Monday, August 26

I Love Davao Because Life Is Here

I did not grow up in Davao but after spending almost six years of living in the city, I feel like I belong in this place. In 2007, I went to Davao for my college education. At first, I thought that it was hard for me to live away from my parents and start a new life in a city where I know nothing about. Since I have always wanted to become independent, I tried all my best to survive in Davao. I started making friends with people who also came from other provinces and those who are from the city. We shared different stories, attended parties together and explored the beauty of Davao.

During my early years in the city, I used to ride the taxi because I don't have a car then and I had no idea how to ride a jeepney. I wanted to change how things work so I went on an adventure by riding public jeepneys with different routes. There was a time when I got lost but instead of being terrified, I felt happy. The reason for my calmness was the fact that Davao city is a safe place. What I did was to pick another public utility vehicle, prayed that I reach the right place and believed in the goodness of the driver. Everything worked out well because as of this moment, I already know the "ins" and "outs" of the city. This is the story I shared for it allowed me to really see "what's in Davao." 

I must say, I fell in love with Davao. There are so many reasons to love the city. As what they say, "Life is here." Indeed, walay kaparehas ang Davao. Allow me to share some of the reasons why I love this place.

1. Kahapsay sa Davao

Davao is a livable place because of our Mayor and the local ordinances we have. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, like his daughter Inday Sara, knows how to serve the people, not only the Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas but also the tourists of the city. He always put into consideration the safety of everyone. Even if it is late at night, the peace officers are still on duty. These policemen are not only visible during the major events or on big streets of the city. They are literally everywhere. The mayor himself also roams around Davao to check on the people.

Araw ng Dabaw Photo Walk

Wednesday, August 21

The Coffee Chic Receives Tatt Triple Threat Award

I love blogging. I really do. Who would have thought that this hobby of mine would open the door of greater opportunities in my life? Through blogging, I started to meet new people who share the same interests with me. It was only last year that I became a member of Davao Bloggers Society. In the said organization, I was able to bond with my co-bloggers and share beautiful moments with them. In the second quarter of 2013, I was appointed as Content Manager (officer) during the annual Davao Bloggers Acquaintance event. With our official and non-official events, I was given a chance to meet other bloggers all over the Philippines. Just recently, I went to Manila to meet some of the beautiful persons I met in the blogging world. Last week, I also spent some time with Cebu Bloggers, Manila Bloggers and Pinoy Travel Bloggers who visited our city for the Kadayawan 2013.

In 2012, I received recognition through Davao Blog Awards. The Coffee Chic is awarded as the Best Personal Blog and I was awarded as Blogger of the Year. I must admit, I did not expect such appreciation from the Davao blogging community but deep down in my heart, I felt happy. I am glad that there are other people who recognize all the efforts I put into blogging. I am a passionate blogger because I truly love what I do. 

The Davao Bloggers Society organized the Social Media Day 2013 in Davao. During the said event, I received another award from Globe Tattoo - Tatt Triple Threat Award (Tatt Awards 2013).

Tattoo Triple Threat: The most prominent online personalities from both Davao and Cebu making waves in the Philippine social media community through three platforms: a blog (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.), a microblog (Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.), and a gallery of photos/video (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
Starbucks Bloggers Event in Davao

Tuesday, August 20

Starbucks Bloggers Event in Davao

Starbucks Philippines invited members of the Davao Bloggers Society for their first-ever blogging event in Mindanao. When I received an email from them, I did not hesitate in sending an RSVP. In case you don't know, I'm a certified coffee lover and my most favorite coffee shop in the city is Starbucks - SM Annex branch. It became my well-loved place because it is where I spend most of my days studying for recitations and reviewing for exams. I usually go there at 9 or 10am and leave at around 4pm. With my frequent visits at SB, I started meeting new people, not only the barristas but also the other regular customers. I have also completed the coffee seminar series organized by their district coffee master in Davao. During the seminar, I was given a chance to bond with coffee lovers like me. Indeed, it is amazing how my network of friends have grown because of SB. 

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Saturday, August 17

Is It Time, Gossip Girl?

Let me just say that I'm not good at saying goodbye. It's the last thing I want to say to everyone and to anything I love. I guess I have no choice but to learn the art of letting go and finally saying the sad words "goodbye." This time, I'm afraid to utter those words to my most favorite TV series of all time. 

I was in college when I first started watching Gossip Girl. The series was my best friend at nights. It kept me company when I chose to stay at the dorm while my friends party in the top bars in the city. It was my stress-reliever when things at school became worst from worse. Seeing Serena van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and other characters was my happiness back then. Around late 2009, I stopped watching Gossip Girl when some things in my life demanded more time from me.

Wednesday, August 14

I Fell In Love With This Case

I guess it's normal for girls like me to go crazy over pink stuff. As we all know, the color pink is always associated with women and ladies. 

So, when I received a package from Snugg two days ago, I felt ultimately happy. I got a brand new reliable and pretty case for free. And yes, its color is so lovely. Well, aside from the fact that the color pink iPad 2 case is adorable, it is also highly efficient. It's a must-have for a student-blogger like me. It does not only offer maximum protection for my iPad but also allows me to carry all the important things in one place. Another thing I love about it is that the item is a guaranteed perfect fit for my device.

Saturday, August 10

My Skin Essentials for Everyday Beauty

There are many skincare items available in the market these days. Several companies introduce their own beauty products line and claim that what they sell are better than others. As consumers, it is our task to choose the right skincare items to use. We have to consider several factors before saying "This is the one."

I have friends who always complain about their skin problems caused by the items they bought from different suppliers. They used to look into the prices first without considering the quality of the products. In fact, they do not even bother checking the side effects of the skincare items. Now that they have learned their lessons, they only choose nothing but the best for their skin. They know exactly what they want when it comes to taking good care of their face and body.

My Skin Essentials:


Thursday, August 8

iPad Keyboard Case to Love

Let's face it. The iPad produced by Apple is one of the best gadgets available in the market these days. iPad is perfect for everyone. It can be used by professionals to make their works and tasks easier. Students can also use the iPad to access their notes and review materials. Parents and stay-at-home moms can use it to download fitness and cooking applications. Bloggers can also use it to access their sites faster and more conveniently. Even kids love the iPad because of the educational games and simulation apps. But, there's one thing that we can't find in an iPad. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, an actual keyboard. So, the best thing to do is to simply get an iPad eKit case or (eKit iPad 4 Folio Deluxe). It's the perfect item for professionals and students. Lucky me, I got one from MobileFun together with the multi-functional portable desk.

Just Dance Goes Black and White by Lakas Atenista

Monday, August 5

Just Dance Goes Black and White by Lakas Atenista

In Top 10 Law School Memes, "One does not simply finish law exams and not party" is on the 9th spot. In my case last Friday, I decided to party the night before my exam. Yes, I ditched a "serious date" with my review materials and transcripts for Just Dance Goes Black and White. It is an annual event organized by Lakas Atenista to raise funds for the bar operations 2013. I was not able to study well for my 10AM exam but I had the best law school party to date. 

 photo 31QWrQkaTAL_SY355__zpsde3add65.jpgThe concept for this year's Just Dance is quite interesting. Guests will choose two places to party, either in Heaven or in Hell. Since I'm a good girl, I chose to stay in Heaven and ended up having cupcakes, lollipop cakes and bite-sized cheesecakes to satisfy my cravings for sweets. However, I went down to Hell where my friends chose to stay. I must say, people who partied in Hell are way wilder than those in Heaven. The event was a huge success. We, Lakas Atenista residents and members, were overwhelmed to see the support of many people. Not only lawyers and law students attended Just Dance 2013. Some of our non-law school friends also went at Hybrid Wheels N' More Compound for the Heaven-Hell party.

I'm proud because on that night, I only had three shots of Margarita. Nothing more. I also arrived home at 1AM and woke up at 6:30AM to prepare for my exam. So, how did I perform for my 2-hour exam? I don't know. Nothing is final until I receive my blue book a week or two weeks from now. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Thursday, August 1

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?

Since I have no time to write a review right now, let me just share the movie lines from the latest film produced by Star Cinema. I watched it last night with my law school friends. I might write follow up post next week! 

Mga dahilan kung bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo:
1. Hindi niya type ang pagmumukha mo.
2. Masama ang ugali mo.
3. Hindi niya trip ang mga trip mong tv shows.
3. Sabi sa horoscope niyo hindi kayo bagay.
4.Wala ka sa radar niya at di ka niya napapansin.
5. Baka may syota ang isa sa inyo.
6.  Kung wala siyang syota, baka iba ang crush niya

 I hope you'll enjoy Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo quotes.
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