Alternative Engagement Rings for 2013

The standard diamond engagement ring has a lot of girls yawning. These days, many women prefer a ring that expresses their uniqueness. They’d be happiest with an engagement ring that’s different, just like they are. If you’re searching for a ring for your one-of-a-kind lady, check out these non-traditional picks. They shine with a distinctiveness that’s essential to a woman who doesn’t conform to traditional standards.

Pearl Rings
The Knot, a popular wedding planning site, suggests a non-traditional pearl ring for the woman who has an old soul. “Not your average ‘round-cut’ stone, a pearl center feels modern and antique at once.” A pearl ring will show you recognize her exquisite vintage style.

Colored Diamonds
A new take on an old classic, colored diamonds are perfect for the modern woman. Traditionally, engagement rings are uncolored diamonds. A colored diamond shows your woman is different, but still appreciates the cut and clarity of a brilliant diamond. Front Jewelers offers a number of reasonably priced colored diamonds, including their classic black diamond rings. If she’s a Sex and The City fan (let’s face it, what woman isn’t?), she’ll enjoy sporting the same diamond style Big presented to Carrie when he proposed.

Cocktail-Sized Non-Diamond Rings
If she’s got a big personality, show it off with an eye-catching, large ring. Cocktail-sized rings cause people to gush. They’ll grab her hand, eye it and ask questions. She’ll love the attention and love you for knowing her style. White topaz rings are perfect for this larger-than-life gal. It’s as dramatic as she is, but still has a soft and beautiful side.

Snag your eco-gal a ring that shows off her earth-friendly style. This hempy babe would appreciate a ring that’s made from organic materials, like wood. Instead of the standard gold band, this one is made from a natural material. 

Look around your environment and you’ll find there are a lot of natural materials from which an engagement ring can be crafted. If you’re not the creative-type, check out what’s for sale in eco-friendly jewelry shops. Another way to speak to her eco-style is to pick up a second-hand antique ring. She’ll love that you’re reusing something. Plus, these rings usually come with a unique back story.

Birthstone Rings
If she wasn’t born, you wouldn’t be as happy as you are. Show her you’re thankful for her life, by picking out a ring in her birthstone. There are some unique variations for setting a birthstone. For instance, you could add a solitary stone, but keep space on the ring for your birthstone and your future children’s birthstones. The ring will grow with your relationship, with lots of colors and stones for each member of your growing family.
Personalize a Traditional Ring

If the above named ideas aren’t for you, why not take a traditional diamond engagement ring and make it unique? If you share a song, quote or idea, have it engraved on the band. Include your vows in the engraving or your wedding date. Take the blandness of a traditional ring and add a wow factor by adding a degree of personalization. 

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