Monster University Quick Review with Quotes

A new animated film captured my heart. This movie is the latest masterpiece of Pixar Animation Studios. I'm amazed with how they can create a full-animated film with great effects and at the same time, add a beautiful story to every character in the film. Monster University was released by Walt Disney Pictures last June 20, 2013.
Let's talk about the characters first. The little yet determined Mike Wazowski of Monster University moved me in so many ways. Despite the negative things and disheartening comments that other monsters say about him, he still continues to do what he knows will make him happy. He continues to bring the best out of him. That's just Mike, he never gives up nor loses faith in himself. Mike Wazowski wants to become the best scarer so he worked hard to achieve his ultimate dream. He doesn't just sit in the corner and wait for things to come his way. Mike knows how to make things happen!

Another character that made me smile is James Sullivan who came from a prominent family. His father is considered as a legend in the Monster University. Everyone expects him to be like his dad - nothing but simply the best. However, James have no idea who he wants to become. He takes life and studies less seriously. He doesn't want to work hard unlike Mike Wazowski. His transformation from being "the big monster who bullies the little ones" to a "sweet and determined friendly monster" was very touching. 

If you watched Monsters, Inc., you are aware that Mike and James are now best of friends. In Monster University, you will find out how both of them used to be completely different. As a matter of fact, they even hated each other. They felt like they come from both ends and thus they needed to compete. When they got into a fight, Dean Hardscrabble informed them that they will be out of the Scarer program which changed things between them. They ended up joining Oozma Kappa (OK) Fraternity, the least and not-so-respected fraternity in Monster University. They signed up for the Scare Games to prove that they have what it takes to become the best scarers the university has ever seen. Well, it wasn't easy as what they thought it would be. There were many challenges along the way but they were able to overcome it together.

So what happened next? This is the time when I have to tell you that you should watch Monster University. It's worth spending your time and money. The movie is perfect for all ages! Kids will definitely love this, just like how they love the minions.

Rating: ★★★★

Movie Quotes:

"Oh good catching up!"

"Looks like it's you and me again."

"We are here to learn... What it takes to be a scarer."

"Monster University. It's the best scarer school there is."

"Out of the way Wazowski, you don't belong to our scare floor."

"How do I become a scarer?"

"Your life long bestfriend is behind that door."

"I've been waiting for this my whole life. I just can't wait to get started."

"Oh man! I can't be late on my first day."

"Welcome to Scaring 101."

"Scariness is the true measure of a monster. If you are not scary, then what kind of a monster are you?"

"Fail that exam and you are out of the Scaring  program."

"I'm gonna scare circles around you this year."
"Ha! I'd love to see that."
"Oh you will."

"It's start delivering from that Sullivan name."

"Unlike you, I have to work hard to stay in the Scarying program."
"That's because you don't belong here."

"I'm so sorry."
"It was an accident."

"But I'm a Sullivan."
"I'm sure your family will be disappointed."

"You will not be continuing in the Scaring program."
"I will surprise you!"
"Surprise me? I doubt that very much."

"Scare game: prove you're the best."

"To take home the trophy, you must be the most fear-some monster in the campus. Good luck. May the best monster win."

"But if you lose, you will leave Monster University."

"I'm already  with the cool kids, Mike. Don't ruin it for me."

"Yes! He's on my team."

"Hi Wazowski. What's the plan?"

"You guys were Scaring majors?"
"Yes, we didn't last long."

"I'm excited to live with you, love with you and cry with you."

"We're gonna be real scarers!"

"I'm gonna carry the whole team."
"Really? Who's gonna carry you?"

 "Mom! We're doing an initiation."
"Oh scary."

"I can't wait to start Scaring with you, brothers!"

"Let's hear it from the fraternities and sororities competing for this year's scare game."

"We're not gonna lose."

"One last thing: Scarers work in the dark."

"This is harder than I thought."

"We're Ok! We're Ok! We're Ok!"

"What you did today was awesome."

"Oozma Kappa. Tonight we party like scarers!"

"I want you to stop making us look like a fool."
"You make yourself look like a fool."

"We just need to keep trying."

"You can't change who they are."

"No matter how much we train, we'll never look like them."

"This is crazy. We're gonna get arrested."

"But it's not too late. We can be a big team. We judt need to start working together."

"If you frighten a teen, then scarer beware."

"If you lose, no one will remember you."
"But if you lose, no one will make you forget."

"Tomorrow, each of you will prove that you are undeniably scary."

"Do you think he's scary?"

"Oh just feel it?"

"I guess I'm ready as I'll ever be."

"That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan."

"Just go on there and show them what Mike Wazowski can do."

"You never belong here anyway."

"They did it!"

"I did it. I can't believe it. I'm gonna be a scarer."
"Yes, you are!"

"You said you believed in me. You're just like the others."

"What do you want me to do? Let the whole team fail because you don't have it?"

"Sullivan, nice work out there. I look forward to seeing you in class."

"You're a disgrace to this university and your family."

"You'll never know how it feels to fail because you're a Sullivan!"

"Stop being a Sullivan. Start being you."

"Don't let anyone tell you different."

"That was you! Neither I could do it without you."

"Mike, you're not scary. Not even a little but you're fearless!"

"You surprise me. Perhaps I should prepare myself for surprises."

"This is better than I ever imagine!"

"Say scream!"

Have you seen Monsters University? Who is your favorite character and why?

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  1. The Monsters franchise has really come up with touching movies and shows monsters in a different light.

  2. This is a weird movie per se. But I presume for I have not seen it yet, that this is friendly and entertaining rather than a scariest movie ever. isn't it?

  3. I haven't watched this film and I thought that this was just the same as Despicable before I even watched the first installment. :p I am not a fan of cartoons but I do have my favorite "Up". Maybe I will watch this movie sometime.

  4. I heard and read good reviews about this movie. I'll check this weekend if this is still showing so we can watch.

  5. We watched this a couple p]of weeks ago, it was alright but not one of our favorites.

  6. Great review of the movie! I haven't seen this one since my teener prefers to watch other stuff now. :) I'd probably watch it when it's released in DVD. :)

  7. I didn't watch the movie yet since we don't go on the movie theater with my little one. Thanks for sharing it looks fun.

  8. I love this quote:

    "Scariness is the true measure of a monster. If you are not scary, then what kind of a monster are you?"

    This post piqued my interest about this movie. I have been hearing a lot of good and positive things said and I just would like to head off to the movie house pronto. LOL!

  9. I love Disney Pixar movie , high quality and really funny!

  10. Haven't seen this yet but I'm planning too. This is a funny movie and indeed a must-watch.

  11. Sa preview mo pa lang, I must say this a nice film for both young and old. Type ni apo ko this one.

  12. I'm really excited to watch this movie. A friend of mine informed me that this is still showing in one of the movie houses near our place.

  13. Nice movie not only for kids. Nice review. ;)

  14. I got to see this movie with my younger siblings. This was a heartfelt movie that both kids and adults will like.

  15. not a fan of cartoon movies but i think the story is really good!

  16. I love the movie! I guess, I could watch it again or two for me to really absorb the story though.

  17. I am too excited to see this MU. The dialogues you posted here seem to me funny and full of wisdom.

  18. Funny, how monsters really evoke much heart and inspiration from monsters.

  19. My family has immensely enjoyed the previous Monster movie so I have no doubts we'll enjoy this one as well.

  20. I was very much entertained and touched all throughout the movie as I've learned how Mike and Sully met. <3

  21. I was able to watch it when I was at my dentist's clinic and it's really cool! Great review! :)

  22. I haven't seen it yet but for sure we will get one coz hubby loves cartoons.

  23. i want to watch this movie!!!!! even our Pastor begun his sermon 2 Fridays ago with mentioning he watched this movie together with his kid. :)

  24. I love how you reviewed Monster U! You even listed those quotable quotes! ♥

  25. i totally love this movie! i enjoyed every minute of it! like it is the most awaited cartoons for me and my daughter! we even talk about it at home and a lot of good thoughts to learn for kids too

  26. I watch it a couple of times and never failed to entertain me and give me some children laughs.

  27. You really are hooked to watching movies with popcorn ba? My apo wanted to see this one but I told him, wait na lang natin for your tito to download this one. ang tipid ko no... LOL

  28. Oh, Im not really into cartoon movies so I'm a little clueless about this but I've seen long queue of people lining up for this movie, it must be really entertaining...

  29. I've watched Monster University twice and this one is a good review!

  30. I honesty feel sad i missed watching this due to a little busy schedule but i plan to wait for it until Megashare has a copy of it for online streaming. And oh, you did good review on this one! :)


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