Top 3 Things to Do With Friends

Spending quality time with friends is one of the treasures in this world. You don't get a chance to be with the persons you love all the time these days unlike when you were younger. Nowadays, you and your friends are already busy with works, personal lives and other matters. You seldom get together and hang out because of the hectic schedules that all of you have. The next time you go out with them, make sure that everyone enjoys the day or night. Think of things that your clique have never done before. Instead of just simply drinking coffee on a fancy shop or having a beer pong party in your place, why don't you try something new?

1. Watch horror films in your room.

Instead of having beers, have popcorns served to your guests. One week before the scheduled meet up, you prepare a list of new horror movies. After finalizing the list, call each of your friends and ask about what movie title they would love to see. The title with the most number of votes is selected. Don't forget to reserve the second and third movie. Who knows, you guys could stand three scary films in a night! Turn the lights off for a better experience. 

2. Do charity works together.

Plan one Sunday with your friends and the children of your selected orphanage. It always feels good to give back to the community. Wouldn't it be nice to gather all the persons you love and help those in need? You don't have to spend big bucks before you can make the kids in the charity homes happy. What they need is support from the society. They want to feel loved and cared for. All you need to do are to prepare meals and plan games for an exciting day.

Trust me, you will have the best time of your life with this activity. 

3. Play games together.

There are many games available for you and your friends. Skip the PC and desktop games for one hang out session. You may want to bring out the scrabble or chess board for a geeky afternoon session. If you want something exciting, you can bring out decks of cards and start playing different card games. There are over 10 games that you could play with it. For adventure, you can also try playing poker games.

These are just some of the three things that you can do with your friends. There are over 100+ activities that you could enjoy. Just remember that what really matters is that you have spent some time with them. Whatever you do or plan, it will be perfect because you have your friends. Have fun.

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