate gym bag is also recommended for when PE days come around – drawstring bags are readily available and perfect for the job.
Make sure that you know in advance if you need to buy any equipment for them. Secondary school kids are likely to need more in this area, but check with your young ones too. Stationery, exercise books and reading/study books may all be required – check to see if there’s a book list for you to work from.

Ensure that everything is labelled and if it’s the first day at school for your little one, try to keep the tears at bay until they’re safely in the school!

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